The Universal Total Sixth Submission: Imagination Preceded Creation

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Creation did not happen in the blink of an eye as in six days as the bible says. But like evolution, it happened in minutest stages, a process that took eons of galactic history. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Introduction To The Six Submission of Universal Total

This perhaps is the most diverse topic among strangers and men/women alike: The cloning of life, should it be done, and what is it which makes the very thought of it so unpalatable to many people.

These “works” by the Commanders though intricate in design, also allow for the spectacular beginnings of creation in all its forms to be “easily” understood by not only the most elevated mind in season, but through the courtship of the dynamics of scientific knowledge coupled with millennial of experience in data gathering by the very first Humans, our Foreparents, the Creators.

The now begins in all seriousness to be brought before the people who have even the simplest form of education. Why is this? Because, quite frankly, this information has long been cauterized from the awareness of the people to know not their true beginnings “in simple detail” but more profoundly, do the Commanders issue back to the people “THEIR RIGHT” to both know and understand the FULLNESS of THEIR HERITAGE!

Therein, enjoy Universal Total for the engraving on the mind and soul will be an experience unlike any you, the reader, have yet to meet.
- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez


In relation to


Begun in the Gregorian Time Clock Calendar Year of The Western Hemisphere of the Planet Angorius


September 26, 2014


12:47 pm


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(Notation: All spelling criteria have been formatted by the Commanders of the Federated Union of Starships and under the Original Spelling of the first Letters and Words of your languages as brought to Angorius, the name of this, your earthen planet, at its inception of seeding by the Federation of Freed Planets through starship deliverance of the first peoples. – Uthrania)

All time sequence recorded as Rocky Mountain Time (Western Hemisphere) no matter where we reside at any given time..

Universal Total (Sixth Submission): The Beginning Of The Human Cloning Of Each Species

October 5, 2014 4:00 pm

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac:
The female positive also in this case will determine just where the weakest link is in all foliage DNA building blocks which takes on the negative/positive equal and opposite reaction in rebuilding a coding design which may stay as it is or be altered by time as the man-human-woman in each creative ability begins in their cloning of each species as they come together themselves.

And this, dear lay-ones of all ulterior design and creation-making supplement to our creation distribution and attempts, begins the alterior “GRAFTING” beginnings of crop variances in all manner of diverse foliage, green grass liquifidation.

Universal Total (Sixth Submission): What Was The Original Term Of "Helix" First Coined By The Scientists?

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: And the overall tendance of our hands in tentative creation will forever continue as long as the human in all of its diverse formats continues to create more of itself through the very makeup substance which declare at any time that the makeup of helleix, which is the correct and original term first created by us, never diversifies as much as more helix, as you call it, through the DNA charge of electrical components are discharged, atomized through the filaments of electricity from the atmospheres. And notice we say “atmospheres,” pluralized for your greater understanding, for even that did you one not get right in order to greatly bring about another RUBBING of new materials of DNA which make up the helleix compound, and not the other way around.

(Notation: Please note that the word "through" may seem to be incorrect in its overall application, but occasionally the Commanders and Captains do tend to run sentences together in an almost jagged way so as to make the reader think perhaps "though" should have been placed instead. However, in the last sentence the word "one" was most likely a typing error on my part which we did not pick up for some reason. Now it is too late to correct because Captain Melix is not available toward my asking him if I, in fact, did error and what he would ask the correction to be. We must never presume. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Universal Total (Sixth Submission): Archaic? The Building-Blocks Of Creation?!

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Now, this is archaic to us, of course, the beginning building-blocks of creation, and you have made in your schools of theology and calculus idioms… have brought about a complete makeup of fallacy of institutional hogwash in which brings about nothing less than an itinerary of foolhardiness and idiocy, though we do not wish to call a one of you that, but case studies demand to report from our level of knowledge and academics that the lot of you are simply, we are sorry to say, our brothers and sisters of the academic genre, hydro-jaded fools!

Universal Total (Sixth Submission): The REAL CULINARY Delight! Here Is A Study For The Mind!

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Well, that is all for today, little slacken-minded ones, for your culinary delight in all creative appetizers is about to get just a little hot and thickened for the soup of all universal doubters who will, one day soon when they read this and really “study” it, will be to their chagrin not a morsel left untouched, and then a new generation of helleix-formed earth scientists procreated out of a lab of underground-undersea test-tubes will begin in their “glucose” of formulation of just which rabbit is up and side-up side-down.

And at that posture of non-animalistic tissue will a new creation of understanding begin all over again, and at its roots, will, once again

be us, ourselves,

Universal Total (Sixth Submission): The Great Question! Answered! “How DID WE First BEGIN?”

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: your very own creators by genre, for the Great Mancharians and their forebearers were ahead of the game, ahead of us in all creational endeavor where we “OBSERVED” being ONE with the first atomic/molecular cause which in all of its stipend and widespread consortium actually began with A RUBBING OF NOT ONLY ONE MOLECULAR ATOM BEAN, BUT BILLIONS OF THEM IN SEQUENCE.

But what began the motion? Now that is a topic for the other and next day. Good Day for this episode on Creation and Man/Woman/Galactic Effect, and your attention will be always appreciated by those who call you their offspring.

Melix, Captain and Chief of Engineering of the Stargazer Intrepid. Please sign out for me, little one. Thank you.

Tying off circuit tie-string department and channel wave frequency for High Command, Articulatious 4. 6 4.9 Heratio 14 Diatram 19. Coordinate with Admiral and Captain James Galiac, please, Corporal Higgins. Draft out. Lieutenant Commander, Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez. Signatory out @ bases 4:36 pm

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Notation: A special credit and thank-you are due our Senior Editor, Reni Sentana-Ries, whose unquestionable participation behind the scenes is beyond value.

Link: The Universal Total Fifth Submission: A few Clues - Scientific Manna Cauterized From All History Books!

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Great writing as always and awesome pictures. Excellent presentation as I have said before. Thank you for sharing.

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