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Prejudice is the vault in the mind, full of the references that we pull out in any new situation, so as we might find some semblance of comfort.

But I thought...

Everybody has prejudices. Pre judgements they make about people, situations, things that they encounter in life. This is not, necessarily, a bad thing. If one went into the world with no preconceived ideas or notions about anything you came across, no awareness of possible dangers, no awareness of some individuals shady practices, no awareness of....anything, they could well find themselves in a situation they really did not, could not have, anticipated.
Of course, there are a lot of prejudices that are entirely wrong, but because of previous experiences, whether they be personal or relayed by a trusted friend or relative, prejudices just accumulate, creating a vault of reference. This is how we decide whether someone is our type of person or not. The vault of prejudged references.
So take my good self. I am a black man, bald, ninety-five plus kilos of mostly muscle, kickboxing instructor and athlete.
I grew up in a working class area, went to a boy's secondary, that was predominately populated by other black boys and never went further than college with regards to further education. What has your vault thrown up?
I suppose that would depend on your life experience. I tell you what it probably did not throw up. You would not have thrown up my guilty pleasures or guessed at what my hopes and dreams might be. No reason you should, even though my likes are common and, for the most part, not at all unusual. They just do not, really, match my image.
So am I saying I am special? A special, unique case? So different from everybody else in my undiscovered likes and foibles? No, not really. If you take the time to have a conversation with most people, I suspect they would surprise you with some facet of their personality. They may reinforce every prejudice in your mind, but they probably would also surprise you with some unexpected revelation.
"That is so gay!" Was the response of my openly gay, work colleague, when I told him I loved watching The Gilmore Girls. I said it was one of the best written shows I've ever watched, all seven seasons. Felt the same about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, many years before, as a young man, the show that brought Claire Danes to national attention, My So Called Life. I enjoy rom-coms, but dislike war films. I probably like as much rock music as I like reggae, if not more.
I like quite a lot of Britney Spears' hits, can sing every word to Overprotected and Slave 4 U. I own a PS3 console and only ever play one game on it. I have no interest in playing any other games or purchasing any other games.
I like the look, smell and idea of sweet corn, but cannot stand the taste. I have no food intolerances yet am a fussy eater. I clubbed regularly, all through my late teens, twenties and thirties, yet managed to get drunk less than five times.
I hate, loathe and detest - I realise they all mean basically the same thing, but some things need to be reinforced! - Top Gun! It is the worst film ever! I know my total dislike of this homoerotic, eighties turd is unreasonable.
That is a brief not-what-you-would-have-thought rundown of things that people possibly would not associate with me on first look. Put that in your vault.


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