The Wolf of Wall Street

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My life is an exact reflection of the incidents that occurred during this movie and some of that money made at Wall Street trickled down in to the race track


I was working at Belmont Park and drugs were running rapid on the backside at Belmont Park and everywhere else in the Metropolitan area including the heroin that was smuggled into the States in coffins of the dead en route back to the United Sates and of course the cocaine the was continually flowing from coast to coast and my then juvenile boyfriend, heir apparent to the racing throne, none other than the son of Hall of Fame trainer Larry S Barrera, my boyfriend. I would never perceive the degenerate this beloved person would evolve into, as i watched the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio i couldn't help thinking about my tumultuous relationship with Larry.

Like a scene out of a movie

Our life mirrored several scenes from sensational drug movies that were filmed during this period of time in the United Stated, the movie Blow took place during this time frame and so did the American Gangster and Larry was involved with both lethal drugs,heroin and cociane, Zebra's Larry called them, the new hip, slick and cool trendy terms referring to the life he lead, the only thing that saved me was my mighty love for the horses. As you can see we were a very sexy and well matched couple but eventually the drugs got out of hand, as for the Quaalude's, or more commonly referred to Lemons, the real thing 714's mixed with a cocktail of booze and cocaine made for a very interested party that always lasted into the wee hours of the morning and ended up with a lot of bruises but not because of anything Larry did to me, no it was because i was so high i stumbled around banging into things and was so wasted I didn't feel a thing or remember a thing, I often found myself slipping away early because I still needed some rest if i was going to gallop horses in the morning but not Larry, he never got up before 9 am 0r 10 at the absolute earliest.

The Quaalude Queen

Yeah like the movie there was the Quaalude King but in reality at the race track the was a Quaalude Queen and her name was Debbie MaCallister, her nickname was Pizza Face on account of her face was covered with pot marked from the acne she had as an adolescent, even without her lumpy skin she was still ugly but she had a product everybody wanted, once I was so upset about a fight I had with Larry and ate 5 Quaalude's in a very short time and left my basement apartment in Elmont, New York and fell or stumbled up my concrete stairs, from my knees to my ankles were covered with blood but no worries I didn't feel a thing and then poof, now you couldn't find a Quaalude if your life depended on it, but for awhile they were all the rage. All of this went on for a couple of years, it was like the thing to do and well everybody was doing it just like that movie brought back so many memories , for Christ sakes , the dam Concorde flew over my apartment every morning at 8 AM sharp, I took it for granted and it was just so damn loud there were special restrictions when it could land at JFK. I know this things because they were part of my every day life, to be continued !

Albert Barrera

Albert is Larry's older brother who also trained horses if you want to call it that and he did have a several promising individuals including Pass the Tab, a horse that ran in the Kentucky Derby the same year Larry ran his useful colt by Nashua, Flying Nashua but that had to be the worst field of three year olds in thye history of the Kentucky derby and what are the chances of two brothers both running for the Roses during the same year, but to no avail because it was won by a son of His Majesty, sired by the great Ribot, Pleasant Colony who was then trained by JP Campo, fortunately that young colt was trained O,D Lee as a two year old but the Buckland farm colts trainer was replaced by Campo after the colt showed some promise in races prior to the derby, if John Campo would have trained the colt as a two year old he would have never made the derby, I ought to know since I worked for Mr. Campo twice and knew what went on under his shedrow, it was not pretty, the horses practically slept of the floor boards the cover the bottom of their stalls and Pleasant Colony side developed a permanent scar of his hip resulting from the lime the grooms use on the bottom of the stalls before the are bedded down with fresh straw. As for Albert, he was just as bad as his younger brother, fast horses and fast women, he eventually married a beautiful girl that loved him very much but like his brother Larry it didn't matter to him much but a beautiful child resulted from their brief union, Claudia Barrera, she never really knew her mother Liz Henderson who died sadly from a drug overdose and a broken heart after Albert ran astray with multiple liaisons with other women including myself. Albert drug habits were just as bad as his young brother except for one major deadly substance, HERION, some how Albert managed to avoid that lethal substance but everything else was fair game. Then there was his owner, Glen Laken, who in fact was a stock broker on Wall Street, he lived just over the George Washington Bridge linking New Jersey to New York. the last descent horse Albert trained for Mr. Laken was a horse called Perceived Arrogance, he was a grand looking individual and in the right hands could have amounted to something but with Albert making the decisions this fine looking specimen was doomed, I still remember how great looking this promising colt was one afternoon as he was on his way to the paddock at Hollywood Park. The Laken's were very much part of the cocaine scene and his wife earned the nickname "The Hoover" because you put anything under her nose she'd suck it up, wow! The whole thing feel apart, everybody dispersed and went different directions, Larry ran away to New York for awhile still continuing and pursuing his lust for the heroin he was now addicted to and then Florida, the last time our paths crossed was in New York but he was definitely to cool for me and of course I wasn't sticking around and be tempted into his life of debauchery, the years passed and occasionally I heard bits of this or that about people who have been fucked over or robbed by Larry for what else drug money, like Steve Young who gave him a job only to have Larry give information away to another trainer, like the trainer Mike Mitchel, a long time friend of Larry's but another trainer that loves to tap and dope his horses but not for much longer because Mike is on death's door too having brain surgery recently and a seizure in the paddock several months ago, I guess it's just the Fates putting their lives in perspective ?


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