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A smart child tries to throw his fear and taste curiosity. However, he lands deep into the mouth of trouble!

A crooked bridge

We lived on the outskirts of a forest.Wild fruits and woody shrubs seemed to be an integral part of our family.
Living beyond limits was my dream. Unfortunately,because of my parents over protective nature I could not fulfil my wish.But no,once I had a chance.Though it was adventerous,but it could prove to be deadly,if that crooked bridge had not helped me.
Another route to enter the forest was through a bridge.It was old and held in place by fragile ropes.Nobody had opted for this way,not because of its odd appearance,but off the eerie enviornment created by the presence of deadly animals.I always fantasised this route,but we children were forbidden to take its name even!
Breaking all rules,I left for The Forbidden Route. The creaking sound produced by my footsteps frightened me at first.My heart thumped so loudly ,as if trying to brek free of my chest.My senses began to numb.Still I was putting one step in front of another.Was it my curosity that was leading me or something else?
Somehow I got a grip on myself.The chirping of hidden birds and the fragnance of wild flowers,helped me to become familiar with the appealing nature surrounding that bridge.Certainly that bridge was a serious drawback in a perfect painting.Quickly i went to explore.The sense of victory and freedom made me to forget about the thicket of trees which was becoming dense.I spotted a hut and a rasping cough.
Before I could approach I sensed a rustling behind.I turned my head in slow motion,preparing myself for an encounter.Everything seemed to be as it was,except a huge head protruding from a hollow tree.I braced myself and ran in full speed.The hissing behind me proved that it was a hungry snake! I ran in a zig-zag path,wishing to avoid that snake,whenever I entangled myself with hanging branches.After much running,I reached the bridge.Luck did not favour me this time,because the snake jabbed me hard at the back,shoving me.I fell with force,tearing the patch of wood and into the fast flowing lake.
I managed to get out with great difficulty. Glancing back,I found that my enemy was gone.However this incident did not lower my morale. Hurrying towards home I thought 'Definitely i'l come back to see the person living in that hut;But ofcourse with a smart weapon and a planned pursuit.And through the good old bridge and itno the forest again!


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
2nd Jul 2012 (#)

What a story! Thank you for sharing.

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