The Vietnam Veteran

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A poem about a farm boy turned soldier from Tennessee.

The Vietnam Veteran

My county pulled a number
my phone rang, I was told
I had to go war, war I don't
want to go to war.
I asked why? 

They told me it's my duty as
a citizen, that I owed it to my
country, that I owed it to my
fellow man, that I owed it to myself.

Oh! and if don't you'll for sure go to

Who am I to argue? 

I'm just a good old boy, a farm boy
from Memphis, Tennessee, I don't
have any monies for college and the
factories they be closing down, my daddy
and uncle's served in big war and
the Korean war, I guess I'll serve
just like my family did. 

They sent me to there camps, trained
me to jump out of planes, shoot a gun
and kill my fellow man all in the name
of freedom, freedom for me death for

I served my 18 month's I was given
some shiny badge and a smack on
my back, told me what I a good job
I did, you know killing folks and all.
I've been home 30 years now and still
have that pain in my leg from that
bullet I took, they let me go to Veteran's
Clinic I see the doc down there and they
tell me everything looks good, but I guess
I'm the lucky one, I have still have my limbs. 

The nightmare's they don't bother me no more,
but my wife she left me long ago said she
couldn't live with me no more, she afraid I
had post traumatic stress and the news says
those people are crazy, heck I don't even know what
that means. 

Well, for the love of my country and the
duty I had to perform, my life has been
no picnic, but I guess I still live in a free land,
but just recently I was told I had to give
up my guns because they be saying
I have some disorder and I might hurt

Please tell me why I fought and killed
only to live in pain and with no guns to
defend myself.

The Vietnam Veteran


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author avatar Donald Czerwinski
"Hello World" Donald Czerwinski here, I enjoy writing poems and articles and doing video's on You tube on my opinions on many topics and I love to share them with the world.

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author avatar Utah Jay
27th Nov 2014 (#)

I served too, up north in the Corps,
I held another Marine who was calling for his mother, his legs were gone. Don’t let them take your guns. As for me, I don’t have any…Honest.

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