The Vagabond's Odyssey

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The future of all of mankind lies in the hands of one Joshua Jones and the last remaining humans.

The Vagabond's Odyssey

In the year 2187 one hundred years after the Great War the earth is still scorched. Smoldering relics of a time now forgotten litter the land as far as the eye can see. Among the few surviving humans now emerging from the caves comes the one man able to save the rest of humanity. A man whose steely blue eyes and white hair have weathered years in quiet desolation, exiled far below the earths surface. Now, as he emerged gazing over all that surrounds not a bird in sight, no trees to see only the emptiness of a barren land laid before him.

He still remembers his ancestors stating once there were green fields where food aplenty grew. And, in an instant were obliterated by man's darker side. The evil that man did wiped out much of the human race. Now, all that is left are a few straggling strangers grasping for any semblance of hope. He was also told once there were valleys were rivers used to run. The day the world ended as far as he was told the flight of humanity was too gruesome to say. But, all except a few managed to find shelter far below escaping the rain of terror that darkened the world. What was once a world filled with life all that remains is a land so barren, void of the existence of any of life's pleasantries. No libations to take the sting away from the reality of now.

The annihilation of man by his own devise set in motion a hundred years of isolation beneath the ground. Deep enough to escape the radioactivity of the global calamity. Now, a hundred years latter all but a few survive. For Joshua Jones stepping out of the caves that glimmer of hope on this a new day faded so quickly the more steps he took. Realizing what was around when just a few strangers were emerging he new in an instant of what to do. Having all gathered together it became quite clear that in order of those so few to survive in this barren world they had to find water. Heading west following the setting sun Joshua with his white hair blowing led this band of survivors down into a valley where he hoped fresh water would be.

No sooner than they reached the bottom the of a hill to all of their surprise was a fast flowing steam. The water that was not promised looked crisp and clear. A miracle they thought in this barren land. For Joshua he knew the land he was walking on was once a great metropolis where buildings once stood. But, after the great war nothing is left. The blindness of man to usher in such horror. The unthinkable became probable and then it came. The rain of terror that swept over the globe. Now a hundred years latter only Joshua and a few dozen remain.

As being the oldest Joshua was now the appointed leader of this motley band. The wisdom beyond his years was quite apparent every time he spoke. Joshua's family were a few of the lucky ones for they had access to the abandoned underground military bunker just before the Great War began. Now, for the past one hundred years the radioactivity of the surface of the planet dissipated so that man was now able to emerge from the annihilation. After one hundred years of exile under ground the last surviving humans came this man self made man.

Leading this tribe of the last of the human race Joshua is now determined to find a place where these weary souls will find solace and peace. Finding a haven where they are safe. To again prosper and rejoice in a land that was destroyed is the hope and prayer that this band so desperately needs. The odyssey will continue to find that space. The journey will be long and difficult but, this is just the beginning and not the end.


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