The forsaken butterfly!

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The forsaken butterfly now have done a crime and so has found a place to hide the casket carrying a life away.

The Lavender Urnfield!

A beautiful meadow,
Amongst the high mountains,
Lavender filled aura,
And a chilling breeze.

Neither a single human,
Nor a single judgement,
Just her, the birds,
And the rhythm of a heavy heart.

A perfect place it was,
Away from the chaos,
Just like in her dreams,
Best to hide the coffin.

Mixed emotions she carried,
A few tears of parting,
A few sigh of relief for him,
But arctic for herself.

The flowers watched in sadness,
Mountains stood proudly,
Breeze flew in harmony,
And the mind was all greedy.

Birds chirped around the coffin,
Scared to death they were,
As the coffin echoed of heartbeat,
The coffin dint carry the dead.

She had to dig deep,
To hide the coffin away,
And mask the sound,
Of the beating heart.

With the setting sun,
And pain in her eyes,
The scene was then turned,
Into a blue graveyard.

The birds cried,
The mountains laughed,
The mind blabbered,
Now the meadow was pitch silent.

With a stone she scribbled,
On the grave she named,
Which will soon be erased,
By the squally wind.

Heartless she walked away,
From the emotions,
From the pain,
And From herself.

The numb sky watched her cruelty,
But only the clouds dared to read-
"Rest In Peace,
My Heart. "


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2nd Aug 2018 (#)

thanks. :)

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2nd Aug 2018 (#)

It lives just for a day!!!! The One that lives forever is Immortal!!!!

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