The Voice of the Unheard..

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When writing this, I was filled with pain because many people sit in church (also in life) this way. Many are unheard.

Dedicated to the Unheard.

As she grew older, her personality never changed.
The same young girl whose voice is barely heard.
She remains the same young girl with no complaints and ideas.
See that is what society expected. When she was seen, it was known for her to stay seated.
When she was seen, it was known for her thoughts to remain…her thoughts.
But little do they know there’s success in her heart and all she wants to do is just share that idea, that one idea.
They know she is afraid and uses that against her.
A voice inside tells her “speak, speak, speak!” But how will they react?
WIll they reject her?
She grabs the mic and closes her eyes and tells everything she ever wanted to let out of inside.
The audience gets quiet and look at her with a shock.
Little did they know a small voice could make such an impact.
An impact to reverse a frown or just save one soul….
Little did they know her capability.
Because they underestimated her, she underestimated herself.
They never encourage her instead they buried her.
Afraid that she would appear better when that wasn’t what she wanted to be,
she just wanted to serve.
Beware of the expectations you give a person because it shows and
sometimes a person may forget who they are and actually
think they are what you expect.
Beware of the jokes you make, because though they “show” they are not offended, they suck it all in at day and release it all out at night.
Oh, and beware beware of the way you speak to him, because he may decide that tonight is his last night and quits out of life.
Sometimes you just got to step off of stage and look at the audience from the back, you will see who is hurting, who is suffering, who is struggling, who is SPIRITUALLY dying.
Get off the stage, the spotlight is blinding ya, or maybe the camera flashes or hypnotizing ya.
See that girl with the quiet personality it was a friend who lended her a hand and saved her from her drug, sex abuse that she was dealing with since the age of 10. Just that hand. just an acknowledgement. Her friend had to step off the stage where all the light blinded her and step down into the crowd to realize her friend was dying on her. Beware of the role you play, sometimes your “false” spiritually can kill another soul.


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