The day so far

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Nothing can beat to being at peace with oneself, because being alone can be a lot more productive.

The day so far

It´s nearly eleven. It´s already dark, but there´s still dim daylight on the sky. It´s been a gorgeous one -sunny and warm, although, somewhat breezy in the morning.
It´ s been polling day for the EU Parliament, but of all the parliaments ever invented, this one is really a puppet one. The European Commision are the ones to decide on major issues and they go their way, apart from what they represent European soverignty.
It was quiet in the polling station and there seemed not to be any trouble.
On leaving the polling station, the day was still warm and sunny, so, it was time for cool beer, sitting at a table outside the bar.
Back home, I had lunch and I put myself to write a couple of columns here and at my other site.
I wonder what the results of the election are like and I might as well have a quick look at the newspapers.
Time to be in quietude till it´s time to call it a day.
I had to return a book in the library, before the date to return was overdued and they blocked my account. They won´t fine us, which is a good thing, but if one´s returning books late, they´ll block one´s account for as many days as it´s been delayed. I got two more novels and this time they´re by George Simenon. Good read, I´d say, and this is the next good thing to do -to get engrossed till it´s time to switch off the light.
They say that we´ve to be in peace with ourselves, if we´re to enjoy staying with on our own and that being on one´s own can be very productive if we know how to use our own time to our advantage. It´s truth, because there´s nothing worse than feeling lonely when staying with someone.
It´s nearly half past eleven. Here it´s time to rest, read a book or go to bed while in other places, they´re probably getting up to indulge in a good breakfast. Here it´s dark already and bit chilly, I´d say while in other places, it´s already daylight and the sun is already starting to warm up the gardens and the windowsills.
Time to call it a day and it´s been a pleasant one, I´d say. Nothing can beat as being at peace with oneself.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th May 2014 (#)

To be alone and find peace is a great feeling - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
27th May 2014 (#)

Nice post

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