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Mathematics can only be correct when viewed in a certain perspective.


Mathematics can only be correct when viewed in a certain perspective.

Yesterday I was in a bar, then I raised a certain story that my grade three teacher tried to show us how clever she was. Here is the story.

There were three people who wanted to buy something worth approximately thirty shillings. Therefore, for equal ration these three guys had to give out sh.10 each, to make sh.30. They sent someone to go and buy the stuff. When this person went to buy the stuff, he bargained to sh.25. Therefore, he remained with sh.5 as the balance. This man came and lied the three guys that he bought the stuff at sh.27, therefore he gave them back sh.3 and remained with sh.2. From the three guys, each person was given sh.1 as the balance since they know they gave out sh.30, and the stuff was sh.27.

These three guys know that they each gave out sh.9 (since they gave out sh.10 then sh.1, was the balance). If you take sh.9 times 3, becomes sh.27, plus the sh.2 which is being held with the person they sent, becomes sh.29 but not sh.30. :) , why?

if you say that these three guys where given back sh.1 which is not accounted for in perspective one. Yeah, now add sh.3 to the sh.29, it becomes sh.32 and not sh.30.

If you think like the one who was sent mathematics will now be right. The way the person who was sent is viewing it is like this. He was given sh.5 as the balance and he gave back sh.3 and he has sh.2 then the sh. 25 of the stuff, thus 25+2+3=30.

very interesting, isn’t it??


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