The Time War of 1561. Chapter 1. Part One

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In 1561 UFO's waged war over Nuremberg Germany. But that was only one battle in a far larger war, a war that threatened our world and time itself...

Introduction to the Twelve

Long ago an alien species traveled the length and breadth of the Universe and it was this species, the progenitor to the Twelve that sought out and found planets suitable for life but were not producing life. This ancient race seeded world after world and over the course of a hundred Trillion years they created the Twelve species to whom Humans are the youngest. Back then was a time of peace and plenty for all beings of the Twelve, but then war came. A great and terrible war so vast and great it would only come to be known as the War In Heaven and it left a mark on the souls and DNA of all the Twelve species and the original race who seeded the first Twelve worlds were lost to myth and shadows... Welcome to the Saga of the Twelve...


April 10th 156
Time Incalculable
100,022.001.2 Miles from Jupiter

The Kenderah jumped into real space, its drives shuddered and whining loudly as they cooled down and vented excess drive plasma into space, the manoeuvre was risky to say the least because drive plasma was trackable but the alternative was worse for if they did not vent the excess plasma it would be locking within the main drive cores and burn their way through the ship and cause irreparable damage and the ship was already damaged enough.
The captain of the Kenderah wall called Nev'han, he was a tall Asgaal with deep blood red skin prickly horns covering his body from head to toe. His species was a dying bread and many amongst the twelve had never seen an Asgaal or worse forgotten of their existence. He stood on the bridge clad in dark blue almost black battle robes of the ship viewing multiple tactical displays and with his arms folded over his chest, the spikes on his head where standing up giving his head a spike haired look.
'were being followed! Comms officer how is our ships communications systems?' Nev'han asked, ,he spoke with such fortitude that his words sounded more like and order then a question. The comms officer was a scrawny Astia-Man who looked up and shook his head.
'no captain, the communications systems are burned out, we cannot send a signal!' the small man squawked more out of fear of what followed them then failing his captain.
'damn!' Nev'han cursed with such force that it sent spittle flying from his mouth. He could tell from the holographic read-out that many of the ships major systems were down, three out of five decks were out of action and had hull breaches making those decks all but impossible to sustain life. The ships few surviving crew were shell shocked and exhausted and even Nev'han felt exhausted and he felt as though he had been running for his entire life, although they had only been running for weeks now.
'captain what should we do?' the Astia’mani comm's officer asked, his voice shaking, he was a four foot tall grey skinned being with large jet black eyes and hailing from Astria’manu. His race was highly psychically gifted and he could if he wished communicate psychically but
'captain what should we do?' the Astia’mani comm's officer asked, his voice shaking, he was a four foot tall grey skinned being with large jet black eyes and hailing from _. His race was highly psychically gifted and he could if he wished communicate psychically but it was impolite to do so amongst non-psychic crew.
'Redirect all available power to the engines, we might only be able to crawl but as Au’i as my witness we will make it out of here alive!' Nev'han said tapping the command runes on the holographic displays and sending commands to all available crew. Within minutes the less than fifty surviving crew were at work and soon the ship groaned and shuddered as it made its way towards this systems core and towards Earth...

