The Warning

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This is a short story about a boy called David, who wakes up one morning to find his room all messed up and a letter on his desk, a warning letter....

The Warning

It was a stormy Christmas Eve; the whole family was sitting at the embellished dinner table. The table was full of delicious dishes and glasses of wine. The family didn’t seem to mind the thunderstorm roaring outside. The Christmas tree, a few meters away from the table, just next to the door to the terrace, was illuminated with many bright, colourful lights and other decorations. Everyone was happy. The parents were talking about where they could go for the rest of the Christmas holiday; the children were chatting about what presents they thought they were going to get. It was almost midnight and they decided to go to bed so they weren’t too tired on Christmas day.

The following morning, David, the older brother, woke up quite early. He sat up in his bed, still half asleep. When he looked up he noticed that something was wrong: lots of the things in his room have moved; they weren’t at all where he left them. His school books were spread out all over the room, and his bag was lying in the corner, empty. He was absolutely sure that something had changed. He looked at the clock over his untidy desk: 5 o’clock. He knew he couldn’t go to sleep again so he started putting things back to where they belonged. On his desk he found a note saying: “Be warned!” and signed “Z”.

Now he was even more confused. He rushed out of his room, down the corridor, to his dad’s room, who was still sleeping. David woke him and showed him the note. “That’s nonsense! Just put it in the bin and go back to sleep!” was his reaction. David went back to his room and found everything messed up again, books all over the wooden floor and everything from the desk was also on the floor. There was a second note: “I did warn you!” and again, signed “Z”. He didn’t know what to do.

He wanted to run to his dad anew, but he knew he would just say the same thing again, so he sat down and thought about it. How could this letter have come into the room? Who wrote it? Why did that person write it? What should he warned of? There were just so many questions flowing through his mind. Maybe his friend wrote it, he thought, just to scare him and have a laugh. But how would he have gotten into the house? Where did he hide? How did he place the second letter on his desk so quickly without being noticed? He wished it was his friend because that would mean it wasn’t serious, but he knew that it couldn’t have been his friend. It had to be someone else, and he didn’t think that it was a trick. He sat there, on his bed, thinking about it for the next few minutes. He was scared, but he decided not to go to his dad’s room again, so he waited for the endless hours to pass.

Finally, his mum came into his room at about nine thirty. “Mum, when I woke up this morning, everything in my room was messed up and I found this letter on my desk. I woke dad to tell him about it but he just told me to shut up, when I came back there was this second letter!” David stuttered.

“You need to calm down now, you probably messed up your room yourself and forgot about it,” his mum said to him calmly.

“But mum, what about the letter? It can’t just appear there without anyone putting it there!” David replied to her, still scared.

“Probably someone is just pulling out a trick at you, just don’t worry about it,” she stood up and walked towards the door.

Fifteen minutes later he heard his mum’s voice calling him, “David, breakfast’s ready!” As he made his way downstairs, he heard something from his room; quickly he turned and started creeping towards his room. There was another sound, this time louder. When he reached his door, he slowly pulled the handle and pushed the door open. Nothing. Then, he took a look at his desk. There was a third note: “Looks like you can’t make anyone believe.” He grabbed the note and ran down the stairs to find his parents and sister already sitting at the round table enjoying their breakfast.

“Mum, Dad! Look! There’s another one!” His parents were staring at him as if he was crazy.

“Are you writing those letters yourself? Are you trying to trick us?” his dad questioned.

“No! Please believe me, I’m not doing this to you, someone is doing it to me!” he said with a scared look on his face.

“David, you’re starting to worry me. What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream or something?” his mum replied softly.

The conversation ended and David joined his family for breakfast.

After breakfast he went back upstairs, only to find another note: “Too late”. Now he was panic-stricken. He dashed down the stairs. “Mum, Mum!” He looked in the living room: no one there; in the kitchen: no one; the office room: no one. He went back upstairs and searched there, but couldn’t find anyone. He looked out the window to check if the car was still there. It was.

The house was empty, but the car still there. So he picked up the phone to call his mum, but the line was dead. He decided to go to his friend’s house just around the corner. He couldn’t. The door was locked; he tried the other doors, but in vain. He went for the windows – also sealed. He was about to throw a small table lamp at it, when there was a loud crashing sound from behind. He spun around….. That was all he remembered.

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