The Universal Total Fifth Submission: A few Clues - Scientific Manna Cauterized From All History Books!

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Universal reality can be understood on various levels. Explained peculiarly, or profoundly, it comes across as enigmatic to laymen who have no expert knowledge of the subject, at least in this fifth submission. Be that as it may, this particular writ/file serves as a curtain to be lifted to allow the window of absolute clarity to unfold "once" the vestige of Universal Total has been surrendered. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Introduction To The Fifth Submission of Universal Total

In this segment, the great informed and accurate scientific mind of Captain Melix James Somajar Galiac now seriously begins his studies with the people of this particular earthen planet, in piecemeal, spoon feeding even the most astute thinkers of this world a manna which was long ago cauterized from all historical books as to the very building blocks of Creation.

This, the Chief Engineer of the most prestigious craft or Starship in the Federated Fleet of Unified Starships, the Stargazer Intrepid, does with his usual precision of calculative academics in absolute "detail."

Please pay of the closest attention to the KEY WORD "Rub" for missing that, you will miss - The Beginning of your own Creative existence following that of the exact point where Universal Creation began.

Therein, enjoy Universal Total for the engraving on the mind and soul will be an experience unlike any you, the reader, have yet to meet.
- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez


In relation to


Begun in the Gregorian Time Clock Calendar Year of The Western Hemisphere of the Planet Angorius


September 26, 2014


12:47 pm


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(Notation: All spelling criteria have been formatted by the Commanders of the Federated Union of Starships and under the Original Spelling of the first Letters and Words of your languages as brought to Angorius, the name of this, your earthen planet, at its inception of seeding by the Federation of Freed Planets through starship deliverance of the first peoples. – Uthrania)

All time sequence recorded as Rocky Mountain Time (Western Hemisphere) no matter where we reside at any given time..

Universal Total (Fifth Submission): The Dawning Of The New Day

October 5, 2014 4:00 pm

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac:
Well, another day dawning, and the eclipse of the nations has barely begun. Rather, dear ones, the instigation and creation of the worlds and literally “without end!”

Each world or planet or star, as you take many asteroids to be, conglomerated together with a glue-like substance, or so many of your scientists so think.

But what they are taught in their villainous high schools of lethargy toward realistic and universal true action: is it true in the approach of reality at all, dear ones, or does the relation between glucose and polythermal substance which many of the spacecraft are made up of upon your earth plane in inhabiting a relationship between what we ourselves create or not, truly even exist?

Universal Total (Fifth Submission): No Relation Whatsoever

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: As we told you before in the draft stage, the relation between certain type of metals and substances had absolutely no relation to those non-existent at one time manufactured substances of the universal acumen BEFORE the dawning of the New Day, without end.

Universal Total (Fifth Submission): The First Creationary "Substance"

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Again, the substance involved in all of retroactive creation began with a molecular atom. And the reason why we call such atom as molecular only suggests the ratio between the building block of creation and the atom genre by itself, for all is glucose beginning compound in one ratio of development.

Universal Total (Fifth Submission): Which Texture-Making Substance Have Begun The Species?

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: All species are begun of glucose morom which is a texture making substance which, when other atoms of degree and mineral substance or fallacious substance such as the makeup of the bark by synopsis on a tree rub against one another, the “glucose” takes the rub and distinguishes it by rank, species, and genre, whether be of the duality of positive behavior to interact or re-latio of the male (positive here in this case) or the negative.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Notation: A special credit and thank-you are due our Senior Editor, Reni Sentana-Ries, whose unquestionable participation behind the scenes is beyond value.

Link: The Universal Total Fourth Submission: Time In Its Essence Is Not A Reality!

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11th Mar 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. As I've said before I have never read anything like this nor has anything ever been presented like this. The only thing that I have ever seen written so creatively has been done by Carolina. The pictures that you took the time to share are fabulous. Peace and Blessings to you.

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12th Mar 2015 (#)

Thank you, once again, Nancy, for your wonderful enthusiasm and appreciation of the work.

Yes, this "work" is different from all other presentations offered by others simply because the words, themselves, are given to the humanities by Captains, Admirals, and Commanders of various elite Starships.

Thank you, again, most graciously from us all.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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