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This tells you about the recent attitudes of the youth which is not good for the society . They have become lazy dont want any good for the society but there are some of who want some good for the society.....


Everybody believe that Youth are the Future and yes , I do believe that as well because they are the people who are gonna build the future with their ideas which are getting nurtured right now . There has been enough technology that has the potential of being big in the next generation and that would only be done by the current Youth ! The country is currently trying its best to teach everyone so that everyone right now can become an asset and make the Future World more liveable than right now . But Observing the recent trends and up growth of so many companies , The Youth ought to have changes . Therefore , the needs of them have significantly changed and increased whether they are good or bad for them .

There have been companies which have grown out popular than before and so their popularity amongst the people has increased and they have become the latest trend . The companies like Roadster , Aeropostale , H&M have grown so popular that people tend to buy their stuffs . The Youth forces their parents to have them buy so that they can live with the trend and live upto the expectations of their friends while also maintaining a status among the people around them . Sometimes , The things are so expensive that the parents are unable to buy them . But this makes them feel that their parents are not supportive and dont let them buy anything . They feel sad and feel guilty over having parents like these . They now wont talk to them and give rude answers back to them . The parents though try to keep the child in comfort zone , they will keep trying to make them understand but they wont ! Such has been the recent attitude of the Youth !

While if the thing is bought to them , They will get happy and ask for more . Due to this , The demands never get over as they grow into numbers as soon as a demand is said !

If their friends have something that they dont , then they want that as well . They want everything what is not with them but with others . It is good to buy the things provided that it would a productive buy . It must have an utility and only then its a productive buy otherwise it has no use and a waste of money , of course . Once they have used it for a while and are satisfied with its use , they will keep them aside and treat them like old stuffs which are not to be used . They will ask something else as to get an alternative .

With each day passing , The so-called ‘ Youths ‘
List doesn’t end . On each weekend , They need food from outside . They want the food from restaurants and fill their stomach with that food . Eating them once a week is fine , but not 3-4 times . They get addicted to restaurants food and forget about the nutritious food made at home by their mother . While their Mother is cleaning the house , they are not interested even in lending a hand . They are busy in their phones and become lousy .

Having said that Youth has taken an unexpected Turn in their lives by becoming what the society doesn’t want them to be , Their are some Youth which look promising and have some objective in their mind . These make time – tables and follow them strictly so to succeed in life . They don’t just lurk around and try to do productive and useful things with the time they have got . Time is precious and for them it’s very important as they try to do everything in time so to avoid any problems. They have managed to live their life themselves independently . They are supportive and caring . They have some dreams which they want to become true and so they work had to pursue them . They keep themselves clean and the area in which they are living in . And , Yes they are the ones which the society aspires the Youth to be !

I , Myself get frustrated seeing children getting angry on their parents and throw their each and every demand hoping them to get fulfilled .I also suggest that keeping yourself clean and your surroundings will help you create a better society for everybody to live in . I just want to create awareness so that the Youth get to learn and change their routine and lifestyle for good until its too late .

Make right decisions at the right time unless you regret not making them !

See you in the next Blog !


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Very well written

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