The beauty of failure.

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A little reminder that we all have trials and tribulations, times when we feel less than accomplished.

Sometimes we fail.

I have no memory of falling over, getting back to my feet, taking a few uncertain steps, then falling again. It is not because of a particularly raucous, alcohol fuelled night out, nor was my mind addled by perception altering drugs. The reason I have no recollection of falling over and getting up repeatedly is: 1.) it was a very long time ago and 2.) everyone who ever learned to walk has had the same experience and I doubt they could recall it.
At whatever age one may have taken those first tentative steps, even with the most molly coddling and attentive parents, it was inevitable that you were going to fail, thus fall. but unless you are still crawling around on all fours to this day, you tried to get up and walk, again and again. Back then, as a toddler, you were encouraged in your endeavours, so the fear of failure never entered your mind. At such a young age one’s determination to achieve a seemingly impossible - walking, talking! - is not influenced by fear. It is driven by desire, a wanting to do; to walk, to communicate better. Once those basic skills are mastered, especially the art of communication, the ability to understand, life changes. Your wants become tempered by your fears. Fear of pain and/or suffering is a reasonable and, in a lot of instances, sensible response for many challenges in life. Though a more common fear, is fear of failure. In our public relations driven “everybody loves a winner” world, more and more people fear failing. Peer groups, relatives, other people whom you don’t even know, societal expectations constrict and suppress. What is so bad about failing? The human being is a learning, adapting animal. Failing is a natural part of any learning process. Whether it be in business, sport or play, failure is the flip side of success. No successful person ever achieved anything worthwhile without failing en route. Remember, everything is perspective.


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