The Time War of 1561. Chapter 2. Part Three

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In 1561 a fleet of UFO's waged war over Nuremberg Germany. But that was merely one battle in a far larger war, a war that threatened not only our world but time itself...

The Catacombs under Nuremburg

It had been several hours of walking before they finally reached what appeared to be a smooth featureless stone wall. The catacombs smelt, they were dank and filled with rats and in some area's had been flooded up to the knees and yet they had trudged on, ever on and had only stopped twice, once for food and again for...something else...
'papa are we lost?' Bertrand asked, concern creeping over his features.
'no my boy we are nearly there' Alexander said reaching up to the wall and placing his glowing hand against it and the light vanished and plunged them into darkness. But just as Bertrand 's eyes had adjusted he was made aware of another light, this time from within the wall itself and he stepped forwards in wonderment as he saw the light which had once been in his father’s hand drift down like a glowing ball through the rock, the rock glowed like it was grey ice and the ball pulsed as it slowly drifted downwards.
Bert held out a hand and the light flashed and pulsed once and vanished and as the light vanished so too did the wall, it looked like ice melting but into nothing, it gave no residue it just simply vanished in a circular shape from the centre and spread out large enough to accommodate them to walk through. As they did and reached the other side of the wall it reformed behind them until there was no sign a hole was ever there.
Within the vast cavern there was sounds of water dripping and a distant sound of moving water but there was no light only utter darkness and then from the darkness there was a pulse of light that moved like multi-coloured flashing snakes that moved up and across the form of a vast ship and Bertrand gasped in amazement as cavern was light up from the massive ship The outlines of the ship pulsed and glowed with power as it lights snaked across its surface revealing the ship to be some three hundred metres across. The ship was formed vaguely in the shape of a massive manta ray but without the long tale and a smooth head resistant of an orca whale. The design of the ship was clearly aquatic in form and its two wings stretched out so far that it had a two hundred metre wing span. The massive ship looked crystalline and was a golden cream colour.
'papa...what...' Bertrand started but was lost for words.
'Bertrand do you remember when I told you there was a war long ago, well back then the people of this world had ships and they could sail the to speak. Well this is my star ship and for the next few days it might be our home' he said leading them towards the the neck of the ship and he raised a glowing hand and the side of the ship shimmered and sparkled and then from the flat crystalline surface the outline of a door appeared and it slid open silently and they headed inside.
The ship was vast on the inside and curved corridors lit up at their approach. This ship made no noise and lit up silently. Bertrand realised after a few minutes that he was shaking and his heart was beating fast. When they reached the bridge of the ship his head was swimming and he barely noticed the vast bridge with an upper command level and a lower command level which was lower down and had twin rounded steps leading to them.
'son take a seat this will...' Alex started and then realised his son was staggering and he turned and caught his son before he hit the ground. Taking his son Alex headed to the lower command level and laid out his son on a seat. He placed a hand on his son's head and he could sense why his son had feinted. His son had suddenly been shifted within a few days from a modest country life to a world filled with star ships and technology so advanced it looked like magic. It was all too much for a ten year old and so he stroked his son's head affectionately and shook his head.
'What am I doing, I promised myself I would not get into this stuff again and now look at me' he said to himself. Then he paused and turned to a control panel and tapped twice and the panel activated with a slight hum and holographic displays activated with a shimmer of light. He reviewed the readouts and then he amplified the scans and relayed communications via the moon base and it gave his a tactical overview of the battle at Mars and he gasped as he realised it had already begun.

The Battle for Mars, Part One The Barrage

Long before any ships met there was a barrage of weapons fire, energy blasts, high impact energy lances and energy burst clusters shot out across the void like a a multi-coloured wall of death. Mind due when a shot was fired at that range it was mostly a blind shot and a vast majority of the shots went wide but the few that did hit hit with force and weakened the shields of many of the ships. While on Mars the energy shots were drawn into the small red planet, the shots arced across space, drawn in by the gravity of the planet and were sent streaking across the sky.
Half of the shots fizzled out in the atmosphere but a large quantity hit with force, slamming into the ground and tarring up the red Martian soil. Dust was flung into the air and slowly drifted back down in the low gravity. Ninety present of the shots hit nothing but open desert or wastelands but a few struck deep into the cities which were mostly built into the ground. Already casualties were flooding in and the Mar'a were not halting their barrage. Shots after shots poured in creating a mass barrage across space. Every now and then the barrage would stop allowing the Mar'an ships to simultaneous recharge their weapons before continuing the barrage.
On the other hand the allied Twelve ships had returned fire, their shots flying out and it was not un-common for a Mar'an and Twelve energy shot to meet in mid space and explode in a flash of light and energy. Before the two forces had even met weapons fire had been exchanged and a great deal of that had resulted in nothing more then a weird light display in space.
But as the barrage continued the Twelve forces from Mars moved forwards, they placed themselves strategically between the Mar'a and the Mars and it was then as the Mar'an assault slowed something emerged from within the swarm of ships. It was small at first, akin to flies escaping from a box, so too did the fighters emerge from the armada of Mar'an ships. They came like a swarm that buzzed ever forwards, the fighters were short ranged ships and as they flew forwards many were blasted apart from the allied ships, but it was not long before they were amongst the Twelve blockade.

