The disappearance of Black Dog

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In the back yard we had Black Dog, the most beautiful long haired black female dog, who is one of two children of the long departed Wolverine. Now she's disappeared.

The disappearance of Black Dog

I loved Black Dog.

Unfortunately, she had to stay with Black Death in the backyard.

And they could never come with the dogs from the front yard whenever I went for a walk, because unfortunately the dogs would not mix - they would break into a fight every time they came into contact with each other. It's a shame they didn't get along, because now literally Black Dog and Black Death had to stay locked in the back yard for basically all of their lives.

Whenever I went into the backyard to hang laundry, Black Death would come running and want to play. I would start playing with her, but then of course Black Death would come running, and discourage her and chase her away from me. I don't know if he's jealous because of her getting attention or if he thought he was doing me a favor chasing away this bothersome bitch, but I wished he would stop.

Black Death was a weird dog. He is actually Black Dog's son, and used to be extremely shy. He was too scared of people to come play. It took a lot of effort to teach him that he should not be scared of us.

But perhaps it was best that he was shy. Because over time, his whole personality changed, and he became very easily aggressive.

One time after I had hung up my laundry, I don't know how but somehow Black Death and Black Socks got a hold of one of my black socks. They bit holes in it.

I was furious when I found out, and thought that I needed to teach them that this should not be done. I took a stick and shoved the sock into their faces and just gave them a few licks of the stick so they know I disapprove of what they've done.

Black Dog took her hiding and then seemed to understand, and it was all over. But then, Black Death saw it as that I want to kill him or something. I only came close to him with the stick and he'd start biting the stick overly aggressively and then growl at me and be ready with the hair on his neck raised to bite me.

I must say his attitude wasn't appealing to me.

He got worse and worse, and would start getting like that with Father and sometimes even the children. He'd seem like he shyly wants to play, and then you play with him but then he suddenly gets scared of you and your playfulness and then he growls at you and raises the hair on his neck. I must say I didn't know what his deal was, but over time he became completely uncharming to me.

He completely destroyed my like in him the few times he did get out when the gardener was trying to get through the gate or something like that. He would storm Majesty and Majesty of course wouldn't back down; Majesty would fight back. And it really seemed like Black Death was in it to fight to the death. It really made me wish he wasn't here.

So many times I fantasized about loading him into the car and dropping him off miles and miles away from here, and about how I would do it, considering he would never give his co-operation. The servants can't even put a flea collar on him, because he won't let them touch him, even when it's for his own good.

I never got around to it though, even though I really wanted to just drive him somewhere far away and leave him there.

Father liked Black Death though, saying Black Death makes the perfect guard dog: No charm, ready to bite, having a really evil look in his eyes, representing pure evil.

One morning, I see Black Dog and Black Death outside the Eastern gate. Now where on earth did they get out and get all the way over there?

Later in the day however, I see they're back in the back yard. The servants must have taken care of it. I assumed they would also take care of the hole in the fence, if any, that these creatures came out of.

But nope, some time later, Black Death And Black Dog are just gone without a trace.

Osborn says Uncle Gus or Waldorf left open a gate somewhere.

Whatever way the dogs came out, they remained missing for days and days.

Still, we believed they'd come back some time when they've had enough or run into trouble or get really hungry.

But no, after some weeks it was obvious that they won't be coming back now. Maybe they ate jackal poison or somebody shot them.

Whichever the case, we don't believe we'll ever see them again.

I'm not that sad about Black Death, but Black Dog I really miss. I wish she'd come back alone. That way, I can play with her without Black Death interfering.

But that will never happen now. It's a shame because I really loved Black Dog.

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