The Unnamed Heroes of the world

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A story of the hero whom everyone walks past every day but to whom we owe a dept of gratitude to.

Tireless journey of the everyday hero

Every day hundreds thousands if not millions of men and woman rise up to a task across the world. They get every day just like you and I but these people do something that few ever can do.

Every day they walk millions of miles collectively.

Every day they walk past perils, ravenous dogs, they drive through warzones and fly thousands of miles to help us.

The Effect of the Everyday

Every day these people visit our homes and box's and every day they deliver goods, services and money to us.

Every day they help keep companies running and companies that make billions of dollars every year would not make but a single cent if it was not for the work of these people.

Every day these people connect lovers from distant lands and make sure the words so cheeriest in the hearts of parents and children are carried with care and love to each person across the world.

Every day these people work tirelessly to help us and they seldom make any mistakes, on last count they make a mistake 0.001% of the time which is good compared to other companies and organizations which often make mistakes daily.

Every day these people connect us, our words, our hearts and our thoughts, they make sure we are inundated with the news, they say hi to our cat and I even know one who gives a treat to the friendliest of the street cats.

Who is the Everyday Hero

These people are the every day heroes, they are the glue which connects a nation and to whom we owe a dept of gratitude. So who are these people you may ask, well they are the post man and woman of the world.

For it is their tireless efforts in every country of the world that connects and unites us more then anything else, for it is they who deliver the bills which no one likes to receive but it is these bills which keeps the companies running and as such keep us employed and keep food on our table.

It is the post man and woman who deliver our news, the letter from a loved one and who makes us feel loved and cherished when we receive a birthday or christmas card from a long lost friend.

It is the post man and woman who trudges through snow, mud, rain and heat every day to deliver that which we cherish the most, our mail, our parcels and whatever else goodies we have waiting for us when we get home.

So next time you see the post man walking down the road say thank you to them for they are the unknown heroes who keep our world connected. They are the men and woman who work so hard to keep food on our table, or to deliver that special gift for some ones birthday.

And remember it is they who keep our society moving forwards so please just say thank you next time you see the tireless postman or postwoman who works so hard to keep our world together.

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author avatar Songbird B
15th Feb 2013 (#)

A very moving and truthful appreciation of the daily postal folk. Unsung hero's all..Nicely written Kalegan.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Feb 2013 (#)

Yes, they risk their lives even to do their jobs through rain or shine. The least we can do is to acknowledge them with few kind words if not more. Thanks for reminding us of the basics, Kalegan - siva

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author avatar Bluejay
12th Mar 2013 (#)

Though the number of persons depending on post offices are only a few compared some years back it still holds true now.It was really nice of you to show appreciation through your writing.I really enjoyed it and found it heartwarming.

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