The White Figure In My Bedroom

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I can feel if there is some ghostly presence and wake up crying. I can't explain but I feel it. And I foretell events. My friends think its cool! Just now I remember we were playing with Ouija board last night.

Starting from Bedroom

Ireally never thought to share an experience as I brushed off any strange events that happened to me as just a coincidence. But now I am startled or even amused that I had my first real experience of the unknown. First of all, I was always interested to find more about ghosts and strange happenings. Most of the time, I used to be alone since both my parents work. When I was about 14, I was sitting alone, tired after school. It was when something in the dining room caught my attention. I turned to see a negative image of 3 tribal kids, peeking from the wall, (where the door must be, but there is no door, left open). They were of ascending heights, so I could see each one's face clearly. It was only for a second but it is stillintact in my mind.Then as I grew up, I was more involved in studies and avoided solitude by being with friends. Now that I completed my degree, Iam interested in researching the supernatural. But honestly, I am afraid of ghostly creatures. One day, I saw a picture of a Daayan, with a description that reads"if this photo is seen after 12am, she will come and sit on your throat drinking blood for a week." Someone must have heard of it and I thought it was fake. When I saw, it was 12.30. Then I slept telling my mom also to see it and giggled. I had a dream of a beautiful boy smiling as if appealing to me. Daayans are usually shape-shifters and attract us. Then morning, I prayed to Kali as usual asking to protect me from her.Then one day, I slept late accidentally seeing the picture (Its in my phone). Two days after, yesterday, I went to bed switching off the light and closing the bedroom door. Our bedroom has a fullsize mirror near the door with a cupboard in the opposite side. When I closed the door, a little amount of light from hallway streaked in. Suddenly a white figure with clear features of a lady appeared in white behind me. I saw it in the mirror and turned to see but nothing there. I switched the lights on and still nothing.I inspected to see if it was my shadow or the closing of the door caused such appearance, but no possibilities were found. I fell asleep without giving it much thought. But now I think there is somethinghappening in our home.


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author avatar Grumpybear
13th Apr 2014 (#)

Be careful with studying these things. For your interest will invite demons into your life. Stay clear of the occult.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Apr 2014 (#)

I agree with the above comment as we can get obsessed with the occult - siva

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