The Tragedy of Mr. Bob Laws (pronounced as Bubblews))

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A satirical article of a writing site Bubblews(ip address witheld upon possible request) who had a bank run and now beng given a prolong post mortem and after thoughts .

"The greatest writing platform..."

This is the last (hopefully) of the satirical series started 6months ago.

After 2 light years the once bubbly galaxy is in a state of stupid war while the villainous duo of Emperor Papajasontine and Darth Airwind Viper refuses to recognize (at least in public) and the happy exiles by the galant saga of Lock Bubblewalker meets Tobi-Juan Quenobee, who led the Pen Alliance have foretold the pathetic doom of the sphere Empire's regime right after it launch its Debt Twinkle Swindle Star -a heavily hype and cutesy junk food and chat station capable of destroying entire social media planets, true to their own self proclaimed reign of being the universe (albeit planets) "greatest platform". But suddenly just when the rest of the celestial entity are having trouble keeping their own moons and position in the galaxy they belong, Blah blah blah Republic of Planet Bubbles exploded without warning and left no trace of its planetary deposits except smoke and epitaph of its last hurrah if not morbid evidence of its calculated expiration or was it?

the debacle

Previously we have unmasked the continious saga and blunder of Blah blah Republic in bubbles Planet led by Darth Airwind (formerly known as Abby) and his powerful ally Darth Zuccarridious, Abby was a phenomenal skillfull migrant that supposed to balance the force but was used by Darth Zuccaridious. known on his alter ego as Papajasontine ,himself was a former student leader from the Weskirov School before becoming a staunch supporter of The House of Clinktonites (famous for the king who had a felattio scandal from his esquire in Lordlandings in Gene O' Prawn Universe.
Blah blah Wars has a post mortem details of the state of the galaxy heading to their fatal sudden demise. According to our sources, some time before the events of The Plagiarist Menace, Supreme Liker Bob Laws became the embodiment of the Republic based on the hype and propaganda tools they enforce to ther mantle after the decisive and devise battle on the Plagiarist Menace and almost complete annihilation of the J-dye Knight, Bob Laws attempted to corrupt members of the Scribbling community from the VLC (view, likes, comment) reward system. Apparently, some greedy Hoi poloi drawn into the magnet of easy bullions of golds promised by the Blah blah republic in the universe are drawn to Bob Laws, as they fondly recall the great wealth they had during the old times of the First aeon before Papajasontine wickedly destroyed the postutopian system.

Enter Debt Treble Swindle Star shortened as DS Swindle(but fearsomely known as Debt Star) app launched last June 11 A press released was echoed by a few technology news sites, and an invitation-only launch party was planned for an evening at the famous Chinese Made Theatre. But otherwise, alas the new social pedia app has been launched in eerie silence.

Bubbles Republic Chef Extraordinaire Oligarch (CEO) Darth Airwind Viper promised DS Swndle was going to be a big deal. He enticed Bob Laws loyalist to sign up for early notification of the app's launch, saying those who invited the most friends to also sign up, would get a chance to be in on a sneak preview of Ds Swndle

Beginning of the end

The most powerful villains are not the modern cutesy GRU and or Scarlett Overkill it is but the tandem of Zuccardious and Fixit.

Papajasontine, also known as Darth Zuccaridious was a Force-nonsensitiveHuman male who served in his Unibeltcity senior year as
Supreme Chancellor of the and the first Emperor of Bubbles
Republic President-for-Life and Plunder pioneer of the Order of the Filth Lords,
UGC's iconoclast Filth Lord who had ever lived, his entire life was the culmination of a thousand-year plan to abandon the Repbpc and j-dye Order from within.
Born in September21 1987 on the planet Taboo to the aristocratic House Papajasontine, Papajasontine discovered the Filth at a young age as a collector of dark side artifacts. he met Hugo Dmusk, a Bunn businessman who was in reality the Filth Darth Lord Flaques! Under Papajasontine's manipulation, Papajasontine pledged himself to Darkside teachings as Darth Zaccaridous. Papajasontine lived a double life for many years, serving an untarnished career as Taboo President in the Galactic Senate while learning from his master and training a young Apprentice Kria as the Filth Assasin Darth Varnes Flaques and Zuccarious , both exceptionally skilled and powerful in the Force, were able to concela their identities from the J-dyes for 3aeons ( though they had an account in Blinkedin). As Plagueis privately searched for the key to eternal life, Zuccaridious manipulated galactic politics promoting DT Swindle Star culminating in the bad press In the wake of the political crisis happened Plagiarist Menace in as reported in BBB the Galactic Senate voted to elect him as Supreme Chancellor, and around the same time, in accordance with Bane's Rule of Two, Darth Zuccaridious murdered the Job Descrition of Darth Kyler Fearson and usurped the power of Filth Master emeritus though delegate the henchman role to Darth Kyler in paralyzing the initial propaganda with in the Republic livestreamng actvities.
So obvious of Darth Zuccaridious plan that his blinkedin account he was with Bubble Land until October way before the sudden announcement of Bob Laws last galactic broadcast. While the equally vicious apprentice had their CV published being connected to Blah blah blah Republic only until September 2015 or 2 months before blah blah republic went flat line. Not to,be out done is his Greatest Apprentice

Darth Airwind Viper ( aka Abby Fixit)

Chef Exceptional Oligarch (CEO) & Co-Plunder Arwind “Abby” Fixit is responsible for the strategic escape and grand execution of the Bubbles Republic vision to run away from mesmerized writing public

Growing up as a first-generation American in Philadelphia, Avi understands the im-portance of promoting an interconnected and global society. Avi’s unique family back-ground (his mother is from Poland and his father is from India) impressed upon him a mission to help others.
Prior to embracing his entrepreneurial spirit and founding Bubbles Republic Abby as he was known prior to embracing the darkside, worked as a computational toxicologist. As a fellow with the Feed & Dreg Administration, Abby used his intelligence and force sensitive talent to develop a model to predict dreg-to-dreg inhibitions. As a result of his contributions to the Administration, Abby at young age was able to compete with Bioinformatics Race in the crude EfDee-A Planet Society of Toxicology Conference honoring Java the itch.

