The Time War of 1561. Chapter 1. Part Two

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In 1561 UFO's waged war over Nuremberg Germany. But that was only one battle in a far larger war, a war that threatened our world and time itself...

Earth, Fifteen Miles East of Kysrelburg

Bertrand had learned the eternal secrets from his father, Bertrand knew how to keep a secret to his grave and furthermore he knew how action rationally letting logic not emotion dectate his actions, but on that day he would learn a great many wonderous and terrible secrets of our universe. His father would tell him of the war in heaven and how the entire Universe, a thing so fast it boggles all understanding, was nearly destroyed by a being now called the Mar’a. He would learn that his papa once fought in that self same war as an alpha and a husband to a being called an Astelian who lived in a land called Hy Brazil. His father had nearly gotten killed during the war and the star being he had loved had died too during that great and terrible war. He could found out that those twinkling lights in the sky called stars were not heavenly lights.
He would also learn a great deal about history that he never knew and by the time they time the sun had risen half way across the sky they were halfway to their destination, Nuremberg…

On Board the Kenderah

The beast leapt half way down one corridor in a single bound and crashed onto the ground and sprinted towards a door which was halfway closed but by the time it reached the door it had already sealed shut. The creature hissed in anger but in the void no noise came out. He could sense people coming fast and it looked around for an escape route and realised that above it was ventilation holes, each hole was microscopic and currently not in use but the beast leapt up and its claws burst through the holes and with all its strength it ripped its way through the holes and into the cylindrical shaft and it crawled in.
Moments later the ships tactical officers were bursting into the corridor and they rushed down it each clad in void armour and holding small compact close range weapons with the fire power of energy rifles compressed into the size of a long barrelled pistol. They made their way down to the holding chamber and found the captain there and they dragged him back up to the make shift medical bay.
It was several hours later when the captain came too with a start, he saw Vaugn standing near the door with his hands on his holstered pistols. Vaugn was a large Slvian who looked very similar to Jek who was his older brother, but where Jek was like a tempest rained in with years of practice his brother Vaugn was much the opposite, he was like a storm on the edge of roiling over and exploding which meant he had a fierce temperament but was invaluable in a fight.
Nearby was Andrasa the ships healer, Andrasa was a seven foot tall Astia’mani with large piercing black eyes that looked young in comparison to her old features, Andrasa was nearly two hundred years old and her skin was wrinkly to say the least.
‘Ah the captain returns to the land of the living’ Adrasa said with a smile coming close to him with a scanner and pushing him down as he tried to rise.
‘Lay back captain I need to see if your higher brain functions have been impaired’ she said.
‘Impaired by tail! I am fine’ he protested trying to rise but she pushed him back down this time with a mental shunt that stunned him momentarily and caused the scanners to go funny for a moment. After a few seconds of scanning him and looking intently at the holographic readouts she turned and placed the scanner down.
‘As I suspected’ she said.
‘Suspected what!’ he said getting up
‘You were asleep’ she said ad Vaugn grunted with a laugh.
‘I was not!’ the captain protested sharply and silenced Vaughn’s chuckle.
‘Captain you did not sleep for weeks and then you down there in a space suite and…’ she said but was cut off.
‘I was attacked!’ he exclaimed suddenly remembering what had happened.
‘Yes we know’ she said indicating the armour which lay on a cot behind him. He turned and regarded the armour and he could see that there was a large three taloned scratch running down the chest plate of his armour.
‘the real question here captain is what in the ancient one’s name can survive in a vacuum without air, food or water for weeks and why attack now!’ Vaugn said his voice a base grumble.
‘I don’t know but whatever it is it was strong, damn strong’ the captain said
‘High grav?’ Vaugn ventured
‘Yes I think so by the way it moved. I want you to get all crew members armed and ready. Have officers posted at all major parts of the ship. When this thing hits…and trust me it will hit I want us to be ready!’ he said.
‘Yes sir!’ Vaugn said with a solute and headed out of the medical bay. Nev’han turned to regard Andrasa.
‘Andrasa how long have I been out?’ he asked
‘Nine hours’ she said
‘Nine hours!’ he exclaimed
‘Yes we’ll be at Mars soon’ she said

