The Working Ghosts

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Is your company paying for workers who are not working for you? How do you make sure it does not happen to you?

The Working Ghosts

The French bastards had their rig built
in the U.S.
They paid USD over 400 millions
They never said it was expensive
Now they build it
in Asia for only USD 340 millions
And they complain every day that
it is cheaper to have the rig built
in the U.S.A.
The above was the comment from the
Asian local construction manager.


The truth was
there were working ghosts
on board the rig.
Each worker on board has a brass left at the entrance
to the rig
But there were more brasses than workers!
The poor French paid for the workers who did not
turn up to work!

For some reason,
the client kept quiet for some time
A day came when the client could not
tolerate it any more
Each day two officers were stationed
at the entrance and exit
The contractors were paid for only
the number of workers who came in to work

This hurt the swindler intensely
He could not stand it any more
He blamed the China-men
For stealing the expensive valves,
the cheap piping gaskets, the bolts and nuts,
the paper cups, sugar, coffee
toilet papers, and so on.
Many China-men were removed from the rig
His own brothers were recruited
This time there was no more China-men
to be the scapegoats,
The company engineers had to work
for the projects which had been paid
to the main contractor,
The main con saved millions of dollars
Those engineers who refused
would be terminated
because he had a big brother in
the HR
The truth was revealed
The big brother had to leave
the manager too had to leave

So my friends
Beware, your enemies
may come from the most unexpected corner
Among your own brothers!

The same trick was done somewhere else
This time a few workers were given
Many cards to scan
They scanned on-behalf
of those who were working in other companies
Company A paid for these working Ghosts
The taking from these Ghosts would be shared
Among the managers, superintendents etc

Some employers thought they were smart
They placed machines that scanned the
little fingers
of the workers when they came in to work
and when they knock off for the day
Not knowing that Mr. A can come in
to scan the finger in the morning
goes to work for another company
on temporary basis
and return to scan his
little finger again
at 10.00 pm !


You may move to
the next company and continue your
fantastic tricks
How many times can you move?
How long can you cheat?
Isn’t honesty still
the best policy ?

Envy and rancor are destroying you every day
Coupled with greed,
the money you cheat
won’t be enough to buy the medicines
you shall need !

( END )

Copyright © 2006 Poh Tiong Ho


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