The To Do List 3

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When Brick asks Blossom over to study, she accidentally comes across a list of thing to do, but everything on the list has something to do with her. What will she do?

Part Three: Romance And Other Things

Brick and Blossom drove back to his apartment and bid the limo driver goodbye. Brick had a feeling they wouldn't be needing it for the rest of the night.

As they walked into his apartment, he began suddenly nervous. Here was the girl he had secretly loved all his life, and they were alone in his apartment. She didn't waste anytime. She came close to him and kissed him passionately. He remembered her words on the cliff. Don't think. Tonight, that was the last thing on his mind.

He held her close in his arms, taking in the soft scent of her skin. He wanted her so bad but he didn't want to rush it, but Blossom had other plans. He took a step back and watched her slip out of her dress. She kicked her shoes off and came towards him. He kept a short distance from her and looked into her eyes.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes," she said and started to kiss his neck. "I've wanted this for such a long time."

"Me too," he said. He picked her up and carried her into his bedroom. He didn't noticed that she still had the list in her hand. He was occupied elsewhere.

He laid her gently on the bed as her put the paper down on the nightstand. He leaned over and began kissing again as the started to remove his shirt.

She didn't realize how buff he was at first, and when she glided his hands cross his chest it ignited something in her. She rolled him over on his back, while gliding her tongue cross his chest. He let out a deep groan as she continued her work.

"Oh, baby, that feels so good," he said and gasped.

"You just wait," she said with a giggle and sat up to look him in the eyes. She reached around the back and unclasped her brae. She discarded it quickly and took his hands and placed them on her breasts. As he messaged her breasts she started to moan softly.

He loved hearing that and flipped her over onto her back and began to suck lightly on her breasts.

"Oh, god," she gasped as her whole body started to shake. She ran her fingers through his hair. "I want you, Brick, right now."

She looked down to see he still had his pants on. She helped him take them off and slipped is boxer shorts down. Her eyes grew wide seeing how big he was. He went for her lips again while reaching down to her little lace panties. She gasped again when she felt his hand on her most private parts, and she screamed out.

He practically tore off her panties and hovered over her. "This is your last change to change your mind."

"No way," she gasped. "Now, stop teasing me, and just do it."

He positioned himself and gave her one last kiss. He entered gently as a gasped escaped her lips. She wrapped her arms around him, as he continued his rhythm. She screamed out, partly from pain and partly from pleasure.

"Blossom, are you alright?" he whispered in her ears.

She still held onto him tight. "I'm good," she managed to get out while still panting. "Keep going."

He started to go faster as she began to kiss his neck again. Her screams got louder the harder he thrust, and she started to thrust back at him.

Sweat consumed both their bodies as he continued. As she reached the height of her orgasm she felt him release himself inside her. He finally collapsed on top of her, while gently caressing her face.

"That was amazing," he said, and gently kissed her.

"I guess that was # 4," she said, giggling.

He laid down next to her as she reached over for the paper that contained the list. "Would you forget about the stupid list?"

"There's one more," she said, refusing to let him take the list from her hands.

"I know," he said. He grabbed the list from her and reached over and grabbed a pen off the nightstand. He quickly jotted something down. "There."

He handed her back the list and she started to read. "# 5. Tell Blossom you love her." She looked into his eyes. "Well?"

"I love you, Blossom," Brick said. "From the very moment I saw you."

"I love you, too," she said and reached over and kissed him. The list fell to the floor as she felt him get hard again. "So, are you ready to go again?" He flipped her over onto her back to show that he was.

Later that night, Brick awoke to see Blossom sleeping next to him. She looked just like an angel lying there next to him. He gently kissed her forehead as she snuggled close to him.

A little while later he noticed the list lying on the floor. He reached over and picked it up. He grabbed the pen and checked off the last two things. He thought for a moment and started to write.

#6 Prose to Blossom

#7 Marry Blossom

#8 Live happily ever after

He knew someday they would.

The end. I hope you enjoyed.


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