The boy who couldn't share

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This is a short rhyming story about a little boy that couldn't share his toys. I have only just started writing children's stories and would really appreciate any comments. Thank you

The Little Boy Who Could Not Share

Once there lived a boy named Harry

He was a rather spoilt and greedy boy,

He lived in a mansion with his mother and father

on the outskirts of Illinois,

They took spoilt Harry to the toy store every week,

To shower the little boy with gifts and sweets.

They spent half their hard earned wages out the bank.

On the little rascal that never said Thanks.

Now Harry's bedroom looked like Aladdin's cave,

Every gift and toy any child could crave,

Comics, Robots, Trucks and Cars,

And a cupboard laced with chocolate bars.

Lego bricks, board games and a scooter,

a skateboard, a guitar and three new computers.

Surely there was no more this boy could need,

But his mother and father fed his greed!

Until one sunny day,

Harry's friend Anne came round to play.

Anne's eyes lit up bright with joy,

when she see the room of the spoilt little boy.

She sat down straight away,

She got out all the

toys to so she could play.

Harry was a spoilt and greedy boy

Didn't want to share his toys,

He snatched off Anne before she got a look

A teddy bear and a comic book.

Really not understanding why,

Little Anne began to cry.

Along came Harry's mum,

Told off Harry and She smacked his bum.

She pointed at Harry and then she screeched.

That's it my boy you're having no more sweets.

You are a spoilt naughty boy,

I'm taking all of your gifts and toys,

I shall give them all to the poor orphan boys.

Before harry had pause for thought,

she gathered up all the toys she'd brought.

She filled up over twenty bags

Some toys even still had their tags.

Harry began to stomp and moan,

But his mother didn't care for his tone.

That it! she cried

I've had enough,

She grabbed the spoilt boy up by the scruff,

She put him in the car and drove

To sixty- two elm-wood grove.

she gave all the twenty bags

To the poor little orphan lads

The poor lads must of landed on their feet,

With all the new toys, gifts and sweets.

This lesson was the best she'd taught

Leaving Harry with food for thought,

Harry didn't get taken toy store the next week,

He didn't get brought new toys, gifts or sweets.

Harry's room which now looked bare.

All because the little boy could not share !


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