The Unsolvable

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This is a story in the making, though it is still the making I would like all of you to perhaps read it and give and tips, problems, or comment. Critics are welcome

The Unsolvable

The man stood over a pool of blood terrified and confused, his consciousness trying to realize the reality in front of him. Signs of disbelief pouring out of his eyes confirmed his fear for he has sinned. A hard metal on the ground caught his attention, it was a gun. He picked it up and ran. This was the beginning of the mystery investigation to come ahead.

I discovered the scene of the crime and informed the police firsthand. When I heard of the gun shot I ran, but to no avail the suspect had ran away I did get a glimpse of his face though. I became the prime witness for the case of the el Diablo himself. Cartel leader Carlos Del Rossa; the most vicious drug dealer in the whole of New York.

The FBI had struck gold, this case would help crack down on all drug dealers all over New York, and I was in the middle of it. This meant the murderer; the cartel and the FBI had a bounty over my head. The FBI knew that cartel’s men are going to come after me so I was in custody and was under police observation 24/7. I was completely taken out of my public life and I was never allowed to go out of my house without the cops following me.

A few days passed, the investigation was running at full speed, it was one of these days that I got a letter. It was a murder threat, it was intimidating but I had to tell no one about this. The following day there were some people on cars who rode by my neighborhood at night and threw some cocktail Molotov’s on my house luckily I survived the fire but it was no less than another warning to me that I should better shut up and not tell the FBI anything or indirectly I would be signing my own death warrant.

I was getting transported safely to the other safe house because my old house was burned down. I was being transported to the safe house in an armored police van following two cops on a motorcycle. I reached the house safely, there stood a dark figure with a face full of shame, and it was ‘Him’. He opened his mouth slowly and the words came out “I am guilty” in real remorse. The cops rushed in, arrested him and took him under custody.

After series of investigations they found a gun at his house. It was the one used to kill Carlos, the guy who killed him was his brother. Quescho Del Rossa, he was also one of the most prominent extortionists in the cartel.

The day of the judgment was getting closer and closer, I getting very suspicious of the cartel, how did they just let this go so easily. On the Day of Judgment, all hell broke loose when a series gunshot pierced through Quescho chest’s leaving him helpless on the ground and me in a larger dilemma.

I was lost, why? Even if he would be taken to jail, nothing would happen to the cartel lords, but to shoot him. Something was out of place, and I knew it wasn’t Quescho who killed his brother. Two days later someone left a note under my door saying ; “ I know who killed him, meet me at the docks in an hour alone.” I took out my jacket, left my coffee on the table and ran out the door with curiosity all over my face.


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Creative and argumentative writing. I have been writing poetry and several pieces since 10th grade.

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author avatar Retired
20th Nov 2011 (#)

Its only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes giving oneself up and getting into prison is a way of keeping away from all harm and staying away from the dangerous world outside.
It is well known that if it is pre-meditated murder, it is more than just four years in prison and that means during that time people would have forgotten his identity and he could start off anew again doing the same old thing possibly or making a change in his life to become a Better Man.

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author avatar Aditz
21st Nov 2011 (#)

I appreciate the thought but isn't it also exiting as a reader to have a character who undoubtedly faces danger, though that may seem kind of like a usual work, I want the plot to be one of a kind even if the main character may be flat and so I chose to pursue the path of danger... btw nice work :)

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
21st Nov 2011 (#)

Doesn't sound like "a ditz" wrote this one :-}

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author avatar Aditz
21st Nov 2011 (#)

thanks :)

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