The Third Reason

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A third part to _Twenty-five Reasons Why Charlie Should Never Read Jane's Books to Jane_ is offered for your entertainment and amusement. If you've ever been the victim of a salacious pop-up ad, and your significant other walked in on it, then you should understand Charlie's position very well.

Twenty-five Reasons Why Charlie Should Never Read Jane's Books to Jane

In case you may have missed it, here is the First Reason and the Second Reason. I hope you enjoy the third. As always, keep the comments coming so I can make a better story experience for all!

The Third Reason -- What Jane saw

Charlie worked very hard at his job. Even so, he often brought work home with him. He tried to be courteous and work in the bedroom so that (his wife) Jane and (their son) Seth could watch prime-time TV undisturbed. However, Jane would try to “visit” Charlie during commercials, and on Tuesday, happened to find a rather racy parade on Charlie’s computer while he was in the shower.
Honestly, Jane had no idea her bed hosted so many scantily clad women. Charlie did take very short showers, but why leave this on for Jane to find? Was he hinting to her? And how did Jane feel about it? On the one hand, what audacity Charlie had not to just come out and say what he wanted! On the other hand, perhaps he never meant for Jane to see, knowing that such a request would be met with the Evil Eye, and these harmless women scampering across the screen were just harmless images on a man’s computer.
Anyone thinking that Jane would accept the latter rationale simply does not understand Jane.

The Third Reason -- How Jane goes into action

She heard the water turn off, and had only seconds to plan her course of action. She quickly ducked into the closet, tossed off her clothes, threw on – well, she tried to throw on – a snug piece of lingerie that she’d outgrown two depressing sizes ago, and jumped back onto the bed just as Charlie opened the door from the bathroom to their bedroom.
“Well, hello there, sexy.” Charlie grinned.
“Who, me?” Jane breathed, then school-girl giggled in a way she knew aroused her mate.
“No one else in the bed now, is there?” Charlie teased.
“Wanna bet?” Jane slammed her husband’s laptop around to reveal her scantily clad prancing bed mates. “I know they look better than I do, especially given the child I bore you. But the LEAST you could do is keep your FILTH out of OUR BED!” Jane jumped up, ran to the bathroom her husband had just exited, and slammed the door.

It was just a joke, wasn’t it? She wasn’t really that mad – was she? Hot tears streamed down Jane’s face.

The Third Reason -- How Charlie responds to Jane

Alone in the bedroom, Charlie took exactly three minutes to assess the damage he’d done. He hated it when pop up ads kept his anime from loading. The girls weren’t even all that cute. They looked half-starved. No sense telling Jane that when she was upset, though. And no sense trying to talk to Jane when she was this upset. Forget finishing his movie, either, that would just make her madder. So while Jane tried to silence her sobs over the toilet bowl, Charlie shut off his movie, shut down his laptop, and went to sleep.

Credits and Stuff

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The image of the girls is courtesy of Morguefile: <img src="" width="128" height="216" border="0"><br>Photo credit: <a href="">jfelias</a> from <a href=""></a>
I cropped it for maximum exposure of the female form...

The image of the torso is also courtesy of Morguefile: <img src="" width="203" height="274" border="0"><br>Photo credit: <a href="">jppi</a> from <a href=""></a>
It was also cropped for maximum attention to ... ;)

The preview image is also courtesy of Morguefile: It is uncropped.
And poor Charlie is :

The door slam is from YouTube: 9EGxaGYVd7k. I hope you enjoyed it.


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