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There is a training course for everything these days. Is it not time there was a course for romantic relations?

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There is, in these modern times, a qualification for everything. You can study english, mathematics, history, sciences, all subjects that you would expect to be able to obtain a qualification in. You can study religion, economics, retail, weather and even music. There is even a degree that you can do that is based on the career of Madonna!
In our modern world, where it seems everyone is looking for training for everything, there is a course for just about everything and anything you can think of.
In these politically correct, risk averse times, having hapless people wandering around in life, doing things, without the necessary training, is a definite no no.
People need courses, they need training. Left to their own devices, who knows what they might do.
If that is how it is, in the modern workplace, and even in some places of leisure, should it not encompass the more important aspects of our lives?
Most adults and teens approach the minefield that is relationships, with no training at all. Driven by hormones and lust, educated in the ways of mating rituals by the hit and miss vagaries of television and school playground boast, they blunder blindly, in wide eyed hope and expectation, from one relationship to another.
The most important thing in most peoples lives; that meeting of, what is essentially, a complete stranger who, for some reason, stirs the basal instincts and makes you want to be with them, is something you are just expected to know how to do.
What is possibly needed, in my humble opinion, is a relationship tome, with an accompanying training course. An NVQ perhaps. I am not offering to write it! No such thoughts. I might perhaps humbly offer a forward, but I think the book - and course - would have to be a collaboration.
There are so many so called relationship 'experts', people who feel their particular method of relating, is the way to go. But just like the diet industry, where there are many different - that all work - diets, there are many, many ways a relationship can work or grow.
I think a cross generational work would probably be the best. A section by someone whose was from the era when a marriage was for life and - controversially - women were mostly housewives; through the times of shoulder pads and girl power, right up to modern times, where everything is almost sold as transient, yet relationships should, somehow, be long term. It is a tough ask.
It is a course, a book, for everyone. Not a degree course, the modern obsession for putting letters after your name. Just a course and book, that answers a lot of the questions and can help some, to maybe avoid, some of the pitfalls that can befall any union.
We need a relationship book and course. Anybody brave enough to offer up their services?


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author avatar Sheila Newton
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

Brilliant - and quite hilarious. Well done you. You're a nice writer. Keep up the good work.

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