The flood of 2010

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Water, water, everywhere, but nobody feels like drinking it. Except a few thirsty animals. But I digress.

Yep, sometimes nature decides that it wants to take a good long shower and bath. Is it to clean itself? Or is it just a random thing that just happens?

The flood of 2010

Marzeus and his father are flying in Father's gyrocopter. Marzeus has his video camera with him, as they are headed for the Vaal River to look at the flood.

A huge flood has come and buried all the buildings and houses next to the river in water.

Finally Marzeus and his father arrives and study the flood. There are some roofs of houses and buildings sticking out from under water. Marzeus films some of it.

Good lord. There must have been some panicking here by the people who had to live through this disaster.

On a magazine program the coming Sunday, the thought that this is purely the work of nature is being disputed by some. They are blaming the ANC ("African National Congress") government. Apparently somehow through floodgates and proper management, this flood could have been avoided. However, the current ANC government is notorious for not doing their job of governing the country, so this disaster happened.

The ANC made itself unfit to rule through its policy of cadre deployment in any positions of power. People completely unfit for positions and jobs are instated in those very jobs they are unsuited for, because not their qualifications but their unquestioning political loyalties to the ANC and dark skin color are the only qualifications the ANC requires.

Anyway, whether this was indeed another routine blunder by the ANC or whether through some miracle they weren't guilty of wrongdoing this time, it happened now and lots of people lost a lot in the floodwaters and the damage that became apparent afterwards.

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