Kysrelburg, Earth

Alexander awoke with a start, his hearts were pumping franticly and he knew in his core something was terribly wrong. He got up staggering over to one of the side tables and knocking over a stone cup. He was heaving deep ragged breaths and the sound of his sudden motion awoke his wife with a start but Alexander did not notice, his mind was rushing with images flashed across his mind’s eye.
He could see them running from a great enemy. Energy weapons fire tore across the black ship’s hull and tore chunks of hull metal free. He saw through the eyes of a grey alien victim as the hull was ripped open with an explosive de-compression and the alien was sent spinning out into the cold vacuum of space. He saw as they ran and ran and eventually escaped and then finally when he felt he could take it no more, when he was shivering in pain and when tears streaked down his cheeks. Then finally when he could take no more pain the visions faded like a bad dream.
He shook his head trying to shake off the vision and he realised that the bedside cabin ate was bent where his hand had gripped it so hard. He turned too looked around the bedroom and it was empty, as it had always been empty, to a normal man it would have been pitch black but to his eyes the room was not dark but lit up as if filled with the moon's glow.
He moved and realised he had grown too, his head was brushing the ceiling and with force of will he forced his body to shrink back to its normal form. He could feel his muscles creek as they were forced back to their normal human sized form and it was not long before he was five foot tall again. Moments later his son came running.
‘Papa are you alright?’ his son said bursting into the bedroom. His son was not at all like him and had dark brown hair, sparkling green eyes that dazzled like emeralds in the darkness. But the boy also had his strong chin and straight nose and the sight of his son filled him with joy but buried deep under that joy was also the sadness of the memory his wife who had died so so long ago.
‘I am fine it was just…’ Alexander said pausing to think of the right words.
‘Was it one of your sightings papa?’ his son asked
‘yes Bertrand it is a vision and I fear something wicked this way approaches, my boy take haste and prepare the horses we ride tonight, but first I must prepare myself’ Alexander said and his son nodded clearly confused but after a moment’s hesitation Bertrand nodded and ran off.
Alexander waited and listened until his son was far enough away and then he turned and hurried over to the cabin ate and he pushed the cabin ate aside as much effort of a child moving a toy. The cabin ate slid sideways and behind it was a metal plate. The plate was an unassuming thing and anyone could have mistaken it for just a metal panel, except from this dark grey panel was actually an interface circuit. Alexander placed his palm against the panel and lines of glowing energy rippled out from his hand and the panel whirred so silently it was almost inaudible.
Then he removed his hand and the panel rippled like water and then from the centre it slowly slide open and revealed that within the panel was a box that floated in the exact centre of the panel with no visible support. He reached into the gap and pulled out the box and the disk retracted after the box was removed.
‘Set for automatic destruction in twelve hours’ he said then the panel glowed a deep red and bleeped twice and then it went inert again. He turned and took some clothing and supplied and stuffed them into packs and bags and he stuffed the small dark silver box and stuffed it into a shoulder bag and placed the shoulder bag’s strap around his shoulder and held the bag close and made his way out of the bedroom and to the kitchen. His home was small, a merge farm house that had taken a regular human’s life time to build although he had lived here for over a hundred years, so far from the rest of humanity that no one had noticed his lack of aging and then he had found her…
He snapped out of his revelry knowing the pain was too much and pushed open the wooden panels that formed the window and looked outside to see his son preparing two horses. He then got as much food stuffs as he could and non-perishable items and stuffed them into another bag. He took the last of the milk from the cold room and took it in a large wooden jug and went outside with the jug and he handed it to his son.
‘drink up, we won’t be returning here my son’ he said and his son did a double take and then took the milk and drank of it as much as it could before returning the wooden jug to his father who finished then rest in one swig.
‘Papa why won’t we return!’ his son protested
‘My son, every once in a while the time comes when we must move, I fear the fate of the world depends upon it!’ he said
‘The world! You mean the end of days is upon us and the lord will come down and…’ his son started but was cut short by his father holding up his hand and shaking his head.
‘Boy I told you not to hang around them there churches, the faith is fine but the men teaching it are not to be trusted!’ Alexander said sternly and Bertrand
‘Yes papa but everyone in town…’ Bertrand started but was cut off again.
‘look son I will tell you this once, this time we live in is dangerous if those people find out what I am and what you are then they will assume us to be witches when in truth they are using fear to manipulate the stupid! But we are smarter than that, I taught you to be smarter than that, remember what I told you about the secrets of the beings from the stars and the war so long ago, well such a war just might be coming and I will need you with me where I can keep you safe!’ he said and his son nodded.
‘I understand papa’ Bertrand said.
‘Get now get your things from your room and put them in a bag, I expect the be out of here within five minuets’ he said and his son did as he was told. Despite everything his son was a very bright child, in a later age his son would be considered a genius with a hundred and fifty IQ but in this age of superstition, zealot churches and fear of the unknown his son’s intelligence made very little difference. Alexander sometimes felt despair knowing how far humanity had fallen, once the human race had been a bright resourceful species, a boon to all of the twelve and now look at the species, the species had fallen into a pitiful remnant of their former glory.
Alexander steeled himself against these self-same thoughts and focused on the animals in his farm, he needed them to flee, find new homes or return to the wild. He focused on each animal’s pen, his mind’s eye seeing the gates, latches and doors holding in the myriad sheep, goats, horses and cows that made up the working horde of his farm and with psychic force of will and a deep base grunt he sent psychic blast into each lock and gate and they simultaneously exploded out, burst into pieces and then with a secondary mental command he sent a psychic pulse to all of the farm animals to run. Within moments there was a rumble as the animals fled into the night, they ran from the hills and down into the surrounding lands. They leapt over small fences and fled into the woods. Even the five chickens he had ran past him squawking as they ran.
‘What was that papa!’ his son said appearing at the doorway to the house with a bag full of possessions in hand.
‘I was merely saying goodbye to our friends, I hope to god they have a good life.’ Alexander said taking his son’s bag and attaching it to the saddle hook and the he picked his son up and placed him on the horse. He then finished loading up the bags on the horses and then got on his own horse and the rode off into the night.

