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This article is about prayer and praying.

Prayer has great power. Love has greater power.

When the two are combined, we will find that our prayers are always answered then, by God's unlimited power operating for us then in our own lives.

Collective and individual prayer

Jesus taught us best how to pray collectively when he gave us his, "The Lord's

How should we pray individually though?

Can the holy spirit help us in our praying?

Are we really remaining empty without our creating a channel with our prayers to allow God's fullness of love to come into us and to fill us in a way that no other way can fill us with this living water that he provides to us, when we ask it of him?

Prayer also exists on all of the higher planes, including in Heaven, as a language of love that the angels speak wordlessly to each other. Prayer is best spoken from the heart in this way, but of course Jesus did show us all how to speak it from our mind as well.

Pray for help in your living. Pray for strength in your loving.

Pray for blessings of peace to live in you, and finally pray for temptations to be conquered by the will of God showing you the right way to go past them.

"Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays."

This is a quote from the Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, (1813 to 1855).

Not taking anything away from the sentiment of this quote, I have a feeling though that our prayer is that strong that it can even change God.

"Ask, and it shall be given, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find," says the Christian bible, in Saint Matthew's gospel, chapter 7, verse 7.

Prayer changes everything, perhaps even including God.

Prayer and love

Power is an attribute of love.

This is not so readily seen when it is being viewed from the power aspect of love, but it is more apparent when the love is being placed first.

Love is always first of course, but power when disassociated from love can corrupt the user towards sin. This happens when they try to be the power itself, and so usurp authority from God by diverting his power that is in love, away from that same love, for their own gains.

Prayer wakes you up to this by reconnecting you to God in a powerful new way by re-establishing the love linkage between you and God.

This love linkage is what brings God to you and you to God.

The great power of this connection being made and reinforced by prayer should never be overlooked, nor should it ever be taken for granted, or ever underestimated.

Prayers bring you God's blessings as much as you pray with a faith that allows this blessing to be received. Otherwise prayer remains only just an empty vessel.

A prayer has no meaning or strength to it if it is being submitted without faith, and without the accompanying trust in the connection that is being made to God, whenever you pray.

What cements this connection is God's love for you, and your inner feeling of this love for yourself. When you feel this immense love of God's for you, the second step, or perhaps it is better described as being a realisation, is in knowing that this love could only be coming to you from God.

Every person has a soul, and their soul also prays to God from its own position.

If you pray from your heart, your heart will align your prayer with your soul, and with your soul's prayers, and then your mind itself simply only fills in the words, instead of trying to manufacture them from out of itself, for its own purposes.

The best form of prayer has no words at all, but is simply the feeling of love for God that exudes from a loving heart, and this is why the first command of Jesus was to love God with your whole person.

Power and prayer

Has prayer got any power in itself or of itself, and if so where does its power really
come from?

The power in anything is always put there by God. All power is God's power.

The power within words are established by the make-up of the words, and so the words that you use can add to the power of the prayer, because they become vehicles for you to fill with your love. On the other hand though, the words carry no power of their own, except that for what you fill them up with.

This is the same with prayer.

Prayer is a connection to God that strengthens when you strengthen it, and lessens when you do nothing to strengthen it. It must be maintained by constant renewal by sending love to the maker through serving him in this way.

Prayer is serving God in that it allows God to serve you.

This paradoxical nature of prayer is that it has power because power travels along it to you coming to you from God, and God fills you with his power, just as much as you maintain your end of the connection by your praying faithfully to him.

God's love lives perfectly at all times in all people, including you.

When this is not seemingly occurring for you, it is because you are not following love.

This means that you are not allowing this love to live fully within you, and that you are trying to live from your own limited mind power all alone. You are blocking or restricting God's love flowing through you in some way, or another.

Prayer is a powerful connecting tool that allows love to enter you from God.

This happens during prayer because you are a part of God that can focus all of God through yourself by being yourself in God. Prayer is the focussing agent that allows this to happen for you.

The power of prayer is that it allows us to know God by coming closer to him when we pray. When we pray from our hearts, this moves us, or encourages us in a way to live the rest of our lives from our hearts then as well.

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author avatar WOGIAM
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you for sharing this article, I always ask God to teach me how to pray, not focussed on myself but as he wants me to pray.

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author avatar spirited
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

thanks WOGIAM

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author avatar Helen Thomas
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks ~ Spirited ~ for sharing this. As you probably know by now, prayer is one of my favorite activities and I enjoy the exchange immensely.

I agree that prayer is essential if we intend to allow God's fullness of love to come into us and to fill us in a way that others cannot.

From personal experience, I know without a doubt ~ that God ~ Who is Love ~ wants to fill us with His Living Water so that His Love can flow out of us to others.

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author avatar spirited
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Helen,

Yes, only God can supply us with this living water, prayer connects us to his stream.

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