The Vampire Queen Nefera history

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An Egyptian slave girl Nefera beaten to near death by evil masters. Gets her chance at revenge when a dark stranger offers her a chance at Immortality. All she has to dois say Yes to the night.

The Vampire Queen Nefera history

The Vampire Queen Nefera history

The Egyptian slave girl Nefera /The Vampire Queen Nefera

Born in to slavery the slave Nefera was treated very badly by her Masters many times her body was abused and her spirit broken by the sting of the slavers lash.

It was to come to pass that on her 18th summer she was sold to Gambados a fat cow of a master who saw the slave Nefera in the market square.

Her brown tan skin and young beautiful body made him stop his caravan and quickly run to his master a high priest named Hera barb saying Master I have seen the house slave that will be perfect for you.

The High priest an evil greedy man raised his eye brow studding his head servant’s motives.

Then he raised his staff and pointed it at Gambados and smiled saying you lie Gambados.

I see the glint in your eyes that says you lust after this slave your self.
However you know the law that you must offer her up to me for consideration first.

If she has caught your eye she must be something very nice indeed to behold.

Go and buy this slave woman and bring her to me so that I may find what your true motives are.

Yes my lord right away Gambados said as he bowed and quickly headed to the market.

On the way he was thinking of a way that he could have the young slave for his own after all his master would not want her because she was not pure.

Perhaps he would realize this and give her to him as a gift for his generous service.

The slave Market was quite full that day however when the people saw Gambados step forward.

When the slave girl Nefera was brought up to be sold most men stepped back except for one well dressed man who seamed not to care who Gambados was or served.

The slave master merchant smiled at this because for a moment he thought he would have to sell his prized slave girl at a very low price to Gambados as with many a slave in the past.

However the interest of this well dressed stranger may prove a good day.

The slave Master shouted Please step up and look at this wonder of treasures from the sands of an hour glass.
Is this not all you would dream of to keep the cold nights warm. The slaver removed Nefera’s clothing and turned her around showing off her slender tanned body.
The Markings of past lashes like fine thread darker than the rest of her skin.
Gambados shouted out she has ware on her I offer a gold piece looking around knowing in his mind no man that wished to live would challenge his bid.
The well Dressed Stranger still stood there looking deeply at the slave Nefera.
The Slave master shouted and you looking at the well dressed stranger would you care to make a wager on such a desert flower.
The slave Girl Nefera eyes fell on nothing for a moment she wondered who the master slaver was speaking too.
Then the fat man Gambados shouted it’s clear that this man thinks her to be too high priced so she is mine Slave trader. He tossed the gold coin to the slave trader and reached up to take the slave girls arm.
However for a moment a very cold chill ran up his spine even though it was an exceedingly warm afternoon. He turned to see the stranger’s eyes boring deep in to his very being.
Then as if the moment passed as quickly as it had come the well dressed stranger turned and vanished in to the crowd.
Gambados returned his attention to the Slave Girl he had just purchased and said what is your name girl?
Nefera looked at her new master and said what ever you choose to call me master.
Gambados smiled I see you have been traded to a few masters by the mark of the lash.
I dare say that you learned very quickly that names can be taken away and replaced just as easy as debt if not paid. Nefera had also learned to remain silent when being spoken to this new master was to be known different.
Her last Masters a servant or a slave elevated to a better position in another masters house.
Unable to keep her after her master displeased his master and had his head lopped off.
Nefera did not fear death because she new that at any moment of displeasure her masters by law could have her life extinguished.
It was a year after she was sold to Gambados that his Master priest Hera barb found displeasure with him and decided to cut him up and feed him to the swine.
The slaves Nefera was not saddened by this one bit nor were the other slave girls in the court.
Her master Gambados was a sick twisted man who took pleasure in other men.
However at the same time enjoyed making his slave women walk around with nothing on except very thin silk. Well keeping the secrets of his lust for men away from his high priest master.
When the High Priest Hera barb came around Gambados would pretend to find fancy on occasion with slave girls like her self from the markets.
It was by accident that the High Priest master found out those Gambados was in love making with men. One night the High Priest decided to walk the main house and discovered his servant Gambados in a very bad position with his own son.
In anger he shouted for Gambados to be executed on the spot along with his son and fed to the thousand head of swine that roamed the property.
The High priest Hera barb called for the house slave Nerfera to be brought to him he began to shout at her.
You were his favorite and under my house you let this go on with out saying a word your silence will cost you now Nefera.
He had his guards Strip Nerfera and ties her to the main house posts were he began to beat her with the lash till her back was nothing more than red streaks.
Nefera at that moments mind snapped when she was released in a madness she had never felt she turned on the High priest Hera barb and used what ever tools she could find to kill him.
Her savageness was unspeakable as she tore the Master High Priest apart biting and clawing at his face. Well slashing at his throat.
Before the guards could pull Nefera off of there master she had tasted his blood.
The Guards dragged Nefera to the dungeon and shouted that they would have her head.
It was that night a strange well dressed figure was near by watching.
His long black fingers nails dug in to the stone of the roof top.
As he watched the three Egyptian guards come up from the Dungeon.
With unholy speed he flew from the roof top and lifted the first guard off the ground strait in to the night sky and promptly removed his head from his shoulders spraying acidy sticky tasting blood in to his open mouth.
Then dropped him in front of the two remaining guards Who instantly started yelling evil spirits and screaming as to a demon curse on their master’s house?
The Vampire King Rolth did not want them to raise the alarm.
So he turned in to mist and flew very fast through the two remaining Guards draining them dry leaving there leathery husks falling to the ground. He was almost mad with the power of their blood flowing through his veins.

