The War on 9 and 18th Ave

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A normal evening on the job takes a chaotic turn as a brawl turns to a street war.

A personal experience with thug life and it's consequences

I was a couple of months into the job of being a guard and I was quickly getting used to how things were working, who the regulars were and more importantly, who the troublemakers were. At this point, I already had a couple of altercations where I had to throw down with some crazy bastards and forcibly remove some unruly people but I hadn’t been involved in a major situation but as the Lord would have it, my trial by fire was coming up.

It was a quiet Tuesday evening, socializing with some of the new faces at the place when I heard about some commotion going on in another room and as per usual, I went to check it out. I got to the scene and found some three guys arguing with a notorious troublemaker (let’s call him Rich) about owing them and the time had come to pay up.

Now, to clarify; Rich was a HUGE pain in the ass, and generally made everyone’s life miserable but he was always let back into the establishment because he knew one of the owners and ran with some dangerous people.

Voices were raised and threatening motions were being made when I stepped in to cool the situation down. I pulled one of the guys over to have a talk and immediately noticed a local gang’s tattoos on his neck, hands and face.

A gang banger.


In my experience, situations involving gang bangers are ALWAYS the worst to diffuse. They are incredibly volatile, easily slighted and are ALWAYS armed which is a terrible combination. Knowing that using my brain will get me far better results than using my night stick, I began negotiating with the guy and things were going relatively well until Rich threw a punch at one of the other two guys.

These guys weren’t going to let that slide, decided to jump Rich and put one hell of a beat down on him. I got involved to save Rich from dying and took him outside.

While we were in the parking bay talking things out, the gang bangers came outside looking for him (he did owe them after all), saw us and started hauling ass towards us to finish Rich off. I ran into the street, hailed down a cab for Rich and explicitly told him to get on. He flew in, opened the passenger window and instead of thanking me for saving him, the bastard began cursing the gang bangers and promised to return “with backup” to settle the score.

The gang bangers and I spoke for a bit, and while I was talking to them, one of them got on the phone, began speaking about the situation, insisted that the guy on the other line bring “the squad” and that they “come prepared”.

I hear this, and immediately made it clear that there’s no way in hell I’d allow their friends into the casino but they reassured me that they would just be gambling and that their team showing up is only for precaution in case Rich and his guys showed up.

With a heavy heart, I allowed them back in and when their squad showed up, I let them in. To be fair to them, they were quite cool but that didn’t ease my nerves as I still had to hope that Rich wouldn’t show up.

Two, maybe three hours passed and to my palpable relief, Rich didn’t show up. The time eventually drew towards midnight and the staff and I were getting ready to close up with the gang bangers remaining as the only patrons. As I went outside to make a final check in the car park, two cars pulled up and the driver’s window on the first car lowered. I cautiously went to check it out and recognised the driver‘s face instantaneously.

It’s Rich.

Fuck me

He greets me and starts asking about the guys. I could smell the single malt whiskey on his breath and with his pupils dilated to the size of fucking dinner plates; I knew he was tweaked out of his skull. I decide to talk to him with the hope of cooling him down until I saw something metallic in the backseat glisten from the moonlight.

I asked Rich and his boys what it was but they told me not to worry about it and asked that I go call the guys for them as “they just wanna talk things through” or they’d force their way into the casino.

At this point, I knew they weren’t here to play around, and with the staff’s safety in mind, I decided to call the gang bangers out. I got in the casino, quietly told them of the situation awaiting them outside and they thanked me for letting them know. They all then went to the bathroom, took a good while in there and also came out with dilated pupils.

Fuckers were charged up.

We opened the door for them and immediately closed it.

Within minutes, we heard some commotion and a LOT of screaming (mostly of pain) that lasted a total of ten minutes, some engines starting up, cars driving out the parking lot, then silence. Five minutes later, we heard a couple of engines start up and the sound of a group of cars driving away.

After a good while of silence, I decided to go outside and check out the aftermath and there were pools of blood EVERYWHERE. The cops came through, and statements were taken, some counselors were called in for those who were traumatised (the screams were enough to scar souls and the bloodbath outside only made things worse) and an investigation was launched but ultimately, nothing came of it. Oddly enough, there wasn’t any indication of any gunfire but then again, if anything, it shows just how savage the guys can get and how serious these matters are for them to butcher each other in such a manner.

I never did see Rich,his boys or the gang bangers again and I’d like to think that they might’ve turned a new page but if the parking lot of that night was any indication of how things are on a daily basis, then I doubt things are any better.

I wrote this to serve as a warning to young gang bangers and folks who are tempted to live such a life. That shit might look cool on music videos and movies like Scarface but they never show the actual outcome of living like that.

To quote the age old proverb:
“If you live by the sword, you’ll die by it”


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