The essence of beauty

Prienderen Moodley By Prienderen Moodley, 29th Jan 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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What is beauty? This poem describes beauty in the broad sense of the word. From human beings, to the effect that nature has on the human mind and heart. It discusses beauty in ways that are often overlooked in this modern age.

Sensing beauty

Beauty is something that has me amazed,
It has my mind intrigued and dazed.
I see it when I look outside at the green grass,
Or when analyzing people as clear as glass.
Nature is as broad as the earth,
It presents itself in love’s powerful girth.

The beauty of a bee swarming for the flower,
The plant may not speak but it does not lack power.
Birds chirp and winter becomes summer,
I do not redden over the accounting of the plumber.
How elements of nature help each other is strange,
That explanation is beyond my range.

Violent winds turn to breaths of fresh air,
The axes stop and stare.
There’s nothing like a tall tree on a steamy day,
It shields us against the heat’s evil play.
The sun can warm our freezing blood,
And eases away the overflowing mud.

Nature turns full circle in its beautiful track,
This is why I will eventually show earth my back.
Even in death we see an unmistakable glow,
Almighty life is presented in a clean white bow.
The heavens take us in with strong, baby arms
Blessings strike our hearts with golden charms.

It is not just nature that has such aura,
Man has the love and heart of the overlooked flora.
A hand is there to pull rather than push,
Rescues one from the mouth of the thickening bush.
Beauty has no form or shape,
It can be a dove or even an ape.

It is anything that makes the heart beat sing,
We can enjoy it with both arms in a sling.
My senses pick up this silent voice,
Who says we need sound in order to rejoice?
Pictures challenge the intellectual mind,
They are there to make us make an important find.

What about the face with the desirable smile?
Or the heart you desire for quite a while?
So I often wake in the middle of the night,
I widen my eyes and listen for the light.
It is the silence that I enjoy the most,
I cherish the moments while I quietly chew my toast.
I listen for god’s message from above,
I may be human but my heart flies like a dove.

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author avatar LOVERME
29th Jan 2013 (#)

all beauty lies in the eyes
of the beholder
some unearth loveliness
from sand dunes
some from ferns,
others even from thorns,
beautiful lass
and a smart guy too
can unveil exquisite beauty
as lovely as you do
but the eyes
surmise …
be wise
it lies mainly in one’s eyes

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