The discovery of the Bluegum Lake

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I've been living on Tower Hills for so many years, and yet there's still cool places I can discover where I've never been! Fantastic places.

The discovery of the Bluegum Lake

It's halfway cloudy on a late winter day.

Majesty and I are sitting under two thorn trees, not far from the Acasia forest. The Acasia forest is a beautiful forest of high thorn trees growing lushly, with a leaf floor and sunrays penetrating the roof of the forest only here and there. A peaceful atmosphere rests there.

Then I spot what appears to be a row of Bluegum trees. For so many years have I seen these trees, but I have never gone over there to see what's really going on over there.

Then I get a thought: Shall we go there now? After all these years of seeing those bunch of trees, shall we finally go over there? It's very far but it will certainly be an adventure to go there.

We start on our journey. Majesty and I come to a barbwire fence, and we climb through it.

Now we are on a savanah plane, where the grass grows really lush and high. It must have been burnt down or been grazed off more than two years ago, because by now the grass stand really high, almost as high as myself standing up.

Majesty can almost not walk here in this long, thick grass. I have to tread really, really careful, because there could be a snake anywhere in this grass. Fortunately it's still a bit into the winter, and the snakes should still be hibernating.

Then we come to a dry river bed. It's the same river that flows down all the way to Tower Hills, but now we are way upstream.

We walk up the dry riverbed for some distance, until I can start to guess that the river will go by close to that row of Bluegum trees.

After walking in the dry riverbed for quite some distance, we finally come to a dam wall. The dam wall was crudely built by stacking many, many rocks on top of one another, forming a thick wall that blocks the water from flowing any further than this.

Some young bluegum trees are growing in the riverbed too.

I stand on the rock wall, and before me stretches a wide, huge lake, but it's all dry.

And on the banks on my left, stand the row of Bluegum trees, towering high into the sky, the trees I've seen for many years but never came to.

And now I'm so glad I did, because this huge lake is looking so impressive, even though it's cork dry because of the lack of rain in the winter.

Huge cracks have formed in the dry lake bottom. I can pick up the pieces of dried soil like blocks. And it's very odd - the bottom of the lake is yellow. What is making it yellow? Doesn't look very natural.

I pick up a piece and I look at the composition vertically. It's made up of many layers, each of a different colour. I wonder if it's all natural.

Poor Majesty can almost not walk on this soil because of the wide cracks. He has to almost jump from block to block.

Well, I must say this place is a great place to be. And I can't wait to come here some day when there is water in this lake. Then there will be a wide lake of water, on which I can sail with my boat.

A great discovery indeed!


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