The Universal Total Ninth Submission: Who Split The Atomic/Molecular Structures of the Universe and Why?

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The latest installment of the factual account of Creation will, admittedly, not be easy to comprehend and digest, given the novelty and complexity of the concepts involved in describing the process. It is not unlike Galileo's discovery, much to the outrage of the church, that the Earth is actually round!. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Introduction To The Ninth Submission of Universal Total

Continuing along the journey of the actual formation of life itself, Chief Engineer and Scientist Captain Melix James Somajar Galiac picks up where he last left off "and backtracks."

In tiny segments as though "spoon-feeding" an infant, the Captain continues his initial explanation how life actually began leaving a trail of crumbs at times to catch the readers' further attention.

In this segment you will learn how lightening first began as the Captain touches on one fascinating aspect concerning atoms and molecules.

Therein, enjoy Universal Total for the engraving on the mind and soul will be an experience unlike any you, the reader, have yet to meet.
- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez


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September 26, 2014


12:47 pm


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All time sequence recorded as Rocky Mountain Time (Western Hemisphere) no matter where we reside at any given time..

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): Captain Melix And The Examination Of Exactly “How All Life Began.”

October 16, 2014 4:44 pm

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Where we pick up today is considering our examination of the Universal Total and how all life began. Please paste in, Uthrania, my last question to the first portion.

Uthrania: Aye, Sir. But it is actually your first question following your explanation of the electroids within the Universal Total.

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Please proceed anyway. I will come back to the preceding one later. Leave our spelling of electroids intact.

Uthrania: Sir, I have included the last two questions, for one is necessary toward the relation of the last. Will that be fine?

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac:
Indeed. Thank you, little wise One. Just paste it here, please.

And why did the Universal Total not just stay where it was before splitting up into segments? And who indeed did it, calling for such travailing upon a brand new creation consisting of many facets such as humans, animals, fauna, sky, air, seas, lakes, sands, deserts and what have you, which indeed consists of A LOT?

(Notation: Our neighbour was building his roof. Captain James Galiac once again quieted the region and suddenly the neighbour ceased his almost newly begun activities and we were immediately able to proceed. This is how it works on such delicate material. – Uthrania)

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): Are All Atoms and Molecules Round?

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Are we ready?

Uthrania: Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir.

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Alright then. Let me proceed. The Universal Total in all of its extracting atom-molecular forms and diverse format of atoms - for not all are round as you have been so instructed as of such - engraved themselves first into what was conclusively called your “darkness,” a place of no form, no contour, and absolutely no liability toward any form or sequence of “lights” which separate one atomic-molecular form from each other, bidding the drabness of ecstasy to develop within the Universal Total of first development of the Mind of God, as you so erroneously call it.

Wait with your questions. We will explain as we further our sequence, dear Ones.

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): When The Darkness Kept Out The Light The Light Permeated The Darkness

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: As the tendency of molecular sequence continues to develop in those pronounced areas of malefactor, or darkened regions, which had for so long sequenced, or kept out, the electrical currents from developing into the atom-molecular regions or “atomically-based” regions of anthropology, the electroids “girded” the regions from stratospheric electrical currents which acted like elasticized radio waves, creating the essence of your first lightening. But this could and did certainly NOT take place before the electroids had pronounced their first awakening INSIDE of the atomic-molecular substances of jelled radioactive cellular to-be-formed structures which atomics or atoms, so called, are made up of today.

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): NASA Drawn Into What?

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: The Philsomar Effect, scientists, who are watching our display, had long since been vactomized into a distant pulsar radio-type frequency which NASA and other relays have been for quite some time picking up as outer space frequencies, or static.

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): Pulsar Light Within The Universal Total

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: You see, dear ones, one and all, big and small, the atomic structure which did not solely in itself bring about “pulsar light,” scientists, began with a filament inside each atomic-molecular structure which in turn radio-acted the helium pulses or “contours” of intergalactic substance which could not even at that earliest of times drift from one spot to another.

There was absolutely no movement whatsoever in the overall Universal Whole or Total, and because there be no movement, the most gracious art of development of the creation needed first take place where the electrode filaments within each atom gave it circumstance to move.

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): The “First” Semen and Ovary Operating Within The Universal At That Time In Its Totality

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: With this first movement began the rubbing, and with each rubbing came a climatic substance which was the substance or glue which began to create and bind diverse and different molecules or miniscule molecular structures together. This was the first semen or ovary intact working together as the male/female objective, and the first procreation then began.

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): The Very “First” Sexual Act Was "Not" Human

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: As we have earlier stated, these procreations, unlike your fairy tale black and white book story of the first man, and woman called Eve in some outmoded cultures, performed their rubbing, or sexual act, in consistency with all the other atomic/molecular features or cell structures of atomic pressure against one another in pairs, simultaneously or all at the same time, one not however latching on to any other but its sidestep, or mate, at a very intermediate level, in this case. The predominant structure had already begun as of the earlier hour or tendence, for time has never been related in its essence nor any other essence in relation to creation.

Time is no more than a modifying act of understanding simply nothing of what makes life enter into a molecular-atomic structure, and what indeed then does give it life?

Universal Total (The Ninth Submission): A Word About The “Professionals” As You Call Them

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: These questions ye ones have had no idea of the precept of “con-sumptuous behavior,” an ideal term to put forth toward all of those dear Ones who you call your psychologists or psychiatrists. “Damn the human race anyway,” they all say! “Distant relatives to the monkeys and apes!”

Well, dear Ones, you know nothing of your bearings, nor of that which your highest and most intelligent scientists have for their bearing in terms of: “Why does science even begin to disprove the theory of creative design of the countless flawed-to-be continuously, RELIGIONS.”

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Notation: A special credit and thank-you are due our Senior Editor, Reni Sentana-Ries, whose unquestionable participation behind the scenes is beyond value.

Link: The Universal Total Eighth Submission: The Climax Of The Soul Structure And It's Procreation Of Creation

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