The Time War of 1561. Chapter 2. Part Two

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In 1561 a fleet of UFO's waged war over Nuremberg Germany. But that was merely one battle in a far larger war, a war that threatened not only our world but time itself...


They had entered the city at early dawn and as such the air was crisp and cool, there was a strange mist which lingered low to the ground and already the sounds of the early risers could be heard across the city. Every now and then a squawking rooster cried out their morning cries and as Alexander and Bertrand entered the city they could see the merchants preparing to sell their goods. It was a Saturday and Alexander was sure that by mid-day the streets would be packed. They dropped their horses off at a stables on the outer parts of the city before heading inwards.
Alexander kept his focus as they walked into the city, he placed a perception vale over him and his son so that way people would still see them but their minds would not fully register them and so they would go almost unnoticed across the city. Both father and son wore hooded cloaks and as they walked they entered the back streets of the city heading ever onwards but to where Bertrand did not know. Finally after what seemed an age of walking Bertrand had had enough of being silent and had to speak up.
‘Papa where are we going?’ he said, his words sounding somehow filtered as if speaking through water.
‘Hush child we are nearly there’ he replied and they headed further onwards.
It was only after about another ten minutes did they finally arrive at a church. Alexander snuck around the side of the church and towards a side door and he waved a hand over the door and it unlocked and slide open with only the faintest creek.
‘Come now my son, we must be silent, no words just do as I say and follow my steps’ he ordered and his son nodded with understanding. Then with knee’s bent they entered the church through the side chapel. The church was massive and had pews that led out across its nave. Then at one end of the church was the main podium called the bay where the priests and reverends would conduct their ceremonies. He led Bertrand across towards the main bay area at the end of the church. They walked close to the wall and Bertrand looked around in awe at the massive building, seeing the huge statue of a crucified Christ at one end of the church.
He noticed there was priests on the opposite side of the church discussing something and he was so intent on them that he bumped into a wooden stool which had been placed to one side and their heads snapped around and they looked straight at them. They both froze in fear of being caught and but then after a moment the priests looked away and continued their conversation and Bertrand got the feeling that they had not even seen them…but how was they possible, they were not exactly invisible or…oh wait…
As he pondered the mystery his father signalled for him to follow with a quick gesture with his two fingers and Bertrand nodded and obeyed. They continued right up past the bay and past the two psalteries and towards the massive ornately decorated metal Templon which was akin to a wall with ornate sculptures of angels and saints across its surface and the statue of the crucified Christ in the centre.
At the two sides of the Templon where small doors and they headed towards one but when it opened by itself they shrank back behind a small stand which houses a bible and crouched as a reverend and another man walked past them. They waited and then walked to the door and slid effortlessly behind the Templon. There behind it was a series of chairs where a choir would sit and behind that was another partition made from cloth and they headed behind that with as much noise as leaves rustling in the breeze.
Behind the partition was a tiny wooden alter with two candles, a bible and a single cup that was gold plated on it. Alexander stood before the altar and muttered something, which Bertrand thought sounded like a prayer and then his father held out a hand and the alter shifted and slid backwards seemingly on its own and under the Altar there was a stone slab with strange symbols engraved on its surface and he whispered something again. His father then knelt down and placed his hand on the writing and closed his eyes for a moment and then smiled. He then turned to his son and signalled for him to approach and he did as he was told and his father wrapped his arms around his son and placed his mouth near his son’s ear.
‘I am not very good at this so please do not scream’ he said and then vanished…
They were ripped apart at the atomic level and then their atoms instantly reappeared in a whole new location and that location was ten feet directly below where they once been. Instantly the world around them was plunged into utter darkness and Bertrand realised he was standing in water.
‘Son are you in one piece’ Alexander asked and his son looked at himself although there was no light to see with and he flexed his fingers.
‘Papa where is the light?’ he asked concerned.
‘Here’ Alexander said clicking his fingers and his hand was glowing a bright white light, he held out the other hand for Bertrand to take.
‘This will be a long walk my boy but trust me it is better than going the above ground route.’ Alexander said

The Moon

A crystalline ship had arrived at the moon base a minuet earlier and no sooner had it arrived then the ship had departed. The ship was an ancient vessel, it was avian shaped with the vague features reminiscent of that of a hawk with its wings tucked back forming a V shape, the head of the ship was designed with a beak but it had no features that gave it eyes or a face of any kind leaving the true identity of the craft a mystery.
The craft shot out from the port and arched around in the direction of Mars and sped up faster then what most ships could pull off using in system travel. Behind here were fifty attack craft, each one disk shaped and each one ready for war, they had each been personally assigned by High Regent Vanelliah to act as Carea’s vanguard in this fight. Although why an Alpha would choose to head up a small fleet of ships in a fight herself was a mystery to Vanelliah but the High Regent had suspected that Carea had some personal feud against the Mar’a.