Fifteen Miles West of Nuremberg

‘You really saw King Arthur!’ Bertrand asked. They were sitting on a meadow overlooking a stream and in the distance was Nuremberg, the city glowed invitingly.
‘Yes and she was a true wonder to be behold! ‘Alexander said
‘She?’ Bertrand exclaimed
‘Yes her…’ Alexander started and then fell silent as he saw something low over the horizon. At first it looked like a star that was moving oddly across the sky, but then the star…no not one star but now there was two of them was getting closer and brighter too.
‘Papa what is it’ his son said and then turned to look at the approaching stars and fell silent.
‘They sense it too’ Alexander murmured to himself and got to his feet.
‘Get on the horses they will have trouble tracking us at speed’ Alexander said and leapt onto the nearest horse and his son scrambled up the other horse kicking the horses hard they galloped towards the city.
‘Son!’ he screamed
‘Yes papa!’ Bertrand replied.
‘Whatever you do do NOT look back, eye contact allows them to track your mind and we do not know if they are friend or foe. I will try to shield our minds from them!’ he shouted but his son was barely able to hear him and then he focused his mind and said it again this time psychically and Bertrand snapped around and screwed his eyes tight.
They galloped at full speed across the meadows as behind them the lights got closer and closer. As they rode on, ever on Alexander focused his mind, he visualised a cloak forming over them and that the cloak looked like the ground under their feet and so as his mind envisioned it so too did the image take place in reality, it was not full invisibility but a form of psychic shield meant to cloak them from one angle, this was a rare gift and currently only Alexander knew that he could do it, mind due there were only six of them including him on this planet.
Overhead the meadows were lit up by the stars as they raced across the lands ever onwards, each light circled each other like lover fish dancing through the skies. So too did the lights circle, spin and intertwine, as they flew they unleashed a ray of light that shone down like a spot light onto the lands.
Grunting with psychic effort Alexander led them down and away, his mind focusing on the vail and on guiding his son’s horse after him. They curved and arched down towards a city of Nuremberg. But as they rode ever onwards something became clear, the lights were tracking them! A near impossibility since his mind was more powerful than even that of a ten Astia’mani and yet the lights were clearly tracking them…
STOP, a mental voice said and instantly the horses came to a halt with such force that Bertrand was sent hurling up and over the front end of the horse and Alexander only just managed to send out a psy-barrier to stop his fall from being dangerous and then as he felt his focus waver he realised that the light was shining down through his vail. He leapt from his horse and reached for his son who was righting himself and getting to his feet.
‘run!’ he screamed reaching out for his son and then he realised something terrifying, the horses seemed frozen in time, their breath created a mist which froze in mid-air like smoke trapped in time. His son was slowing down too and Alexander reached down and gripped his son with both hands and carried him as he ran. Time was slowing to around them as if they were caught in thick honey. Sound was faint and slow and dirt kicked up by his footsteps drifted and came to a halt in the air.
He reached the crest of a hill and ran down it, as he did he risked a glance over his shoulder and saw that the light had engulfed the horses and in an instant they had vanished in contrails of light and energy. He was certain that if he was human he would have been frozen in time too, but as it was he was half Astelian and his physiology had heightened to such a degree that he could counteract the temporal field’s effects.
He swung his son over his shoulder and focused on his hand and from his fist thin metal line extended and grew outwards reshaping and forming into a blade. He knew there was no way he could outrun the lights and soon they were moving faster towards him. Compared to normal human he was easily running three times the top speed of the fittest sprinter but still that was not enough for the lights were soon overhead and shining down on them.
He felt his feet begin to be lifted off of the ground…
He felt time slow to a near halt…
He felt his mind start to phase as if on the edge of sleep and he felt his body lock up and become stiff…
Then he felt the light reach down into his very soul and…
FLASH! he and his son vanished and the lights shot off into the sky…

Mars Orbital Outpost

The Kenderah looked broken, she was a two mile long deep space trader ship that was designed to be able to carry vast loads of much needed material across space but due to the threat of Mar’an raiders the ship was also armed to the teeth, she was a fighter and as such a good 10% of her crew were dedicated Tactical personal. The Kenderah was a massive square spike shake with two broad wing like forms at the centre of the ship, the wings had additional weapons bays and orbital thrusters while the massive rear end of the vessel houses the massive jump drives needed to transport the cargo across space. The ship had massive tares across its hull that made it look like some massive beasts had raked their tallons across the ships surface. Upon reaching the orbital outpost repair boats that were the size of human ships flew towards it and started to make repairs.
While on board the ship the captain sprinted up to the Command Bridge and horridly place on his complains jacket as he did so. He reached the bridge and saw that Jek was in communications with the chief wardens of Mars.
‘Yes we have been attacked my Mar’an fighters, they attached us in mass but we used a visual shift to distract them and we fled here’ Jek said to the warden who was a tall grey Astia’mani.
‘Yes those bastards nearly killed us and I fear they will be on our tail soon’ the captain said and Jek turned in shock.
‘Captain!’ Jek exclaimed.
‘Yes I am alive and well Jek, stand down I will take it from here’ he said and Jek bowed and stepped away.
‘wardens I am uploading accession code Priority Alphas Kylera’ Nev’han said typing in a series of access codes which only he knew and then he placed his hand on the holographic display and it scanned for his finger prints, heart rate and DNA sequence to confirm his authenticity.
‘Priority codes acknowledged and accepted Captain Nev’han of Zail’is. Now please tell us what damaged your ship and why you are hear? Your three galaxies off your normal course and this is a back water sector of the universe’ the warden said
‘The Mar’a that is why’ he said and a hush fell over the wardens.
‘they are following us and I fear our deception might not have fooled them completely, they may still be tracking us and since this is sector is the least populated and the outermost of the sectors I had brought our ship here knowing that if a war does come then it will not come to harm a great many of our people!’ he said
‘Following you! Why!’ the warden said standing up.
‘Because what our ship holds in her belly, we have found something, an ancient artefact!’ he said
‘What artefact?’ the warden said
‘A temporal warp gate!’ he said and the warden gasped with the enormity of what he had found.
‘But…but they are only a myth, it cannot be real’ the warden said widening his already large black eyes.
‘oh it is real all right, here’ he said sending over a set of scans of the twin objects in the chamber far below and the warden held a hand over his mouth to supress a gasp and grey tears well at the corner of his large eyes.
‘I cannot believe it’ the warden uttered
‘Well better believe it because we probably have a Mar’an fleet on our tail’ the captain said and the warden’s attention visibly shifted and the warden started to type in a series of commands into the controls.
‘I will send an alert to all local forces, we will prepare for war and hold out here. I will not have the Mar’an fleet heading to Earth, not if I can help it!’ the warden said.
‘There is one other thing warden, we might have an intruder on board and he…or should I say it is strong and dangerous’ he said

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