The Warrior Gods of Norse Mythology

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We have mythologies passed down to us from ancient religions, from all around the world. One of the richest mythologies we have is Norse mythology. These myths come from ancient Scandinavian clans, who are now known as the Vikings. These Norse people had their own gods and own philosophies, read on to find out a little more.


Mythology is a rich and vibrant subject, full of all kinds of fantastic stories. We have myths given to us by the ancient peoples of the world. Just like religion all over the world today gives us different angles of theological thought from different people's, so does mythology. In fact as far as I can tell mythology is just basically, ancient religion itself.

Norse Mythology

Many of today's religions such as the Hindu religion and Chinese religion, were started from the principles of their ancient mythologies. And one of the richest mythologies we have today is Norse mythology. These myths and stories were created and passed on to us by the Vikings. These were seafaring warriors who were thought to come from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Although it is said they viciously invaded other parts of Europe, including Britain.

It's funny how many peoples religions and mythologies often centre around ideas very closely related to their own cultures. With these ancient vikings being so warrior like, it is fitting that their gods would also have this image. The Norse people did believe in a race of gods and goddesses known as the Aesir, and these gods were known to be great warriors. There is always one mighty and powerful god in all religions and mythologies, and Norse myth is no exception. In Norse myth, Odin is the almighty powerful god who sits on his high throne called Lidskialf. From here he can see all, and keep an eye on the whole of the universe.

Norse Gods and Goddesses

It is said in ancient Norse myths that Odin often enjoys dressing himself up in desgiuse, then travels unnoticed through the world of humans. Most of the time in ancient myths the gods are immortal, but not in Norse myth. We know this because in one ancient Norse legend, Odin's son Baldur is actually killed by accident by a mistletoe.

As far as Norse warrior goddesses go, we have a couple of important one's to learn about. There is Frigg who is Odin's wife and a mother goddess with fertility powers, and a beautiful goddess named Freya who is the goddess of love. In the old testament in the bible we hear the term sons of god. Well in Norse myth we have the daughters of god, or the daughters of Odin. They were beautiful spirits named Valkyries, who would take the brave warriors who died in battle to Valhalla in Asgard which is Norse's eternal paradise. Some religions are still pulling this trick today and getting away with, paradise for those who die for the cause. Wake up please.

The Norse Spiritual War

In Norse myth it tells us of an old ancient spiritual war, where the Aesir the warrior gods fought against the fertility gods the Vanir. These two sides finally made peace when they came together in an alliance, in order to go against the giants. In Norse myth we have Tyr the son of Frigg and Odin. He was known as the god of war, only he was known to have only one hand after a monstrous wolf named Fenris bit off the other one.

The fertility god Njord was ruler of the Vanir, it is said that he was ruler of the sea's and winds. Mythology is an ancient subject, and not everyone knows how the world we live in today is often entangled with mythological ideas. I mean two of the names we give to our days are names of Norse gods. It is said that Wednesday is actually from the term Woden's day, and Woden was another name for Odin. And they say that Thursday is Thor's day, after Thor the Norse god of thunder.

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10th Jul 2015 (#)

very interesting article. I love reading about mythology.

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10th Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting Post. Blessings.

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7th Apr 2016 (#)

As a "viking" myself, I have always enjoyed reading about the Norse gods and goddesses. Good article.

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