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Tells about the story of people seeking jobs online, being hired, worked and handful of experience with employers..

The Writing Jobs

Online jobs are very prevalent nowadays. People like myself tend to try it out. Not because all of us had been educated to write and has the basic know-how when it comes to writing, with diplomas to serves as credentials. Writing is like story-telling but instead of listening to every word, it is being read. A job seeker or a fortune hunter might try this out, get hired and work hard even in the wee hours of any day but a guaranteed pay is not always secured. You might get a contract from anyone who wants certain information; a story, any content that you can accomplished within the agreed date. Inexperienced writers, like myself, can be lured into false promises of a nice pay and a decent contract. But it cannot give us the assurance of being paid as agreed upon. Some employers will help you through out the project and pay you for the job. Some will let you go on by yourself with some instructions and be answering few queries but pay you afterwards. And some will just hire you; as you to send the files and then won’t be around to pay you. There are lots of platforms; online agencies that can help you find job and clients yet there are also certain limitations of what they can do for you. They can’t help you if a client decided not to pay you after a work is done. As simple as that. This are just few of the dilemmas of being a freelance-fixed priced writer.

Not all people are lucky enough to find a decent employer; a decent salary plus a decent contract. It’s like a haggling game where every one of you wants to nail the same job at the same time. Your only key to have the chance is to bid a lower budget and a content that you know can best describe your skill. Anyhow, if you were given the opportunity you must always have to prove that your next article, whatever the content might be can be is better than the last one to secure a much better chance of being hired the next time they will be needing someone for a writing job and to acquire a star rating based on the kind of work you can deliver. Sounds like an arcade game, huh. But kidding aside, this are some of the things that i have observed while on a job hunt.

Knowing how to express your mind is one thing but knowing the business and how it works is something that you need to learn along the process. As for myself, i have found out that i still need to know a lot of things within this circle if i want to survive. Luckily, i have some friends that guides me along the way. I was really itching to do a job and unwittingly grab the first contract that came my way, sealed the contract without really checking the verification of the client made by the agency. Grinning from ear to ear with high hopes of helping out my family. Made some articles and was just about to send it when my friends told me not to push through the contract and politely end it, that this people used to hire someone then don’t pay them afterwards. One of my friend has experienced it herself. It was a ill-mannered scheme from my point of view, oh well, people are people, no matter where they came from.

I have acquired a new contract and just about to finish it so to speak. Actually, it could have been finished last week but i have encountered a problem with my Internet provider. Anyway, to cut the long story short, a freelance online writer must know how to handle a contract, take time to consider the offer first, as it has 24 hours validity that gives you a moment to think. Review the manual first, if your agency provides them. Learn to read some feedback’s about the employers you are applying to, by doing so, it can provide you some tips on how to deal with them. Take time to ask some friend if a job in progress is a real job in progress or it had been considered ended before you know it, but i guess the agency will informed you if the client decided on it. Do not mind being not hired at once, as a friend told me, never be hasty. for some it takes time to acquire a job but end up having the best one. Find a website that can serve as a platform, such as this one to hone your skill and to give you additional idea on what people really need. The number of people who read your articles best describe what people really needs to know. It also gives you the idea of what kind of market you can best deal with and where you still need to improve.
Online writing job is not a secure office to work in, after all, this is the cyber-world and just like in the real world, it is also a dangerous place, for it is made of people too. Our ability to deal with people around this premises is always on the “TRUST-BASIS”, they entrust us to do some work for them and we in return trust them to comply with the agreed contract. Any how, be it on the positive note or on the losing end, never stop from writing. Most especially if its really part of your dreams. Obstacles; frustrations, and failures makes success even more sweeter.
So, for newbies like me, never aim too high; never stoop down so low. Stay grounded and please never park your pens even when it bumps on sloppy roads and hurdles of mistrust. The world is full of beautiful things and your mind is a field of thoughts that needs to written..

Happy Scribbling!


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