The Time War of 1561. Chapter 2. Part One

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In 1561 UFO's waged war over Nuremberg Germany. But that was only one battle in a far larger war, a war that threatened our world and time itself...

The Gathering Storm

April 12th, 2:51am
High orbit over Earth

‘How dare you!’ Alexander spat swiping his sword uselessly at the holographic image of woman with light brown skin and long brown hair. The woman stood nine feet tall and had eyes that shimmered with an inner light.
‘Come on Wyllt you are so tense all the time!’ the woman protested, her holographic image shimmering and sparkling as he stabbed it repeatedly.
‘Tense, you involved me and my son! In your deceptions! Do you know what the locals will think when they see lights in the sky, these people assume witchcraft in every little thing!’ he shouted, his words awakening is son who came to with a jerk of awakening.
‘I told you not to stay with these people, the Europeans are moronic to say the least!’ the woman said.
‘I…I cannot abandon them, they are my people I have responsibly’ he said placing his son on the ground and waving his sword hand and the sword vanished literally into thin air.
‘Papa where are we?’ Bertrand asked confused but to his credit not scared at all.
‘We are on a ship my son and this woman here met you last when you were five’ he said indicating the hologram and she waved her hand in a sign of greeting.
‘Nice you meet you madam’ Bertrand said approaching her and placing his hand out to greet her but she did not take it.
‘I cannot boy because I am not really here’ she said waving her hand through Bertrand’s and he gasped in wonder and shock of it.
‘Why is your child so ignorant of technology?’ she asked
‘He is not ignorant I just don’t show him because it would mean complicating his life when he grows up’ he said. But she simply shook her head and folded her arms over her chest.
‘this is how it starts, when we Alpha’s start to be scared to show even our children technology, that is how the world came to this sorry state, it all starts with people like you Wyllt’ she said.
‘That is not my name, not any more Carea. I go by Alexander now’ he said.
‘Papa why is she calling you Wyllt?’ Bertrand asked
‘He does not know who Wyllt is? Come on you mean he does not even know your true name, the one you used long before any of these names’ she said with a chuckle.
‘Papa what is she saying? Is you name not Alexander Vilkson?’ Bertrand asked clearly confused and his father turned to face him and knelt down to his level.
‘My son for now I need you to trust me, I will reveal everything soon but for now let me discuss matters with Carea here.’ He said and his son nodded in understanding knowing this was one of those times not to ask questions.
‘So Carea tell me, why have you collected us?’ he asked
‘I sense something amiss she said
‘Me to. That is why I was heading towards Nuremberg to get to my ship’ he said
‘Your ship?’ she exclaimed
‘yes it’s a long story, needless to say after the Landshut succession the city was built over my ship and now my ship is buried under a city’ he said
‘Oh…well that was vague but regardless I am concerned, there is talk amongst the Regents of a ship arriving at Mars an hour ago!’ she said
‘A ship? Way out here! Nobody comes out here out of the blue.’ He said
‘Yes and the strange part is that the ship was heavily damaged, that is what worries me, I have a vision and I think something comes this way’ she said
‘Mar’a?’ he asked.
‘I think so, I will journey to your location within the day or but before then I will convene with the Regency council on the moon’ she said
‘You really think it is that bad?’ he asked
‘I do…I can sense him’ she said
‘Him?’ he said not realising who she was referring to and then when he realised his eyes widened.
‘Him! His attention is here?’ he asked
‘yes I feel his presence like a dark cloud, Mar’a is looking the direction of this star system and I fear that can only mean one thing, he had brought his fleet with him’ she said


Mars was an outpost planet which housed over ten million residents, across the planets surfaces were three major cities that housed and provided for the planets populace. Mars was considered the last stop for any ship heading outwards from Earth and as such had heavy fortifications and had supplies that could last months if needs be, but what would happen that day would test the very defences of the little red planet to their limits.
Captain Nev’han had been overseeing the repair to his ship for the better part of a day, while Vaugn had led a team of tactical personal across the ship deck by deck for the beast. The ship had taken aboard fresh supplies and new crew in that day, most of the crew where warriors who had jumped at the chance to hunt down a mysterious creature on board the ship. The whole time the captain had stood vigilant at the helm reading tactical readouts and reports of how his ship was fairing.
‘There is still a heavy psychic presence facing in our direction and Mars scanners confirm it too sir we are still being watched sir!’ one of the sensor relay officers confirmed.
‘Damn it!’ Nev’han cursed
‘No doubt the Mar’an fleet have already moved to track us’ he said
‘confirm with Martian intelligence how long we have’ he ordered and almost as if in response to his command alerts rang out all across the ship, lights flashed red and his spines prickled as he realised what was happening.
‘They’re here…’ he uttered


The sun had just set a few hours ago when the lights appeared in the skies over Nuremburg and they descended to the ground a mile outside the city limits and there was a single pulse of white light and then the lights shot back up into the sky. Where they had pulsed there was Alexander and Bertrand on their horses and Alexander looked up and waved towards the fast retreating lights.
‘Come now my son we need to move from here so that way no-one associates us with those lights’ he said and kicked his horse into action and they galloped off to the south east creating an arch towards the city.


Carea materialised within one of the large docking bays within the Moon and she found everyone was buzzing around her. Aliens from all species of the Twelve were in motion here and they were preparing for war. She did not pay them any heed and instead sprinted onwards and downwards deeper into the moon’s surface. Where she could she would jump, a jump was a form of self-propelled teleportation which could transport an Astelian or Alpha anywhere they could sense within a mile and she was traveling as fast as she could directly down and into the core of the moon. She needed to get as far down as she could because about two miles down there was the massive control centre within the moon.
She materialised within the busiest heart of the control centre and a cry of surprise came from two nearby Slvian personnel. Nearby security guards with energy rifles brought their weapons up in surprise and alerts rang out across the massive control centre. The alerts echoed across the three mile long chamber. Within seconds twenty weapons were trained on her and she held up her arms and smiled.
‘Nice to meet you too’ she said.
‘Put your weapons down, do you know who this is!’ someone yelled and she turned to see a tall Slvian female in a long silver dress approaching and pushing a gun down to indicate the others should do the same. Carea smiled and bowed low.
‘High regents Vanelliah I am honoured to meet you’ Carea said with a deep bow and Vanelliah shook her head and pulled Carea up straight and embraced her.
‘It has truly been too long old friend’ Vanelliah said.
‘Yes too long indeed, to tell me Regent what is going on?’ Carea asked.
‘it is better that I show you’ Vanelliah said leading her to a massive control room located within the vast chamber and there was several tactical officers located around a vast white marble table that would normally be able to have a hundred people around it with room to spare. The table was oval shaped with holographic displays and projectors built into its surface. Above the table there was a massive image of our solar system with Mars at its centre. At the furthest edge Earth was visible and at the other extreme of the table was the edge of Jupiter.
Carea could see the Mars forces and friendly ships picked out with a faint blue glow while nearer to Jupiter were Mar’an ships that were picked out with a deep angry blood red. But the Mar’an ships were swarming, they numbered over one thousand and more were pouring in every minute. Even with all their resources at hand it would take the full might of every ship on the moon to counter that, luckily the Twelve had bases all across Earth in underwater bases, hidden inside mountains or in vast underground colonies and at any given time there was easily one billion inhabitants in the solar system who were not human. The only problem was that these were considered a token force, one billion inhabitants spread over a distance of the entire solar system was not a lot.
‘Oh my’ Carea gasped
‘Yes and we estimate there will be double that number within the hour’ Vanelliah said.
‘I will get my ship’ Carea said.

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