The Universal Total Third Submission: The Project Of The Universe!

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The Universe, if broken down into its elements, consists of duality, diametrically opposed yet one cannot be understood without the other. In friction, they both create a spark and balance of life energy: Black and white, good vs evil, the feminine and the masculine, etc. YIn and Yang at work! - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Introduction To The Third Submission of Universal Total

In this documentary the meat of the text equates of itself with the formatting of the "almost beginnings" of the Universal Total in its integration of all life forms.

Complex in nature, the most fundamental universal truths are brought down to a bare-bones talk by one of the Federation's greatest Science Majors, Captain Melix James Somajar Galiac, whose effort even skeleting the remainder of the outline and his continuance in minute detail in the upcoming days, weeks, hours, and minutes will answer the most perplexing questions of the present and past which were asked by scholars and scientists up throughout the centuries with one quick stroke of his pen, so to speak.

Therein, enjoy Universal Total for the engraving on the mind and soul will be an experience unlike any you, the reader, have yet to meet. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez


In relation to


Begun in the Gregorian Time Clock Calendar Year of The Western Hemisphere of the Planet Angorius


September 26, 2014


12:47 pm


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(Notation: All spelling criteria have been formatted by the Commanders of the Federated Union of Starships and under the Original Spelling of the first Letters and Words of your languages as brought to Angorius, the name of this, your earthen planet, at its inception of seeding by the Federation of Freed Planets through starship deliverance of the first peoples. – Uthrania)

All time sequence recorded as Rocky Mountain Time (Western Hemisphere) no matter where we reside at any given time..

Universal Total (Third Submission): 12354 Esquire Nautical Knots in the Skys.

October 3, 2014 2:00 pm

Captain Jeremiah Higgins, Esquire. Rank Admiral of Starfleet Consore. Next on line. Are you ready, Uthrania? Jamie?

Uthrania: We are both here and ready, Admiral.

Admiral James Galiac: Proceed Admiral.

Admiral Jeremiah Higgins, Esquire: Aye, well here we are all at last, loves, gathering around for our last session here on earth, Angorius, for the most exquisite and time-honoured writ of them all. File actually, Jamie, as 12354 Esquire Nautical Knots in the skys. (Note: The word “skies” is to be left as “skys” in its spelling. – Uthrania)

Jamie: You wish me to rename this file, Admiral Higgins?

Admiral Jeremiah Higgins: Aye, lad. Right away please. Now, Uthrania, are you ready to take down our words once again?

Uthrania: Aye, Admiral.

Admiral James Galiac: Then let us begin.

Uthrania: Shall we exclude the dialogue, Sir?

Admiral Jeremiah Higgins: Not in the least, lass. Now let us get on with it, shall we.

One more culprit at the helm and I think our team will be back all together for this most of profound scientific, or whatever you would like to call it, Project of the Universe!

Is that title you would want us to call, it, Admiral Higgins?

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Nautical One, Jeremiah, please state your facts under subject title heading of your choice.

Admiral Jeremiah Higgins, Esquire:
Aye, lad. Please place in title heading, Uthrania, our daughter, as being: The Dreadful Truth! Three explanation marks.

Universal Total (Third Submission): The Dreadful Truth!!!

Alright, the dynamics we will speak of today, ladies and gents of the entire circumference of your planet earth, will begin to kick-off dramatically the erroneous statements and downright lies of the earthling Hellions whose only Universal task was, and always has been, to bury the universal acumen at the bottom of the towel.

Now, ever since Ying-Yang began, it evolved from nothingness inasfar as the junction of universal acumen or strategy was born. In other words, dear deluded ones, the Hellion or “negatively” created/separated forces in the universe derived by our hand a mere cene ago needed to actually off-balance the good junction of positiveness in order to bring about the ying-yang effect of male and female atomic structure. Why? Simply because it was the “friction” (bold that Jamie) of the two pair of section atoms.

Without this particular “friction” there could be no positive movement forward. No planets could form, no skies with their immutable gas contents of both the positive and the negative (not saying that the negative was ever wanted). But in effect WITHOUT the friction within all and the Total of universal structure no more creations could nor would have ever existed.

Universal Total (Third Submission): How Much Energy Is Actually Needed? A Simple Equation

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: The ratio, you see, readers, without “dynamatics” (for the scientists upon your worlds) of a 1 to 1 possibility (please coordinate numbers with figures, Uthrania, and not letters, thank you)…

Uthrania: Yes, Sir. 1 to 1 ratio.

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac:
Within the text please.… could not derive the necessary ratio to even begin the circulation of a mere blood vessel. All life created, henceforth is a life of conduits, literally.

The energy needed as a source to fuel the bodies of cells at the cellular level, of course, Herman, would not only be an adhesive to the ration of zero to 1, but in a conduit the zero would be needed to manifest. And what can one manifest out of nothing? So that is the question.

The first of many such question, which philosophers and scientists alike have asked of the Commanders for centuries, and of the Creators, the Mancharians, of whom do you, most of you, belong, for verifyingly they work to reform the positive action and leave the negative well on its own. On the other side of the veil, as we have so aptly explained, it to ye all before.

Universal Total (Third Submission): And What Is The Veil?!

Admiral Jeremiah Higgins: You see, dear ones, the veil in itself is little more than an abstract jar of film of which the separation of the darkness (negativity of the atom into molecule and then human of a sorts) from the light (positiveness of the atom into molecular and then the Holy Universal form of human) bends little in its velocity of makeup,

and therefore even more friction is evident in all the posturing of the creative hand, as you put it there, scientists of the 21 century AD, simple, due to the fact the truth of the reality that darkness was separated in the domain of Centurius, Steve Kinsman, if you are paying attention and listening,

for Astronomers as well must begin to curtail their aberration or outwardly concern of what indeed makes the star go round.

(The Admiral smiles. – Uthrania) Remove no text, please, for this must stand just as it is. You hear that, Jamie, my lad?

Jamie: Yes, Admiral, Sir. I do. Don’t worry I would never remove anything. Ever!

Universal Total (Third Submission): Our Senior Editor

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Now, Reni, as you edit these words make sure each stroke remains in its place as usual, for it is about in time to get, shall we say, just a little bit complicated.

But at the same time we will keep the writ, the file, which this is also, simple enough for the laymen and laywomen on the street.

Are you reading us, Siva-Ji?

Siva-Ji: No.

Captain Melix Somajar Galiac: Well, get on board. With Mark. Steve, Johnny, and…. You will understand why of all this interest in time. Good. Then let us once again continue.

Admiral Jeremiah Higgins: Bring in the clock time, please Melix, and let us explain further before you go back to your earlier questions of which everyone, we imagine, is awaiting for your answer.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Notation: A special credit and thank-you are due our Senior Editor, Reni Sentana-Ries, whose unquestionable participation behind the scenes is beyond value.

Link: The Universal Total Second Submission: The Penchant For Universal Understanding Of the Mind

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Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. I've never seen anything written like this before but I do love the presentation. The pictures are the best.

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Thank you, Nancy, for your unequivocal support and generosity of soul toward our work on behalf of all those who have preceded us.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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I saw this update on facebook and I came back to read it again. I must say you do very profound work and I appreciate the time you put into these articles to share with us.

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Thank you, Nancy, for popping in on our page!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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