The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity

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The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity, is the last of the Universes of God Quadrilogy. It starts at Jesus' triumphant return, covering the millennium civilization and what will happen there, and continues into the first and second resurrections into eternal life. You are there for the White Throne judgment, the Lake of Fire and the final destruction of evil. It ends at the third and final Universe of God - The Eternity.

Jesus puts corruption to death...

Jesus rose from his Throne. In a moment of indecision, he was about to snap his fingers and end this, but instead he opened his mouth for the sake of the billions who wept around him. None stood immune, not even David, for it was a moment of profound sorrows as the whole looked fully into the faces of the condemned seeing their tears.

Jesus pointed at the Dead before him. “…The men of ancient Sodom would’ve repented had I done the great miracles there that I performed in Capernaum. The men of Nineveh rose up in salvation because they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and indeed one greater than Jonah is here! The Queen of the South (Queen of Sheba) rose up in judgment and condemned her entire generation, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and indeed a greater than Solomon is here! Behind you whores are the Perfect who’ve lived and died many centuries apart, rose from the grave to relearn truth, for you had every opportunity to repent and receive the gift of salvation…”
Kaenite and Marcel held each other weeping, looking at the condemned, combating their escalating horror. The Captain of their Salvation and the Author and Finisher of all Faith spoke softly, almost sadly, eyes welling with disappointment and profound loss.

“…I’ve laid the Foundations of Life with my very blood and every soul must build thereon; but you refused. There’s no other foundation any can lay than what is already laid. You left the millennium with doctorates that should’ve taught you how to construct foundations of gold, silver, and every precious stone. Instead, you elected to listen to the greatest liar in all creation, knowing fully everything about him and me, holiness and evil, what’s expected and what’s never tolerated! Despite a thousand years of hard teachings, you still constructed your own foundation of wood, hay and stubble, expecting grace to wink at your betrayal by exchanging who I am to accommodate your nothingness before me.”

Twenty million corrupted moaned backgrounded by the escalating weeping of the Faithful. Jesus continued undaunted.

"…These Faithful you whores see behind you were dead in their uncircumcision. God has made them alive together with us, having forgiven all their trespasses by canceling the record of debt against them with its legal demands. I have set it aside, nailing it to the cross for they’ve run the race of life well (Colossians 2:13-14). The talents we gave them were used in our service, coming back ten, hundred and a thousand fold, either by faith, by Works, or by first or second resurrection worthiness.

“Therefore, every man's work is manifest for there’re never any secrets here. And it has been revealed by fire; and that fire shall test every Work to ascertain what sort it is. If any Works remains after the fire, which any built upon, he shall receive rewards and eternal life. Every man's worth shall be discovered by fire (Spirit) and by fire only! You whores should’ve known your souls were the truest Temple of God, for the Spirit of God dwelled in you for all the backward eternities – in perfection. Simply put, any who defile the Temple of God shall be destroyed, for the Temple is holy and you’ve irrevocably defiled your Holy of Holies (soul), which we held precious.

“Therefore, I’ve opened the Book of Life and found you not only wanting, but your names erased by the nature of you calling us liars, by believing there’d be any other outcome to willful disobedience - other than eternal death. You wanted to test stupid what all creation already knows; obedience and fidelity are the immovable foundation of all Love. No one enters the Promised Land without Love in their hearts, and knowing this, you’ve thrown away uncountable eternities of life for the putrid dung pile with eyes wide open…”

Jesus paused glowing brightly as the twenty million vibrated nuclear. And behind them, the weeping mounted until it became wails that shook the foundations of the City of God. Tears hit the floor as the Faithful struggled to process the verily expected, for the reality of seeing the condemned was more than many could bear. And though there was nothing wrong with sympathy, they fell cracked fractured, howling uncontrollable grief, sitting on the floor rocking in agony, eyes shut, not wanting to witness the executions that loomed face-to-face tragic.

“….After my Father kicked Cain out of the Garden, Cain seeded death by starting the first wars ever in the Flesh Age. By those wars and unimaginable suffering, you carved out paganism on the back of my suffering children. You overthrew every goodness and forced them to throw their progeny into the fire and abortion. By the nature of your evil, you made my earth heave against their God by your fierceness, until the Lord wholly destroyed you and them with the Great Flood.

“Instead of repentance, you consolidated your evil magnum strong, and overthrew mankind with deception and manufactured ignorance of their Creator. By the iron rod of tyranny, you promoted cannibalism, despotism, and fanned the hatred of us by corrupting and criminalizing holy morality. The gods you shoved down the throats of my children were the hundred million shards of the same mirror called Satan! You made all men wail in bondage, injustice, sexual maleficence, death and state sanctioned criminality, until the Lord destroyed your foul nest by the changing of the languages, giving mankind a 3,984-year reprieve from your wickedness!

“You murdered your Creator and caused death to those whom we never intended, to die stupid (manufactured wars) for your lies. You denied your Creator, denied commonsense and dismissed everything learned in my millennium to return to wallowing in the mire. I see no love for me or your brothers! You only feel compassion for yourselves!

“Against my will, I held my peace ignoring my children’s prayers for vengeance and relief. I ignored their manic prayers in the hopes of your salvation, erroneously believing you’d change into what I created you to be – loving family! And by creating the millennium, I wanted nothing but your love and repentance, so we could welcome you into the family of the living.

