The day Nelson Mandela died

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So where were you when Nelson Mandela died? I was sleeping I think, or still watching TV, about to go to bed afterwards. Then broke the next morning...

Mandela was such a great man. WAS.

It's time to wash Majesty.

Usually when I wash Majesty, I turn on the radio too.

While I'm washing Majesty, Gary Player is talking on the radio. He's praising and deifying Nelson Mandela from the sound of it.

And then, suddenly I hear him say something about what a great man Mandela "was".


What does he mean was? Mandela is still alive! We all know that. Yes, this past year he was a few times in hospital and people wondered if he was going to die, but he pulled through as far as we know.

No more Mandela

The more I listen however, the more it sounds like people are talking about a dead man.

But how on earth could I have missed it? Surely it would have been breaking news on TV and radio when it happened. When could something like this have happened?

So after I finished washing Majesty, I go to my office and have a look on the internet for the news.

Oh dear. It did happen. And the reason I didn't even know, was because it happened late at night last night, when people were already in bed. Apparently two hours after it happened, current "president" Jacob Zuma had made the official announcement in the hour before midnight.

So, it has finally happened.

Psychological effect

It feels to me like all the familiar is dying away.

Probably because of Auntie Marriene also dying; somebody that was also always just there.

They kinda make up the characters in life that is familiar to you.

And now, she's gone, and Nelson Mandela, somebody who become like one of the characters you'd associate with South Africa, is no longer part of anything.

He's gone and dead.

People get sick of having forced Mandela tributes rammed down their throats

Over the next few days, radio and television can broadcast nothing else but Mandela tributes.

It doesn't take long before people have had their fill of it. On RSG (radio station), the announcers have regularly read many of the text messages and emails that listeners send in. However, one morning one of them says he can't read these he has in front of him because they are too "rude". People have gotten fed up with nothing but Mandela glorification every minute of the day, instead of their regular programming.

I must say, I have nothing against these tributes, but I am afraid if I have to be honest, it's starting to feel very forced and exaggerated. I mean a day after his death, you'd expect it. Maybe even a second day. Or a third day. But now, it has already happened more than a week ago, and the morbid depressing Mandela's death news being rammed down our throats 24/7 is starting to become burdensome.

It's not long before I also don't turn the radio on anymore, and change the channel whenever more Mandela glorification pieces come on TV.

I liked Mandela the person. I really don't like all the hype and deifying that other people blast out about him.

So when will the ANC stop playing government? Will it be soon now that the Mandela cult celebrity no longer exist?

Anyway, Mandela will be buried in the town of his birth, Qunu, this coming Sunday the 15th of December 2013. At the moment, he's on view to the public at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

A chapter of South Africa feels like it's over. And with Mandela dead and the ANC now more of a criminal mafia under the leadership of the corrupt Jacob Zuma, it feels like their time is also coming to an end.

Osborn for example this morning, was telling me all joyfully about how Jacob Zuma was booed by the crowds at the Memorial service for Nelson Mandela. Yep, it's obvious now that although 20 years ago black people were led to believe that the ANC is the best thing since sliced chicken soup, they now want a government that is selected to govern on actual merit instead of "political correctness".

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