The chronicles of Pidgy the dove

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May he fly around in the heavens forever, my feathered friend, symbol of peace.


A lot of pigeons sleep on Tower Mansion's roof. Every early morning I come out of Tower Mansion into the garden, there's a rumbling like the world is ending, as the whole sworm of doves take off at the same time, flapping their wings hastily at the same time.

These seem to be racing doves, because they have manmade blue rings attached to their feet, like racing doves usually do.

Mister Specter, our servant, loves to catch them and take them home. I assume it is to cook them and eat them, although he always tells me it's "for the children back home".


My new feathered friend

But one day after he has caught one, I ask him to let me have this one. I keep it in my walk-in chicken cage.

After some months of the dove living with the chickens and guinea-fowl, I decide that it shall no longer be useless. I need to find a use for it.

So I name it Pidgy, and one Sunday afternoon I tie a long string to the ring around it's leg and take it along on Majesty and I's walk. I want him to become used to taking walks with us, and when we return he can go back to the cage.

At first, Pidgy wanted to fly away all the time, but he only got as far as the string would allow.

I name a dam after my new flying friend

We walk all the way to a dam in the river. The dam is made by damming up water by a corogated iron and cement wall.

I decide to name the dam Dove Dam.

Majesty and I take a swim in Dove Dam, while Pidgy sits on the dam wall, his string tied to a tree nearby. The long string allows him to walk up and down the wall. It would appear Pidgy is becoming tame now. I'm so glad.

Fun fact: Doves can swim, just like ducks!

I wonder if doves can swim. I catch Pidgy and carefully place him on top of the water. And what do ya know, he swims like a duck! I didn't know pigeons can swim!

He swims back to the wall and then I put him in the water again and he swims back to the wall again, like a duck. How cool!

So is Pidgy our friend now?

When the three of us have had our swim, we start walking back home. Pidgy seems so tame now and used to our company; I wonder if he will still try to flee if I let him free. Will he stay with us?

I decide to use a rock to cut the string shorter, so that only about 3 metres of string remain around his leg.

I'm very curious what he would do if I let him free now. Will he stay with us, or will he fly back home to his cage, or will he simply fly away to get away from us? Maybe we're friends now?

I throw him up into the air and he starts flapping his wings and flying. I'm curious what he would do now.

Unfortunately he flies too low over a barbwire fence, and the string gets caught on it and Pidgy has to land right there.

Okay, now I still don't know if he would have flown away or stayed with us.

I go free the string from the fence, and throw Pidgy up into the air again.

This time he gets caught on a tree. Dang.

Okay, I need to walk a bit on to a place where there are no obstacles, and then throw Pidgy up really high, if I'm going to get my answer.

I do that indeed.

The disappearance of Pidgy

This time Pidgy flies in the same direction as the previous times, and gets enough altitude not to get caught on anything.

But he keeps flying and flying until he disappears in the distance.

Oh no. I'm so disappointed.

And worried too - what if he gets caught on something again? Will he stay trapped and die from hunger or thirst, or be eaten by a carnivore?

But maybe he went home to his cage. Majesty and I walk home, always looking for Pidgy.

At home, he's not there. Looks like Pidgy really fled from us.

In the coming week, we go search for him some more, checking fences and trees in the vicinity. Nothing. Nada. Pidgy is gone.

Pidgy has come home!

By Thursday I suddenly see through the window of my room in Tower Mansion, that one of our American Pitbull Terriers (dogs) have a pigeon in its mouth.


I go outside quickly and fortunately I'm in time to save the dove from the beast's mouth.

I check it's leg. Around the ring around its leg, there is a piece of string. The string somehow broke off about a centimetre from the dove's leg.

So this is Pidgy, confirmed! I was so happy. Pidgy must indeed have come back to us, seeing us as his friends, and seeing our home as his home.

I was very happy.

I took him back to the chicken cage. Thank you for coming back, Pidgy!

A tragic end for Pidgy

Next day after school, I go to see Pidgy.

It's not a nice sight to behold: Pidgy is dead with a brick on his back.

The brick came from the top of the little compartments made for the chickens out of bricks and asbestos, with bricks on top to keep the sheet of asbestos, which serves as the roof, in place.

I don't know if the bigger birds had a fight, or if the wind did something, or if the hand of man was involved, but somehow one of the bricks holding the roof in place, flew off and killed Pidgy.

Sigh... I'll never have any friends :( See more on


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