However their blood was weak compared to the power the Blood stone heart offered. Its effects did not last as long on him he could feel all they were from their blood it was one of his many dark gifts.

Nefera sat quietly in the darken cell her mind was lost as tears ran down her face she was thinking of the Axe removing her head and she thought that it would be a welcome relief from the life she had lived.

Then in the Darkest shadows Nefera senced a moving presents . She said So you have come spirit of shadows to judge me she said with out looking up into the king vampires eyes.

I have come to ask you a question child. The slave girl raised her head replying “If I answer spirit of the night. I am to trust that you will spare me for the death mans axe.

Choosing not to take my life now. I choose then to remain silent for death comes to us all by axe or your hand death is death. I fear this night I can not escape that fate now.
The king Vampire was impressed and taken back a bit by this girls tone.
He wanted her more now than ever. Then he said and if I could offer you a choice that was nether death or life and give you the gift of time.
To seek out and take revenge on those who have made you a slave and tortured your body for self pleasure.
What if I made you a queen?
What would your answer then be Nefera?
If I were a queen it would be a queen that was like no other shadow spirit.
Because I have many I would seek to quench my thirst for revenge. The king Vampire was upon the girl in an instant she had made a packed with him in those words to be his.

His sharp teeth tore deep in to her soft flesh her blood was the taste of peaches and summer fruit it coursed through the King vampire veins .

Reeling in his mind all the memories this girl had and all of her desires her pains. He had to pull away it was to much rarely had the King Vampire come across such blood.
He knew if he did not she would die. It took all of his efforts to back away then as the girl fell to the dungeon floor the King Vampire pulled from his shirt pocket a knife.
He opened her blouse and stabbed the knife blade deep in to her exposed chest.
Then took the knife and sliced his hand. He had only seconds before her life force would leave her body for ever.
He placed his blood dripping hand on the girls open chest wound. Almost immediately the wound started to draw in the king vampires blood sucking it in like a hungry mouth.
The King vampire could feel the girls heart start to pump stronger.
It pumped stronger than it ever had before. The slave girl Neferaacid was now The Vampire Queen Nefera.

The Night Drinker Vampire


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author avatar Xander
21st Dec 2010 (#)

Beautiful piece of literature. The spelling and grammar is not that bad, and has a great storyline. I am seeking a fellow writer to write my next novella with me. Help with ideas, story back background etc.

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author avatar Naomi
10th Nov 2011 (#)

I luv what u have written it would expire me to luv the things u wrote. (I did not know what i wrote)

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