The Toltec's, Aztecs and their ancient creation mythology

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Different cultures from all over the world have their own mythologies, giving us now in modern day time the knowledge of the ancients. Aztec and Toltec is a mythology from a race of ancient people who used to live in Mexico. They built pyramids and sacrificed people to please their gods, read on to find out more.

The Aztec and Toltec connection

In Mexico from 900-1200 AD, the Toltec's were a great race and civilization
The Aztecs were a tough race of warriors, who came to power and ruled in Mexico in 1376. There very first Aztec ruler claimed to be from a line of Toltec gods, making his family and kingdom adopt Toltec ways. The Toltec's were themselves another great race of people, who were in mexico from 900-1200 AD.

Sacrifices and myths

The Toltec's are an interesting ancient tribe. They left great pyramid temples, so grand they still stand today. These great ancient pyramids, inside have on there walls pictures telling there myths, legends and tales. The Aztec's had their ancient calender and a document giving their explanation of how the Aztec gods fit into this ancient calender.

Sacrifices were something which the Toltec's and the Aztec's, believed in very strongly. They truly believed sacrifices were needed, in order to keep the universe alive and well. This strong belief came from the ancient legend, that four worlds were created and destroyed one after another. It was thought they were destroyed because not enough sacrifices were made. The rest of this story is very interesting I thought. In order for a sun to be created, then two gods first had to sacrificed themselves. The two gods jumped into a flaming bonfire, in turn giving life by giving the world a sun.

In so many ancient myths from all over the world the female is represented as some kind of negative energy or negative force. Even in Christianity it is Eve who first bites from the apple. Toltec and Aztec myths are no different. It says that when the fifth and final world was created, there was nothing but waters and a monster female goddess. It was said that she was swimming around eating everything. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca the two mighty gods, eventually dealt with her, turning her body into the earth and heavens above.

The strange beliefs of the Aztecs, must have made life a living hell for some of it's people. They had a strong belief that the sun god and the earth monster needed sacrifices to survive. They needed human hearts and blood, so they could stay fertile, healthy and living happily.


The old myth of how humans were created, is that Quetzalcoatl did it using his own blood and dead dads bones. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, these two very ancient but interesting gods, were even credited with giving us music. It was said that they brought music down to earth from the House of the Sun, and then from there on in every living thing had it's own kind of special music.

Quetzalcoatl means feathered serpent, his statue and signs can be found carved into many temple all around Central America. Yet another ancient serpent to beware.

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interesting post

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cheers madan

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28th Apr 2015 (#)

Human sacrifices are revolting but has happened everywhere. Thought provoking share and not that well known, thanks Micheal - siva

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thanks siva

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29th Apr 2015 (#)

A very interesting post micheal. The ancients almost everywhere believed in human sacrifice. Bloessings.

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