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This article presents the position of a trade union from a neutral point of view. Don't you agree? Why are the managers afraid of the Labour Unions?

What do you think of a Trade Union?

The following essay consists of 573 words. It is written as a sample for “A” Level students, or students who are appearing for the college entrance examinations. If you are an “O” Level student, you need only about three quarters of the facts in this article. Try to write one essay for yourself after you have chosen the main points which are of interest to you. You must complete the essay within the time limit for your examination, leaving ten minutes to review the essay before you hand it over to the invigilator. Don’t mention more than the necessary points because you may not have enough time to elaborate on all of them.
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What do you think of a trade union?

If you are an honest CEO, with nothing to hide, why are you afraid of the Trade Union? You should invite the union leaders and have a cup of coffee with them as many times as you can and find out how they they help the company.

Unionists are not enemies of the management. When an organization employs a person, that person actually helps to make profit. Even if profit is not the objective, he or she must be an asset. Otherwise he or she would not have been employed.

Most employees know that if the organizations they work in are not productive, their jobs are at stake. These organizations could either close down or move to another location where profits are assured or the environment is more conducive.

Management must care for the welfare of the employees. The employees on the other hand must do their best to see that the employers make profits or the company’s policies are properly carried out. In the United States, many of the managers and management members are called cheese-burgers because many of the union members really think these managers are not qualified to sit on the management board. Managements which are steered by capable guys will take the trouble to educate the employees knowing very well that a few of them may one day work for the competing company.

The union is needed because the committee members are there to assist the management. No managers are perfect. And good managers are very scarce. Otherwise why do people spend about U.S. $ 100,000.00 to struggle for the MBA? If the management goes to the extreme, consciously or unconsciously, the organization could go bankrupt. An organization not only provides jobs, it helps to create other supporting services too. The more organizations there are, the more people will benefit, because prosperity goes in a chain reaction.

For the above reasons, sensible managers today, contrary to what their counterparts did two decades ago, are interested to assist the unions, and to make sure that the union members are informed on what is going on in the organization. I am not blind toward some managers who are good at corrupting the union leaders. However, this topic is best left to the union members to find out.

A good trade union works as a focal point where management can communicate with the members.
The new trend towards unions today is that management is no longer interested in confrontation. Good managers believe that the union and management should co-exist and assist the organization to be more successful. Don’t you think the union also wants a productive partnership?

What the managers may lack the union committee takes over. The social grease is created. Whatever the union members may lack, the managers point out and do their best to rectify them. Both parties need the existence of the other for its own well being.

During bad times, e.g. the last two years, when the company must be closed, the managers will not be able to convince the workers to have their salaries deducted by 50% for the survival of the company, but if the same request is via the union committee, it is most likely to be accepted. When the words come from the managers, the workers are normally very suspicious. However, when the same words are from the union committee, the reaction will totally be different.

The time of confrontation between unions and the management are over as any good managers would admit. We must ask why the unions and management cannot see eye to eye. Can’t the partnership be more constructive? Can’t the company policies be more transparent? Is the fault lies with the union or the management?


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