The Wolf In The Snow

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Well, it is time - the time Marzeus knew would come. It is the day that Wolverine will play in the video Marzeus is making.

The Wolf In The Snow

Marzeus is expecting the worst - Wolverine will probably act impossible and be very difficult to handle. But, no use for tears now; just need to get it over and done with.

Marzeus is also making a video of his making of his video. So, he sets up a video camera in the bathroom where he is going to wash Wolverine in the bathtub. "Wish me luck, I'm going in!" he concludes his introduction on the video.

Though scared of water as dogs are known to be, and Marzeus getting wet all over, Wolverine is actually not that difficult.

What Marzeus finds interesting is that Wolverine's hair doesn't really become wet. Marzeus uses a lot of water on him, but Wolverine shakes once or twice and he feels dry again.

Finally Marzeus takes everything outside and films himself brushing Wolverine. The seasons are turning; it's becoming Summer and Wolverine has a lot of fine fluff that he is shaking, among his harder, darker Summer hair. The fluff stays behind in huge piles on the brush.

Everything went well so far. Then suddenly Wolverine decides he's had enough and tries to run away. Marzeus grabs him with one hand, whilst he's having a camera in the other hand as he was filming a close-up of his brushing Wolverine's fur. Wolverine growls and in the same motion bites Marzeus's hand to get it off him. Marzeus lets Wolverine go.

The bite is very painful. It was so quick yet the teeth left holes in his hand and wrist, and blood gushes to the surface. Marzeus is extremely angry and wants to go kick Wolverine, but he doesn't. Instead he just washes the wounds and puts antiseptic ointment on it.

He looks all over for Wolverine. Finally he finds Wolverine on Father and Mother's new porch, under the built-in barbeque. Wolverine is growling and still wants to bite Marzeus. But eventually Marzeus's got Wolverine in his arms and carries him off to finish up. Waldorf sees Marzeus carrying Wolverine and thinks that maybe something is wrong, but Marzeus quickly tells him what's up.

Then Marzeus carries the heavy dog all the way to his studio. On his way he sees Casimir and Casimir offers to help. First Marzeus says no-thank you, but after putting Wolverine in the studio, Marzeus realizes that it might actually help him a lot, so he goes back to call Casimir.

They film Wolverine on the blue-screen. Came out rather well. Marzeus will change this footage to footage of Wolverine in the snow.

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