The Trouble with Harry

Chip Greene By Chip Greene, 5th Apr 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A commentary on the unethical behavior and corruption of Harry Reid, the former Speaker of the Senate.

The lie

The trouble with Harry Reid is that he's a liar, dishonest, corrupt, unethical and arrogant about it all.
In a recent TV interview he was asked if he had any regrets concerning a boldface lie he told on the floor of the U.S. Senate, which some described as McCarthy like. On August 2, 2012 he stated that presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes in 10 years. rated his statement as, "Pants on fire," on their Truth-O-Meter. Harry's reply to the interviewer was, "Well, they can think what they want. He didn't get elected, did he?" So much for being a liar and arrogant. He got away with a lie because he is protected from prosecution, civil and criminal, while speaking on the floor of the Senate. Mitt Romney promptly produced his tax returns again refuting Reid's statement. This wasn't the first time Reid had pulled this. He did the same thing to John McCain during the presidential election of 2008. At the time McCain was his friend.

Dirty hands

There are other shady dealings in Reid's political past.
In 2005 he earmarked a spending bill to build a bridge between Nevada and Arizona that would make land he owned more valuable.
He used campaign donations to pay for $3300 in Christmas gifts to the staff of the condo where he resides. This is not permitted under federal election laws.
He introduced legislation and imposed pressure on regulatory bodies to advance the business interests of close friend Harvey Whitmore. Whitmore was able to proceed with construction of a planned golf course development, Coyote Springs. Reid's son, Leif was employed as a personal attorney for Whitmore. Whitmore contributed heavily to Reed's election campaigns.
Read had to apologize for some racially tinged comments also. He said that Obama could win the presidency because the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate. He referred to Obama as, "light-skinned" and "With no Negro dialect, unless he wants to have one."
As Speaker of the Senate he ran interference for Obama. He prevented many bills from reaching Obama's desk. Obama brags about seldom using his veto power because of this.

The Iceberg Principal

Reid has held political office since 1987. His current term ends in 2017. That's 30 years of dishonesty and corruption. One can only speculate on what else he's had his dirty hands in. I say this because I believe in the, "Iceberg Principle." What you can see is only 10% of what lies beneath.
He is not going to seek re-election this time. We'll finally get to bury Harry for good. He doesn't look like he's long for this world anyway. Let's hope he doesn't emulate another Harry from Hollywood.
In Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 black comedy, "The Trouble with Harry," Harry is found dead on a hillside by four Vermont villagers. Three of them think they killed him. They conceal the body and bury it only to have to dig it up for various reasons. This happens several times.
So, enjoy your retirement Harry and rest in peace. We should put a very large headstone on his grave lest someone try to dig him up too.

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I am a retired police officer, baseball enthusiast, political junkie, and published writer.
My articles will focus on crime, politics, and baseball.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Apr 2015 (#)

If all your allegations are true, Chip, then Harry Reid is indeed corrupt to the core. I would hope that you can acknowledge, however, that neither party has a monopoly on corruption. I suggest you look into the shady dealings of Mitch McConnell, where you will find lots of behavior similar to Reid's. Nice post.

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author avatar Chip Greene
5th Apr 2015 (#)

My allegations are documented in the reference titled Harry Reid. Both parties are equally corrupt.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Apr 2015 (#)

I agree. Too bad that the scrupulously honest, like Elizabeth Warren, are marginalized by the mainstream.

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