He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Britneylogy from Last Virgin Unibeltcity School (sister school West Vienna Culinary Unversity) where he met his future business partner Papajasontne(future Darth Zuccaridious). Working together as a team like Lone Ranger and Tonton or the urban idols Green Hornet and Kato the equal admiration was estabLished, they have gone on to build two planetary bodies together – Voluptuous Ass and Blah blah Republic in Bubble Planet with the satellite moon like Debt Treble Swindle Star.

Truly Abby Fixit succumb to the power of the darkside. The dark side was an aspect of the Force, a metaphysical power that bound the known galaxy together. the darkside is the mammon of first degree. The lustful greed, thrist of power and deistical whim to manipulate and ultimately deceived other for self preservation.The first known users of the dark side were the ancient middle Earth in the time of 5 kingdoms, an mytholigical species that conquered a large portion of the wealth around. Some antitrust entities were able to follow suit in pre-dotcom years harnessing the dark side to create engineering feats unheard of in their time, such as the Operatng System and the Embedded browser However, those pioneers eventually struggled when the one J-dye knight focus his creative connection to the Force and made a head on progress with by product and apps ecosystem became the core. the knight mortal name is Master Sleeve Jabs with his giant planet shaped in a biblical fruit known to man.
The young Abby was probably inspired by this master before he met Papajasontine. Abby on his early pronounced enlightenment created an agri-hub called Voluptuous Ass aimed for equality, brotherhood and unified voice of the gifted donkeys and hybrid horses. As published in the professional network Blinkedin "We believe that voluptuous ass are among the unsung heroes/heroines of the animal world and should be treated with the proper platform to make helping as easy as possible. The core of our community revolves around unifying the philanthropic voice and making it easier for the farmer and owner than for the animal involved. The job market is in a slump and competition for farming is increasing; it is becoming a necessity to distinguish oneself in order to progress."

What we have learn so far..

It was apparent Bob Laws. Was manipulating to scrub the trace of Bubbles Planet from the image of DS Swindle Star. Those who signed up for early notification, not knowing what the app was even supposed to do, decided not to invite any friends thinking of new gold writ mine was created. So there's no great surprise that Most was not asked to beta test Of Swindle four months ago, when it apparently went "live"with a group of handpicked users .

As the Beauwolf Business Bureau (BBB) remnants of J-dye First Order starts to rise and Bob Laws popularity afflicted by free fall as recorded in trusted Alexioddotcom a scheme was signed to prevent the Republic from being attacked and bombard in all front – as long as the First Order stayed in the other scribbling territories (which are outside the Republic’s jurisdiction) the Blah blah fever which Bob Laws is known for the Bubbles can simply have one final solution - A fake sudden death, to shock and awe the blah blah republicans while the bullion of articles and back rebates including petty wages ware already siphoned to the DS Swindle.
In November 15 The year of our Lord Bob Laws was in the headline apparently went off aboard with a suicide note in his surviving tablet. He orphaned 100,000 fanatics from the peak of 500,000 fan base and chart topping top 1000 Republic. He was still on a decent top 14,000 but with a GNP worth of a fraction from his heydays.


While the abandoned tribe than once thrive with BOB LAWS where either shock, grieving, contemplating but never lost a word. The world wide universe somehow is learning as it might build something positive. The Force had awaken after witnessng the Darkside. New knights sharing the true Textcalibur more powerful than Light Saber of different colors can finally be rewritten to mingle and be rewarded in writopian society.

One of this is dailypostscript.
Stay tuned..

Saigon De Manila

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author avatar See E. Oh
26th Nov 2015 (#)

This is an epic humor than a tragedy...yep a good read too!

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

Thank. You enjoy reading the previous related articles.

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author avatar M G Singh
26th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting satire. Yes ,I made a lot of money on Bubblews and then all went kaput.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

Madan, I also lost about $150.. at least twice account deleted... its not really a score to settle when I started this satire but the resonating lesson was compelling to let thw reading public know.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
26th Nov 2015 (#)

I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for the satirical view.

Reply to this comment

author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

thank you Peter, the series (see link) started way back Feb and never knew the baloon will burst this soon because they are on the radar at about. 14,000 above sea level latitude

Reply to this comment

author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

..I mean 14,000 global rank though obviously a free fall since last year.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

@Mark Gordoñ thank for moderating and the very informative message..I will try to edit the post to include thw juat having wifi connection

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

...ipad connection issue, while my laptop is in hardisk comatose and my 1st generation android phone is giving me trouble on qwerty. Sigh! I could have posted this last weekend had all my issues was resolved. Honestly am elated seeing you amd Peter rare comments hahaha!

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author avatar Marzeus von Hemelen
1st Dec 2015 (#)

Good lord.

Well I wish I had a comment on this, but I don't.

So I'm just going to write that I wish I had a comment on this, but I don't.

That way, I would indeed have a comment on this, but don't.

Well, let's hope wikinut exists for all eternity. My greatest fear is that all my work will one day go poof.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
2nd Dec 2015 (#) would just be wise to save articles whereever is out affiliation is.

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