On Board the Kenderah

Captain Nev’han watched as they limped across space. He had not slept in weeks and his body was shivering from exhaustion, he was at his wits end and close to collapse but his force of will alone made sure he stood tall and proud, he watched as the tactical displays changed. By now the remaining crew had gathered in the few remaining parts of the ship with life support and large sections of the ship had been vented and were dark. He felt like the ship was being held together by his force of will alone and that if he was to abandon his post then the ship just might fall apart and they would all perish. But as he stood there is mind started to drift, his lack of food and his lack of sleep were finally getting the better of him and he was feeling it. There were times when his attention would drift and he would find that several minutes had suddenly gone by in seconds.
‘Captain let me take over for a while, you need to rest’ Jek his first officer said and Nev’han turned and was about to protest but decided against it. Jek was a plucky and fierce Slvian first officer who was easily a head taller than him, his multi spectral eyes shimmering with concern and his lizard like skin had taken on a dark green tone showing concern.
‘I…’ he said exhaling a long breath.
‘Fine take over, but call me if anything goes wrong’ Nev’han said and the first officer nodded his thanks.
Nev’han headed out of the command bridge and to the captains quarters located just down the hallway from the bridge, the ship was designed as such that if the captain was needed he was not far from the bridge at any given time. He staggered for a moment not realising how tired he had truly been until now and as he reached the door he placed a hand on the whitish grey door and just as he was about to hit the door release he stopped as a thought struck him.
This might be the last chance he would ever get to see them, the twin beauties located on the lower storage deck. It that entire deck was vented to space but he could wear a suite and all it would take to visit there was a space suite.
He lit his fingers linger on the door as the need for sleep and the desire to see the two massive objects for the last time vied in his mind. Then he sighed and let go of his desire for sleep and turned and walked away.

Into the depths

Ten minutes later he was on the lower deck and in a space suite, the suit was a white bulbous suite designed with rigid armour plates designed for boarding action void combat and as such it had no risk of being pierced by one of the many thousands of spines that were across his body.
As the last of the sealant doors unlocked with a slight deferential of void pressure and slid open he entered the cavernous deck was a massive storage bay designed to carry large deposits of gold and vio’lethium across the stars but upon finding the twin beauties all deposits of gold and precious vio’lithium had been ejected into the void to make space for this…
As he entered this two shoulder mounted lights shone ahead of him and they struck something vast and metal, no something’s vast and metal, each one was nearly a mile in length and curved ever so slightly like a crescent moon. One was golden in colour and the other pure silver in colour although he could tell they were not, scans had revealed them to be made of living metal and that had meant only one thing, only two species in the entire Universe could craft living metal and one was almost extinct and the other species…well they were the progenitors of all the Twelve, a species without compare, as ancient and older then the oldest stars, a species whose greatness is written across the stars not only in words but in quite literally written into the very DNA of 95% of all species across the Universe. This species is called the Astelians and their name is legend, their words prophecy and their actions well let’s say divine…
He approached the twin things and he could see the metal rippling where the light touched, no not where the light touched…no it rippled where he looked at it and it was somehow reacting to his sight as it was sensing his vision. He approached the devices and he reached out and touched them feeling the smooth, silky soft texture, it was like touching water that was on the verge of freezing but not quite, they were liquid and solid at the same time and it was said that an Astelian had to implant a piece of their very soul into an object to craft it, he wondered for a moment if there was a piece of Astelian here and he was touching it, for to do was akin to touching a prophet of the old days.
As he traced his hands over writing engraved on the surface of the objects and feeling their texture. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of something above him and he looked up, his shoulder mounted lamps swivelled up too and he caught the glimpse of something moving above the objects although able to walk on the semi liquid metal.
The thing moved silently though the airless space and he reached down for his combat knife but he realised he did not have one, or a pistol for that matter. But in the time he had spent looking down at his waist where his weapons should have been the creature had leapt at him.
He barely managed to raise his arms and deflect a blow that would have knocked him out if he had not been armoured. He staged back from the blow and blindly let loose a flurry of punched but the creature leapt back and drifted away in the airless chamber. The chamber was designed for Twelve physiology and as such the gravity which was required for most of the Twelve species was not the same for all species in space, this must have been one of those high gravity species with powerful musculature able move a lot further than any normal species could.
In the moments respite he activated his suits intercom to the bridge with a twist of his wrist but before he could get out a sentence there was a shriek that sounded like hell had decided to scream in his ears and he staggered by the force of the noise and deactivated the intercom with another twist. But in those precious few seconds the thing was on him again and this time it struck his head with such force that he was reached off of his feet and sent hurling back across the chamber and he slammed into the ground. His head had slammed into the inside of his helmet twice, first when he was punched and the second time when he hit the ground and slid to a halt at the door.
He was dazed and his vision was going black at the edges, he could see the thing leap onto his chest with one bound and he could feel the pressure of it against him and with talloned claws it reached down to his helm and its fingers were about to press the helm release locks…
INTRUDER ALERT!!!TACTIICAL PERSONAL TO LOWER DECK ALPHA ONE!!! INTRUDER ALERT!!!, the alert rang out across the ship on all speakers and psychic amplifiers so that anyone in the void could hear it in their mind too. The beast looked up at the doors and realised they were starting to close and then looked down one last time at him before deciding to bound off in the direction of the door.
As he lay there spitting up blood he felt the blackness overwhelm him, exhaustion and sleep finally overcame him and his world descending into darkness…

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