On-board the Veldahal

Carea watched as the approaching Mar'an fighters got into range, already the Allied fighters were retaliating, flying out to meet the fighters in the void but the fighters outnumbered them almost two to one, clearly the Mar'a would stop at nothing to take the Temporal Warp gate. Already the faster fighters were amongst the large ships, the Twelve ships were disk shaped vessels with a few triangular or pyramid shaped vessels in their midst. She saw one of the fighters come in close, the fighter was shaped almost akin to daemonic bats and she wondered why someone in their right mind would design a fighter with such a visage.
The fighter skimmed the shields of her ship and her ship sent out a pulse of energy that ripped through the fighter with as much effort as paper meeting a flame. Carea watched in silence, reviewing tactical data across three holographic screens as she watch the war rage on ahead of her.
'Carea to all Twelve fighters, pull back immediately' she ordered and there was confirmation pings second later from all fighter squad commanders as they banked hard and turned to retreat back to the main Allied armada. A few minuets later the fighters had retreated and then the Twelve showed their teeth.
'FIRE!' she ordered an simultaneously twenty five thousand fighting ships opened fire, their shots tore through the Mar'an fighters and instantly the void ahead of them was lit up with exploding Mar'an fighters. The each shot tore through several fighters at a time and energy clusters which fired like spiralling groups of missiles slammed into the closest fighters and incinerated them in bright eye watering flashes of light. But the Mar'an fighters were close and swarmed into the Allied ships. Carea franticly tapped a series of commands into the command display and her ship along with nearly a thousand others moved forwards, they were being covered by Allied fighters and as they lumbered forwards in a spearhead formation the other ships took defensive formation around the
Veldahal. Then like a flower opening so too did the Allied ships lift away from Car's ship revealing the Veldahal in their heart.
'Ionic disrupter field ready my lady' one of the Astia’mani pilots said behind her and she nodded.
'Good' she uttered with a wicked smile and hit the firing command, she could have had the others do it but there was a certain satisfaction in killing the Mar'a.
The ship glowed bright golden light that made it look like a small star for an instant and then it unleashed a sphere of golden energy which looked like a blanket of pure liquid gold. The sphere expanded and expanded and where it touched an Allied ship it simply passed through without harm and where it met a Mar'an craft the Mar'an craft burst apart as their atoms where disrupted and blasted apart with terrible force. Instantly about three miles of Mar'an fighters were cleared. But in the vastness of space three miles was not a lot. As the Mar'an fighters fled from them Carea lead her ship back into the fold of the Allied fleet.
As she turned to caught the glimpse of something massive approaching and fast and she realised that the fighters had been a faint to allow the Mar'an armada to accelerate faster towards them.
'Mar'a you bastard!' she uttered and quickly typed a series of commands into the fleet but she was too late as a series of energy lances shot out towards her ship, each energy lance shot out like a red spear and had combined energy to tare apart a city with ease and the lances were aimed straight at them!
The first shot slammed into an Allied disk shaped craft and the shot tore through the ships shields with ease and they ripped through the metal of the ship, tearing apart the main outer drive rings and then caused a catastrophic overload in the ships engines and a moment later it shuddered and then exploded. All this had taken place in two seconds but by then the other energy lances had struck, one skimmed the
Veldahal's shields causing her to shudder and the third struck home. The hit slammed into the Veldahal's back and the ship jerked for a moment, but her shields had held firm, this ship was made of sturdier stuff then it would not be wounded that easily.
'I know you still want to kill me but I won’t be taken down that easy' she said seemingly to herself and activated one of the rear energy blasters and it sent out a series of compressed energy balls that shot out towards the Zeron'Cahlin. The energy balls zipped across space, each one darting between fighters before they reached their target, the Zeron'Cahlin and just before they struck the ships shields they phased out of reality for an instant and then phased back in within the shields and they came together and merged into one shining light and struck...there was an eye watering explosion that looked like a distant star being born and then...nothing...the blasts had done little more then create a crater in the ships hull but its hull was so thick and vas that that crater barely even registered as damage.
'damn it' Carea cursed as they re-joined the rest of the fleet. She could see that she had drained the power in doing what she had done and it would take several minuets before weapons and shields were fully back online and it would take even longer for them to be able to pull off another Ionic disruptor field attack, but before she could even consider that she had a grater issue pressing on her attention. The Zeron'Cahlin and it's Mar'an armada that was so vast it looked like a wall in front of them. And it was approaching fast!

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