"You've chemtrail my earth with global engineering to promote sickness and shorter life, sowing global diseases, outlawing cures and forcing those who shouldn’t be poor into the poverty of your manufactured lack. You never lifted one stinking finger to help anyone, for you horded more than half the world’s wealth (800 trillion dollars) to finance nothing but scalding evil, injustice, despair and unending suffering! I saw my children starving when they never should have, I heard my children in South America living in the streets, I saw the Indians you murdered almost two-hundred million strong. I mourned the Blacks who died a billion deaths for your filthy lucre! I see all manner of perversions normalized to entice my sheep into your occult, and I tolerated an earth seething tortured with evil and unimaginable cruelty! Yet I was still willing to forgive all pining for your return, shedding stupid tears for you to love me again! Not only did you deny me, but also crushed my dainties, everything I loved, and wiped your butts with my suffering heart while throwing your dung in gross disrespect in my very face!”

Jesus trembled with increasing wrath. “…You’ve lied almighty to entice your brothers into death with you. You lied about my flat immovable earth and changed the entire universe to shape your skewed view called massive deception. You lied creation was a vast unending something with billions of galaxies, earth a trivial point, not the center of the holographic like you knew it was; a flat domed unmovable inescapable prison. And you spent trillions to keep my children from that truth by making Antarctica a no-go zone, bristling militarized with orders to kill - to protect your lies. You lied about everything no matter how mundane, and criminalized, vilified or murdered all who‘d expose your evil. You tied pillows over my outstretched hands, hid my love, adulterated my Word, and desired the deaths of those who stand victorious around you now, who survived your evil to stand in righteousness despite your stinking blasphemy!”

The One bristled as Jesus pounded justice and consequences. Tears dried and anger waxed strong as the Faithful remembered all they’d been through because of them, every hurt and injustice, and how unworthy they were in every way. Jesus glowed brilliant red as the indestructibles prickled uncomfortable in his surging wrath. He roared shaking as one wholly possessed.

“…I gave you stinking chance after chance! I gave you chance in the first Universe of God and you refused correction! I gave you a chance in the Flesh Age to change the monster you’d become, and gave another chance in Hades and you still couldn’t capture wisdom, much less than commonsense! I threw you into a thousand year boot camp teaching Jesus only, and you said in your heart, your Creator was less than nothing to you! I died on the cross, shed my life’s blood in unimaginable torment and you vilified me a stinking tyrant! You’ve bitten the Father, wounded the Son and destroyed my children by sending billions of your brothers to death already. I swear on my holy names, my Father’s holy names, the Kings and Elections’ holy names, and all my children’s holy names eternal, that you’ll never bite or stinking bother us again!”

Corruption trembled fitfully regretting everything as he listened the spewing verbiage convicting his very soul. There was no rational response but guilty without excuse, guilty with full knowledge of the consequences, guilty with eyes wide open, guilty of unimaginable stupidity and not venerating their breaths. Twenty million dead swallowed hard; there was no escaping this.

Jesus stepped backing roaring howling emotion. The Zoon jumped with the whole assembly at the ferocity of hatred spewing from this mighty being. Billions of years of tolerating evil consummated violent unstoppable! Yahshua the Exalted One was absolutely done with stinking evil! Vibrating the entire City of God, Jesus continued so enraged he phased in and out of reality.

“…We will say goodbye and good riddance to these clowns that wanted to take your eternal life! Look at them! Think about this before anyone sheds one more stinking tear; they wanted you dead almighty! I’ll say it again; they wanted you all dead! Mariah, they wanted you dead, Jessah they wanted you dead, Anirrundda and Lamecah too! They wanted Zillah, Aarel, Freiel, Arella, Amirah and Illyah, Yahsoniä and Ezräa and Masa dead! They warred day and night for you to be absent from our loving arms!”

Jesus trembled fitfully processing the magnitude of what they really were. The Son of God surged with regret of ever creating them, for they were infinite others he could’ve picked for life, who’d have appreciated him and their breaths. The sea of life gawked at the corruption, pushing down the bile called righteous hatred. Screaming at the top of his voices the Son of God vociferated, pointing an accusatory finger at those with tears still in their eyes.

“…Yacobah and Mabou, they wanted you stinking dead, never to take breaths in the universe I created for the Just! Elias and Sonyah - they wanted you dead too! Yahremiah, Avaçoela, Elviticus, Dasidas, Allayah, Praverböl, Yahel, Yahönel, and Samuel; they wanted to rob your eternal life by any means necessary! Schemhampharae, Eliana, Ezekiel, ?pheanna, Yahsäza, Two-of-Seven and Gabrielle, they didn’t give a damn about you or your dreams of continuing life! These clowns wanted every Angel in this Temple dead, dead, lifeless! Think about that horror! Look at them! Look at stinking them!”

Under a billion pounds of guilt, the condemned shifted in agony. Yahshua turned to David with his face black in unbelievable hatred. Instinctively taking a cautionary step back as Jesus focused eye-to-eye hard, David swallowed his pounding heart watching reality ripple and warp insanely around Yahshua.

“You David, the Potentate High Medler and third in Command, they especially wanted you impotent dead! They murdered their Creator and I shouted ‘Father forgive them – they know not what they do’ with the audacity of hope on my lips! Never again! Never stinking again! They want me dead and wanted Yahaveh the Most High, my Father and your God, an eternal slave to them! Before one more tear drops, can you understand the magnitude of malevolence I’m conveying here?”

Looking at the dead, Jesus stepped back roaring as a billion lions as the very atmosphere crackled around him. “Do you stinking whores feel your God!”

Before any answer could be formulated, twenty million corrupted fell backwards in mass twitching violently as Jesus thundered, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believed in me would not perish but have everlasting life. I am great in all my attributes and conferred by Yahaveh the Most High as the most perfect judge of all! Therefore, judgment of the House of God is now towering large in your sorry faces! Because of willful infidelity, breaking the compassion of your God and refusing to dwell under our shadow, I consign you forever to death almighty, never to breathe, resurrect, molest or stinking bother us again!

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