The approach to motivation.

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Motivation is a warrior with a quietest voice roaring loudest from inside the heart, Motivation is the spark that infuse excitement, with an intense desire to be rewarded in the value of our expectation. These factors are reasons why a person behaves in a particular way.

The force for good

Critical approaches to motivation can be summed up in the evaluation of our performance, using the scale of different instruments to test the viability for motivation, and look at the characteristics required for motivation. These two approaches will assist us in the assessment of motivation. And help to construct a clearer picture.
First of all what is motivation?

Motivation is the energy needed to stimulate our impulse in achieving a personal goal. It is an active goad to spur our respond in fulfilling desire or dreams, and motivation can be called upon whenever we need arises. But it really depends how important those needs are. Motivation is a force for good, it can bring faith healing and inspiration enlightenment.

Motivation is said to be the behavior and energy which is intrinsically link to higher ambitions. Goal setting requires motivation, to reach our targets requires motivation, to get people to participate in your vision, requires motivation, and you will need to look at different ways to motivate different people. For some individuals may not be motivated by money, but by a certain position and power, which in turn they know will bring money and status. So we may need to use our influence to involve them in the work of the Lord.

Then Saul's anger was kindled against Jonathan, and he said unto him, Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman, do not I know that thou hast chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion,1 Samuel 20:30
If king Saul was motivate by anger, the root of his emotions resides in fear, he had a terrible fear of people and he faced an uncertain future. His resentment seemed to be directed at the son of Jesse. His fierce anger made his princely son Jonathan got up and left the table without eating a morsel.

I believe King Saul did not understand the reason why he was pursing the life of David, who did him no harm. A person will discover what is right for themselves through a right relationship with God, daily bible study and prayer is a reasonable motivation to grow deeper in the ministry.

Motivation requires preparation, a person’s state of mind must be changed, and this can be done in prayer or through the reading of the word, and you don’t set off until you have an idea where you are going.

What is the motivation in the Christian believer , people are motivated when they are convinced that they are doing the right thing, some may have an eager act to reach their goal, while others move slower, eventually edging closer to their goal regardless of what others may think or say.

Some may need support and encouragement to go on, others for their own reasons may be motivated but not according to what is taken for granted, they will manipulate the situation to convince people that their goals are correct.

People who are self-motivated often can do great exploits, without being push by others, they have a deeper sense of responsibility in knowing how far they can go by taking ownership of the goals they want to achieve, and no amount of discouragement can put them off.

Motivation is the spark that infuse excitement, with an intense desire to be rewarded in the value of our expectation. These factors are reasons why a person behaves in a particular way. For example an athlete train extra hard because they want to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games, they want to be on the podium in a glorious contest receiving their merit.


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wonderful take on motivation, i loved it!

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