The Time War of 1561. Chapter 3. Part One,The Battle for Mars

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In 1561 a fleet of UFO's waged war over Nuremberg Germany. But that was merely one battle in a far larger war, a war that threatened not only our world but time itself...

The Battle for Mars

April 13th, 10:34am
The Castrada, Nuremberg

Alexander could see where the battle was heading and he knew he needed to help, he punched in a series of commands to the ship and it prepared to dive, under them the ground opened up revealing a vast chasm which fell away vertically to a flowing river deep underneath and the ship slowly drifted down to the river on its own command while he tended to his son who was only now starting to awaken.
'My boy you are alright?' he said
'Yes papa I just feel strange...' Bertrand said
'it is quite alright son your mind is not used to such changes, but I will need you to be strong because I fear something terrible this way comes and if it comes then we might be separated' he said
'Separated! But why papa?' Bertrand exclaimed
'Because war is a terrible thing' he said

The Battle for Mars, Parry

On Mars there was a dedicated tactical support team who was dealing with the ever shifting and changing data inflow from the situation far above their planet, while on the moon they were relaying information with the secondary Moon fleet where getting ready to counter. As they processed the enormous amounts of tactical data and came up with firing solutions to help the commanders, generals and Carea in orbit a terrible series of events started to occur.
For you see the forces of the Mar'a were not only aggressive users of force but they were also sly and cunning bastards who were not beyond trickery and using spies and over time they had incorporated several hundreds of spies in many Twelve bases across the universe and Mars was no different...
Co'li was an Astia’mani Martian data control officer working in one of the major cities when the battle had begun, she like many of the planets inhabitants were shocked to say the least and had gotten used to a quiet life of the backwaters of the known Universe. But out here it was not always quiet and every hundred years or so they had to fight off Mar'an raiders, aggressive species and other such things which might threaten the twelfth species.
Co'li had served well that day and had overseen a great many tactical plans during the battle overhead but this part of the plan would be one of the most crucial for it involved hurting the Mar'a and hurting them bad. As the cities prepared for their part she noticed something was amiss with some of the crew inside her department which overlooked the red desert.
Then she had seen a weapon and she had known something was terribly wrong, she had screamed a warning and one of the first shots had been fired at her and she had just about managed to duck as the shot slammed into her shoulder and she had been thrown back against the transparent wall of the room. The shot had also punched a hole in the wall and breach alerts rang out across the complex but they were blotted out by the sounds of weapons fire and the screams of the dying.
Shots flew past her and slammed into the transparent wall cracking it and showering her in molten splinters. She crawled away taking cover as best she could behind a desk and then she saw one of her colleagues try to scramble to cover and was shot through the head, dark blood splattered across the desk and across her face and she felt panic grip her, she felt the cold icy dread consume her and somewhere deep inside her mind retreated, the horror of it was simply too much even for a being whose mind was far superior to that of a normal human. She could feel parts of her logical mind retreating until the world around her seemed somehow distant and surreal.
She scrambled into a corner and realised that she had crawled over one of her dead workmates to get there but she was too numb to pay much attention. She did not have full recognition of what she was doing either as one moment she was in the middle the centre and the next she was in a corner, huddled up and bleeding. Her body was shaking as it fought the fact that she was bleeding and somewhere deep within her mind she knew that she was going to die here, she had lost too much blood already and the blood trailed a thin line from where she had been and where she was now but she was too numb to care.
Consciousness seemed to ebb and flow around her as her body struggled to keep her alive and there were moments where time seemed to move slowly and times where everything was a blur around her and as she lay there she turned her head and saw one of the traitors aim a gun point blank to a Slvian’s head and fire blasting the snake looking alien’s head apart in a mist of blood. It was only then that she saw two were trying to use the consoles and she realised why. They were trying to stop the launch sequence and the shock of that sent a chill of realisation through her, now she knew that if she did not act now thousands more would die. With the last of her strength she got to her knees and crawled over to a desk that had been overturned and the display console was laying on the ground. She turned the console over and activated it with her hand scan and started to type in commands.
Within moments she could hear the traitors grunting and complaining as they were locked out system by systems, they started to look around to see if anyone was alive but she was on her belly and lying flat to the ground and so no-one noticed her at first. Then after a minuet she had re-written every base command sequence and it would take hours for the traitors to hack it. Then with the last of her strength she activated the commands for the Ionic burst cannons to come online and keep firing. She had locked them in with her personal ident codes and made sure that after a minuet the system would lock out any chance of a shut down completely and once that was done the Mar’a had no chance of winning here.
Then as she had just finished and needed to confirm the commands by pressing her to the console a shadow fell over her and she rolled on her belly to see who it was and she saw it was a Mar’a holding a pistol at her and she smiled and placed her hand on the console locking in the commands and activating the firing sequence.
‘evil….never…wins’ she uttered and the Mar’a shot her through the head but by then it was already too late as the hum of the massive Ionic Burst Cannons charging up was audible even at this distance. She had done it, she had won. But on that day there would be a great many unremembered heroes.


Far above as the battle raged and as the Allied ships sent waves of weapons fire at the Mar'an armada and as the Mar'a exchanged weapons fire back at them a terrible battle came underway. But slowly the Allied ships had shifted, they had moved creating gapes in their defences and then as those gaps widened some of the fool hardy Mar'an captains drive their ships into these kinks in the armour, but it was then that it happened...
All across Mars, on outposts and tactical defence towers massive Ionic Burst cannons jutted up from the red desert sand and their barrels glowed white hot. Each cannon was nearly half a mile in length and each one hummed with immense power and then...they fired!
Beams of searing white light shot up through the planets thin atmosphere and through the gaps in the defence and they slammed into Mar'an ships. These shots were fuelled by massive drives and energy generators that were several miles across and were hidden deep under the Martian surface. But despite everything only just over eighty percent of the cannons fired, while across the red planet eighteen percent had been tampered with and had not fired and where there was no shots fired the Mar'a had poured into the defences in the Allied fleet.
Hundreds of Mar'an ships and hundreds more Mar'an fighters zipped in taking advantage of the gaps in the dance and they uses their full force to widen the gaps. It was not long before the defence of Mars was being broken apart.

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