The decision.

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A day in hot summer where they both try to stick together each day and try to make others happy before their own comfort and wishes.

The Decision!

Cold water tripped down with loud music in the room. It had been 3 hours. Her headache was much worse now and she was sitting with her folded knees in arms crying to herself. Thousands of thoughts rushed in that single moment.

"He must be angry. He must be felling like killing me. I have broken all promises made to him. I was to take him out of the misery yet I am putting him through all this. But this misery is temporary. He will realize later I did this for the betterment of him. He will sooner or later forgive me. But how will I live without him. He.. He will be okay without me. He don’t need me. How will I survive another heartbreak and that too… No… Not again. Till now he must have read the mail. I hope he don’t shut from everyone because of me. I don’t want him to escape because of me. I hope he eats something. I hope he is okay. Its Friday night, she must be there with him. He will be okay. But he called my roommate, that means he have read the mail and he tried reaching me out. I should call him once. I should talk to him once. But… Oh!! No No… "

Stopping her thought process She then realized she can't sit under the cold shower with this migraine pain. She had to get out of this state else she will for sure go mad.

But her mind was racing with thoughts only of him. He might be a mess right now. But she couldn’t help it. She wanted to know about his whereabouts and his condition through her roommate but she had to stick to the decision she made as this was the only way out of the mess that they both have unknowingly gotten into. She tried closing her eyes but then another memory flashed.

"What do you want me to do in this ugly situation. This situation won't ever get resolved. Its pain in this situation for all of us.. For all three of us..She won't ever be able to live with the fact of you loving another woman even if she can't stay with you. Do you have any idea?"

With a deep thought, he had replied tugging her more closer, "I know. But I can't leave you."

"Okay, What do you want?"

"I want you to stay by me." He had replied.

Before thinking of taking any decision, they both used to remind each other of these little pinky promises that they made to each other.

"What if one day I propose to you?" He asked one day when they were friends and she had just moved out of the city.

She laughed and said "Why the hell on earth will you do that?"

"Consider if I fell in love with you and I propose you, What will you do?"

"I.. I…See… We will figure it out.. Both of us will figure a way out but we will never ever leave each other. That’s it."

Thinking she lied down on the floor in wet clothes, and with wet eyes she stared the moon and tried to stop the mess of thoughts in her head. "It was my decision to leave him so now I can't think about him. I have no right. Neither of hurting him nor caring for him. Everything bad in his life is because of me right now. If only I wouldn't have texted him that day. If only he wouldn’t have come here for me. If only we would have listened to our intuitions. If only that day… " Shush! She thought this time to herself.

The night passed away tossing from one side to another. Tears in eyes, phone in hand, She eagerly waited for any random number to call up just to hear his voice once. But nothing of that sort happened. Early morning she left for her family get-together. She thought to herself what he might be doing at the very moment. He must be drinking tea near his house. She wanted to ask her roommate but then she stayed cold hearted. Every now and then she even thought to herself if he was okay or not, what he must be doing. She had millions of thoughts by now some looking for answers, some seeking constant assurance, some to know whether he was okay or not.

It was 5 PM when she met her roommate again and only one question she had racing in her mind. Her roommate replied knowing the excitement in her eyes the answer that she was dying to hear." Yes, He called. He was worried. " She wanted to question back to her. "Was he okay? He dint sounded dull? Did you ask him if he ate anything? He was fine?"

But she drank her thoughts and words to herself and decided to unblock him once and talk to him. She did the same and after 20 mins of her texting him, messages started beeping on her phone.

"Where are you? Why aren't you replying? Why You are not talking my calls?"

"All is okay. Have you read your mail?"

"Which mail? On which ID? What's going on? Will you tell me something."

"On your Gmail ID."

"You are not going to something mad. I swear if it will be something wrong, Nobody will be able to stop me from doing anything then. I am warning you. You know me very well, Even My own father won't be able to stop me and you know that very well." As a common Indian male anger engulfed him which she was well aware of.

"Don’t worry. All your answers are in the mail. Take care. I am blocking you. " She replied and her heavy heart started abusing her. Again and again her mind and heart used to fight convincing her she wasn’t wrong but the situation she was in was for sure wrong.

Another message beeped, "Why you are blocking me? Because I told you or because I dint wanted to tell."

She had no answers to his question. She just wanted to lessen up his troubles. And her presence was adding up to his problems. She wanted to escape from him yet once again but this time it was different, and for different reasons. The last time she escaped from him they were friends and he knew she wanted to leave the city. But this time neither they were just friends nor he was ready to accept her intentions.

She wanted him to follow his dreams and come back to her once he was confirmed that no one will be hurt if they both are together. The last weekend had been difficult for both of them. And just because of that she wanted to be out of his life so that everyone else and he also can remain happy. She knew they both will manage as they both had been through storms but she wasn’t confirmed if they can manage in actual. She had decided to go out of his life after dropping him a mail as he won't ever be ready to take this decision. And this decision was necessary for him. His life would became less chaotic if she was out of it. But he had asked her to stay no matter what happens by his side and she wanted to stick by him for always but things were not that easy.

She after few minutes realized he must have read the mail by now.

She texted, "You okay?"

And then again message after message beeped. He was angry and mad on her. He was pissed. It wasn’t as if he dint knew her, he knew her very well that she would take such a step but he never knew she will have guts to do this. More than angry he wanted to slap her right there for thinking of leaving him. He wanted some time to grasp what just happened to him but then he wanted to shout on her also. He knew her very well and so he knew he had to speak up else she will find way to stick up to her decision. He was mad on her as she was talking about right and wrong when she even dint knew that they both were never wrong. She had no response as she knew this had to happen but she wanted to convince him of getting apart. But no, His response made her weak. She wanted to cuddle him the very moment. She wanted to tell him she loved him but the story was not of the two only.

Among-st his anger, he texted,
"Don't you talk about right and wrong because you leaving me is the worst thing you will do."
"You are talking about guts babe. You have proved you can leave me at any time just by blocking me. You have forgotten all the promises."
"I cannot let you do this what so ever you are trying to do with yourself and me. We need to talk babe."

And there She was smiling after this message but she wanted to be cold at that moment as their being together will hurt the other girl who loves him madly. But he had once again managed to get her back. She have pushed him away many a times and every time he had managed to bring her back as he knew they both heal each other.

After explaining herself She texted him, "What do you want?"

"I want you right here right now." He replied.

"I am there with you."

"No, You are not."

"I am."
"I will always be there for you." Lost in her own battle, she surrendered once again to him and once again he managed to keep his lifeline to himself.


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