On-board the Kenderah

Red alert was too loose a term for what was happening all across the ship, it felt more like sheer panic and pandemonium had befallen the crew of the Kenderah, although Nev’han knew deep down this was not panic, it was merely a hundred individuals each trying their damnest to make sure they did not die when the Mar’a came.
‘ORDER ON DECK!’ Nev’han bellowed and instantly everyone on the bridge fell still and turned their attention to him.
‘Now I have served with you lot for two decades, many of you have fought alongside me as a warrior in the Demnal’dis campaign and you know what a bitch war really is! But I will be damned if I let a single one of you succumb to panic! You got it!’ he barked and there was nods and other non-verbal signs of affirmation from the crew.
‘I said do you got it?’ he bellowed once more
‘Yes sir!’ everyone replied.
‘Good now let’s prepare for war!’ he ordered and silently everyone turned and got to work. He could not help but let a faint trickle of a smile play over his lips just for an instant.
‘pilot bring this ship around I want to face our foe head on, tactical officer bring full energy disrupters and energy blasters online and you how are the shields?’ he said pointing at one of the crew manning the defence of the ship and he shook his head.
‘still nominal sir, they will be fully operational within the hour, but until then we got only low level deflector shields operational’ the Vesapian officer said, the Vesapian’s were a centipedal insectiod species with large craniums and six arms and four legs.
‘don’t worry captain we have you covered’ a voice crackled in over the intercom and a new face appeared on holographic screens. It was Carea and the sight of a human piloting a ship shocked him so much he did a double take, until he realised that the readout signifying her as an Alpha and it was all he could do not to kneel to the image.
‘my lady, my ship is yours’ he said
‘good now take position at the moon, I need you and your cargo safe!’ she ordered and he nodded, her words were akin to law and it did not take long for everyone to start acting. Commands were punched in and the ship slowly thurstered around and they made their way ponderously towards the moon. Nev’han could see the massive crystaline ship through the front view screens as his ship turned. The ancient vessel was unlike anything seen in modern days and was sleek and elegant and it spanned nearly a half mile across, it was smaller then his ship but still large compared to most.
It had the facade of being fragile but he had the feeling ancient technology was stronger then it seemed. On-board the ancient ship called the Veldahal Car was accompanied by two Astia’mani crew, they had been taken on board the ship on the high regents request to help her but the ship could fly on its own and did not require a crew. But to accommodate her old friend she had agreed and also allowed ten warriors on board for her safety, as if she needed them.


The last of the Mar'an ships had arrived, exiting the jump it suddenly appeared over the gas giant and the ship was huge, it spanned some twenty miles from nose to tail and was in the shape of a massive spear head with a secondary head near the back forming a giant set of rear wings that arced forwards like a striking falcon. The ship was jet black with burning red engines and the very sight of the ship instilled dread in all who looked upon it.
This ship was a beast of war, armed to the teeth with every kind of weapon imaginable, a full thirty present of the outer hull of the ship was dedicated to some weapons system or another while on most ships the weapons systems usually took up less than ten percent of the outer hull. The hull of the ship was thick to say the least, spanning half a kilometre in width at its thickest part, this beast was designed to dish out and also receive a beating.
And so the ship was imbued with the essence of Mar'a himself, it was said that the ship had been built around a much smaller vessel which Mar'a had once flown in himself and as such those within the ship considered it as much a dark chapel to their false god of darkness as it was a weapon of destruction. As such the ship was named the Zeron'Cahlin meaning the dark chapel.
The ship activated it’s in system drives and it thrustered along at just below the speed of light, so too did the other ships follow, the Zeron'Cahlin soon became surrounded by tube shaped and dagger shaped craft which were faster and more manoeuvrable then the large battleship, it currant speeds they would reach Mars within two hours...and then the war will begin...

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