The Trap of Drugs And Alcohol.

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It's dangerous to rely on how you feel. Alcohol creates an illusion of well - being, making the drinker feel that he's in control, when in fact his abilities have been diminished.

Drinking : Why Not?

Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack, Booze. These have become as much a part of some teenagers' lives as rock music. But regardless of what your peer may tell you, drugs and alcohol are a lethal trap. Why have alarming numbers of youths fallen into it? And what can you do to avoid falling in yourself? Is it wrong to drink? Is it really harmful? These questions may very well go through your mind. After all, your parents may as well indulge: Many young people at your age (legal age of 18) are drinking TV shows, and movies make it look appealing.

Even adults are found gulping in to this act, simply because they were addicted to it from their youth and it became attached to their life. When used moderately, alcohol can indeed be a source of happiness and pleasure. The Bible acknowledges that wine can make the heart merry or can enhance the taste of a meal. (Ecclesiastes 9:7)

But when misused, however alcohol creates serious problems ranging from run-ins with parents, teachers and police to pre-mature death. According to the Bible, 'wine is a ridiculer, intoxicating liquor is boisterous, and everyone going astray by it is not wise' (proverbs 20; 1) It is important, then, that you make a responsible decision about drinking. But how much do you really know about alcohol and its effect?

Ignorant of the law is not an excuse, if so, realized that ignorant of the effect of alcohol can be deadly. The Bible warns us that improperly use, alcohol 'bites just like a serpent, and it secrete a poison just like a viper' (Proverbs 23:32).

For Instance a man married a wife in a neighbourhood, one night, after a serious bout with his young wife, he stormed out of the house, determine to get drunk, after gulping down a whole pint of vodka, he fell into a coma. Were it not for the efforts of doctors and nurses, he could have died. Eventually, he didn't realize that rapidly gulping down a large amount of alcohol can even be fatal. Ignorant almost cost him his life.

The Rebound Effect of Alcohol.

This is one of alcohol's most insidious effects. Alcohol is a depressant, the seeming uplift you feel after drink occurs because alcohol depresses, or brings down, your anxiety level. You feel relaxed, less anxious, less worried than before you drank.

Taken in moderate quantities, alcohol can thus, to a small extent, help a person 'forget his troubles.' (Proverbs 31:6, 7). One youth for instance, drank to escape from family problems. He said 'I learned very early that drinking was a way to relieve the pressure I was under, 'it relaxed my mind' No harm done, right? Wrong!

Alcohol has a rebound effect, After a couple of hours, when the sedative effect of the alcohol wears off, your anxiety level bounces back, but not back to normal, but rather jump up to a higher level than before you drank! And you feel more anxious and more tense than ever. Alcohol withdrawal may last for up to 12 hours.

True, if you have another drink your anxiety level will again go down. But a couple of hours later, it will rise, this time higher than before! And so it goes in a vicious spiral of artificial highs and ever lower lows. So in the long run, alcohol will not really reduce your anxiety. It may very well increase it. And when the alcohol wears off, your problems are still there.

Emotional Stunted

Others claimed that alcohol helps them to function better, a man was extremely shy and found it difficult to hold even a simple conversation. But then he made a discovery, and he said ''After a few drinks I would loosen up,'' The problem is that one matures, not by running from difficult situation, as the man did, but by facing them, learning to cope with the problem you face as a youth is just a rehearsal for the trials of adulthood.

This man thus found that, in the long run, the temporary effects of alcohol did not help him to overcome his shyness, ''When the alcohol wore off, I went back into my shell,'' he admitted. What about now, years later? the man continues ''I never really learn how to communicate with people on my own true level, I think I was stunted in this way.''

The same is true of using alcohol as a crutch in dealing with stress, Joan who did so as a teenager, admits; Recently, in a stressful situation I thought; ''It would be nice to handle a drink right now.'' ''You think that you can handle a situation better with a drink.'' Not so!

An article published in the New York State Journal of Medicine says; ''When drugs (including alcohol) become the means of easing difficult situations - academic, social, or interpersonal - the necessity of learning healthy coping skills is removed. Effects may not be felt until adulthood, when establishing close personal relationships then often proves difficult, leaving the individual emotionally isolated.'' It is far better to meet and deal with problems and difficult situations directly!

He Would Not Take It.

Let us consider the example of Jesus Christ, On the final night of Jesus earthly life, Jesus endured a terribly stressful ordeal. Betrayed, then arrested, Jesus endured a series of interrogations in which lying accusations were made against him. Finally, after having been up all night, he was handed over to be impaled - (Mark 14:43 - 15:15; Luke 22:47 - 23:25.)

Jesus was then offered something that would dull his senses - a mood altering substance that would made it easier for him to cope with this difficult situation. The bible explains; ''They tried to give him wine drug with myrrh, but he would not take it.'' (Mark 15:22, 23) Jesus wanted to be in possession of all his faculties. He wanted to face his difficult situation squarely. He was no escapist! Later, though, when offered evidently a moderate amount of undrugged wine to quench his thirst, Jesus accepted - John 19:28-30.

In comparison, your problems pressures, or stresses pale into insignificance. But you can still learn a valuable lesson from Jesus experience. Instead of using a mood altering substance (such as alcohol) to cope with problems, pressures, and uncomfortable situations, you are much better off if you deal with them directly. The more experience you gain in facing life's problems, the better you will become at solving them. you will grow to have a healthy emotional makeup.

When you come to legal age, whether or not you choose to drink occasionally - and in moderation - will be a decision for you (and perhaps your parents) to make. Let it be an informed decision, an intelligent decision, If you choose not to drink, you have nothing to apologize about.

But if you are of legal age, and decide to drink, drink responsibly. Never drink as an escape or in order to gain artificial courage. The Bible advice is simple and straightforward; ''Drinking too much makes you loud and foolish. It's stupid to get drunk'' - Proverbs 20:1


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